B Pharm 3rd Sem Physical Pharmaceutics Imp Questions 2024

In this post, B pharm 3rd sem physical pharmaceutics important questions are given for 2024. 

By writing these in your notebook, you can prepare accurate answers and prepare informative notes for yourself. 

Those notes will be important for you in the exam and you will be able to do revision easily before the exam. 

To prepare your notes, you can take the help of a textbook and an advanced book. 

It is mandatory to write answers to all the questions of physical pharmaceutics 3rd semester important questions given here. 

In all the questions given here, write a long answer of 500 words and a short answer of 200 words only. 

In the exam question paper, you have to start writing your answers by following the instructions given on the first page. 

Express your views in as many words as it is recommended to write the answer. 

With this, you will be able to pay equal attention to other questions of physical pharmaceutics 3rd semester question paper also. 

Here in the question set given below, all those questions have been included, which have been asked in the question paper of the previous examination. 

There is a strong possibility that these questions will be asked again in the upcoming examination. 

It is not that these questions should be asked in this format, they can also be twisted and included in your question paper. 

The set given here has been prepared based on physical pharmaceutics' previous question papers so that you can have accurate information about the pattern of the question paper of the exam. 

Apart from this, many questions are also being included from the physical pharmaceutics question bank 3rd semester and are being placed in front of you, which have been asked many times and again in the earlier exams and are relevant even today. 

Try to write the answers to these questions in your own words, so that you can remember them easily and save your time. 

Clear your concept on this topic, then start writing the answer. 

Let's solve these B pharma 3rd semester important questions.

Physical Pharmaceutics Questions

B Pharm 3rd Sem Physical Pharmaceutics Question Paper

  • Write in brief about polymorphism.
  • Give complete classification of crystals.
  • Enumerate about Solvation and Association.
  • Explain how two or more miscible volatile liquids are separated by fractional distillation.
  • Define the Eutectic mixture and explain it with a neat diagram.
  • Define Complexation and write a complete classification of complexes. Write in detail about the organic molecular complex.
  • Explain With a neat diagram explain the optical rotation.
  • Write a note on steady-state diffusion with a note on sink condition.
  • Explain With a neat diagram the surface tension determination by the capillary rise method and interfacial tension determination by the Dunouy ring method. 
  • Explain the dissociation constant and its application.
  • What is channel lattice type? 
  • Give the determination and application of the refractive index.
  • Write about the ideal solubility parameters.
  • Discuss the ideal gas equation.
  • Write the applications of buffers in pharmaceutical systems.
  • Write a brief note on Surfactants. Write Classification of surfactants.
  • Write about the quantitative approach to the factors influencing the solubility of drugs.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Spreading coefficient (b) Protein binding of drugs (c) Micellar solubilization (d) Sandwich complexes with example (e) Various methods to determine pH (f) Applications of pharmaceutical buffers. 
  • Explain the Job’s method of analysis with a neat diagram.
  • Write a short note on buffers in biological systems.
  • Describe chelates with their applications.
  • Explain how tonicity is measured.
  • Explain critical solution temperature with a neat diagram.
  • Define distribution law.
  • What are partially miscible liquids?
  • Define azeotropic mixture.
  • Write a short answer on the following:- (a) Real solution (b) Dielectric constant (c) Surface active agent (d) BET equation (e) Sequestering agent (f) Isotonic solution.
  • Define latent heat.
  • Explain the drop count method with a neat diagram.
  • Define supercritical point.
  • What do you mean by an inorganic type of complex?
  • Define aerosols.
  • Define interfacial tension and write its units.
  • Define surface free energy.
  • Define the Dielectric constant & dipole moment.
  • Explain briefly Freundlich and Langmuir adsorption Isotherms.
  • Briefly write a note on the HLB system & HLB Scale.
  • Write the pH titration and distribution method in complex analysis.
  • Define Amorphous & Polymorphism.
  • Write the equation for Fick’s law of diffusion.
  • Write a short answer on the following:- (a) Sublimation critical point (b) Buffer capacity (c) Hypotonic solution (d) Relative humidity (e) Wilhelmy plate method. 
  • Define complex. Write in detail about the metal ion complex.
  • Distinguish between adsorption and absorption. 
  • Explain the mechanism of solute-solvent interactions.
  • Write short notes on 'Sorensen’s pH scale'.
  • State and derive Raoult’s law.
  • Discuss the Crystalline state of matter.
  • Explain the thermodynamic treatment of stability constant.
  • Explain the critical solution temperature of the Phenol-water system.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Snell’s law (b) Hypertonic solution (c) Detergent.
  • Define Critical Micelle Concentration.
  • Define CMC.
  • Explain Du-nouy ring method. 
  • Differentiate between crystalline and amorphous solids.
  • Define Vapour pressure and how the total Vapour pressures of liquid mixtures are measured? 
  • What is the phase rule?
  • Write the short notes on the following:- (a) Raoults’s law (b) CST- definition and application (c) Ferrocene (d) Henry’s Law. 
  • Define partition coefficient.
  • Write a short note on the 'Olefin complexes'.
  • Write the methods of analysis of Complexation.
  • How does the micellar system solubilize the poorly soluble drugs?

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