B.A LLB Fourth Semester Economics-3 Important Questions 2024

In this post, b.a llb fourth semester economics-3 (public economics) important questions are given for 2024. 

Use your textbook to solve these questions. 

These questions will also help you in making Economics notes. 

Many of these questions have been asked in the previous examination, and also fall in the category of possible questions in the upcoming examination. 

Therefore, try to write accurate answers to these. 

Generally, it is seen that previous questions are asked again and again in the examination. 

Before writing answers to these questions, read the relevant lesson 2 to 3 times and try to clear your concepts. 

Solve b.a llb 4th semester economics-3 important questions now. 

It would be great if you wrote the answers to B.A LLB Question Paper in your own words. 

All the questions given here are mandatory, hence do not skip any question. 

After writing the answers to the questions, read them once again. 

Write answers to the questions following the guidelines given in the question paper in the examination hall. 

Like a short answer in 200 words and a long answer in 500 words. 

You will find these instructions on the first page of the question paper. 

In this collection of questions, B.A. LLB 4th semester economics-3 previous year question paper has made an important contribution, many questions have also been included from the question bank. 

Let us solve these questions.

Economics-III (Public Economics) Questions

B.A. LLB 4th Semester Public Economics Important Questions

  • Explain the concept of 'Export Promotion'?.
  • Define National Income. Explain the various concepts of National Income.
  • Define private foreign investment. 
  • Explain the Keynesian theory of employment and income. 
  • Define "Regional Disparities".
  • Write a lucid note on the distinct roles of the IMF and the World Bank.
  • Explain the effects of the trade cycle and examine the various measures to control trade cycles.
  • What are the objectives of the monetary policy of RBI?
  • Critically examine the balanced theory of economic growth.
  • What is the trade cycle? What are its phases?
  • Explain the various items of expenditure of the central government.
  • Explain the various sources of Public Revenue.
  • What is the deficit financing? Examine the merits and demerits of the technique of deficit financing.
  • What is Tax? Explain the merits and defects of direct taxes. 
  • What does a surplus on the current account of the balance of payments indicate? Is it sustainable for a developing economy?
  • Differentiate between Economic growth and development. State and elaborate on the factors of economic growth.
  • Define economic development. Explain the factors determining economic development.
  • Explain the following:- (a) Inclusive Growth (b) Determination of Exchange Rates (c) Instances of Market failures. 
  • What is deficit financing? Explain its importance and limitations. 
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Components of Budget (b) Vicious circle of poverty (c) Big-push theory.
  • Critically explain the unbalanced theory of economic growth.
  • Answer the following- (a) J.B. Say's law of market (b) Methods of estimating national income (c) Different types of Taxes.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Vicious circle of poverty (b) Difficulties calculating National Income.
  • Answer the following:- (a) Public Debt (b) Classification of Public expenditure.
  • What are the main objectives of the SEZ Act 2005?.
  • Explain the sources of revenue of the Central Government.
  • What do you mean by infrastructure? What are its different forms?
  • What is canon's taxation?.

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