B.A LLB 4th Semester Property Law Important Questions 2024

In this post, b.a llb 4th semester property law important questions are given for 2024. 

These are all possible questions for the upcoming exam. 

This does not mean that the same questions will be asked again in the exam, they can also be twisted and included in the question paper. 

Therefore, you have to prepare accurate answers to all these questions. 

It has been seen many times that some questions are included in the examination question paper exactly from the previous question paper, in that situation questions from these can also be asked. 

You should use the textbook prescribed by your university to prepare answers to these questions. 

In writing accurate answers to the questions, you can consult the advanced property law book as well as contact the professor of this subject and get his help. 

For more such practice sets, you can take the help of the internet, you have to search Google - b.a. llb fourth semester property question law paper. 

You will come across many LLB 4th Semester Property Law question papers, which you can download and use to practice. 

Some instructions are given to you on the first page of the question paper received in the examination. 

Which are there for your guidance. 

You must read the questions before writing the answers. 

Questions should be solved following the guidelines. 

Here also, try to write answers to long questions in 500 words and answers to short questions in 200 words. 

By following this procedure you can attempt all the questions. 

In many universities, Property Act is taught in the seventh semester, and in some universities, in the fourth semester. 

You can also use this set as B.A seventh semester property law important questions. 

The pattern of questions will remain the same and the guidelines will also remain the same. 

The instructions given on the question paper in the examination hall are as follows - Attempt all the questions as per instruction. Before answering the questions, you should ensure that they have been supplied with the correct and complete question paper on this subject. 

Let us solve these questions.

Property Law Questions

BA. LLB Fourth Semester Property Law Questions

  • What do you mean by easement? What are its kind and essentials? What is an easement by prescription?.
  • Explain the term:- Competency of the transfer. 
  • 'Ravi' contract to sell land to 'Vijay' for 85000 Rs. 'Vijay' takes possession of the land. Afterwords 'Ravi' sold it to 'Mohan' for 90000 Rs. 'Mohan' makes no inquiry of 'Vijay' relating to his interest in the land. Whether 'Vijay's possession sufficient to affect Mohan with notice of his interest? Discuss the doctrine of constructive notice.
  • Discuss "Once a Mortgage, Always a Mortgage".
  • Explain the doctrine of Fixtures. 
  • What do you understand by trademark? Discuss its procedure of registration and its effects.
  • Discuss the Registration Act strikes only at documents and not transactions. 
  • Explain the Rule of Election under the transfer of property act. What is the difference between English Law and Indian Law on the Rule of Election?.
  • What is an actionable claim? Can a right to sue be transferred?
  • What is a Mortgage? What are its kinds? Explain the mortgage by conditional sale.
  • Does the 'doctrine of part performance' transfer the full right of ownership to the transferees?
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Standard Rent (b) Fixation of Interim Rent.
  • Discuss instruments not duly stamped. The e-agreement is to be duly stamped?
  • Explain the modes of creation of easementary rights. 
  • What are the 'rules against perpetuity'? What are the exceptions to this rule?.
  • Explain the term 'Universal Of Donee'.
  • Define "Transfer of Property" under "Transfer of Property Act".
  • What are not inventions under S.3 of the Patent Act? 
  • State the provisions relating to transfer by ostensible owner under the Transfer of Property Act.
  • The test of compulsory registration of a document is the intention of the parties as expressed in the concerned document. Discuss.
  • Distinguish between the following:- (a) Vested Interest and Contingent Interest (b) Condition Precedent and Condition Subsequent. 
  • Can a rent note on Kabuliyat be admissible in evidence without compulsory registration?.
  • What is Gife? How it is created? What are those conditions wherein a gift may be suspended or revoked?.
  • What type of instrument may be stamped with adhesive stamps?. What do you mean by the cancellation of adhesive stamps?.
  • When a tenant can get the benefit of protection against eviction under the Madhya Pradesh Accommodation Control Act, 1961?
  • What do you mean by registration of a document?. Discuss the documents for which the registration is optional.
  • Explain the following:- (a) Layout Design (b) Broadcast Reproduction Right (c) Definition of Design (d) WIPO (e) Specification.
  • What is the meaning of immovable property? 
  • What is originality in a work? Explain the statement that copyright is a bundle of rights. 
  • A decree is passed regarding some immovable property, which is not the subject matter of the suit. Explain whether the decree requires compulsory registration or not?.

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