What Are The Best Books For BA History Hons In 2nd Year?

What are the best books for BA History Hons in 2nd year of 2023, given in this post. You can gain excellent knowledge by using these books. 

This compilation of history books will be very useful for you. 

The books given here are listed according to History A.D. 

The list has been prepared according to Part 2 and the Semester. 

For students who are looking for books as per the Part-2 syllabus, separate B.A second year history book for study has been given. 

A separate list has been provided for semester students. 

The name of the author of these books is written first and then the name of the book is written. 

This will help you in choosing books. 

Which book is best for ba 2nd year history, to answer this question you will have to discuss it with your professor. 

Share the details of your book with your professor from the list given below. 

They will give you proper guidance as to which book is right for you as per your syllabus. 

B.a 2nd year history book for examination list is a guideline for you. 

It is not necessary that you use only the books given here. 

b.a 2nd year books

Here History Of Medieval India, the Cultural History Of India, the History of India (1200-1526 AD), (1526-1707 AD), Indian Thought and Culture Through the Ages, (1707-1947 AD), the History of West Asia (1850- 1950 AD) is covered. 

Which will be helpful for you in selecting the correct book.

B.A Second Year History Books For Students

Which Book Is Best For BA Second Year History

Paper-1 History Of Medieval India (bc 1200-1761 A.D) (Recommended Books For History)

  • K.S.Lal - History of the Khaljis.
  • Hermann Kulke - The state of India 1000-1700 A.D.
  • A. Mahdi Husain - The Tughlaq Dynasty.
  • Satish Chandra - Medieval India Sultanate to the Mughals.
  • K.M. Ashraf - Life and conditions of the people of Hindustan (1200-1550 A.D).
  • R.P Tirpathi - Rise and Fall of the Mughal Empire.
  • Habib - Cambridge Economic History of India (1200-1750 A.D).
  • John F. Richards - The Mughal Empire.
  • Jadunath Sarkar - Mughal Administration.
  • Irfan Habib - Agrarian System Of Mughal India (1526-1707).
  • S. R. Sharma - Religious Policy of the Mughal Empire.
  • Burton Stein - Vijayanagar, 1989.
  • H.K. Sherwani - The Bahamani Kingdom,
  • G.S. Sardesai - Medieval Indian Culture.

Paper 2 Main Trends In The Cultural History Of India (Recommended Books For History)

  • G.C. Pnade - Foundations of Indian Culture (Vol-1&2).
  • R.G. Bhandarkar - Vaishnavism, Saivism and Other Minor Religious Systems.
  • Rajbali Pandey - Hindu Samskara (The social and Religious study of the Hindu sacraments).
  • A.L. Srivastava - Medieval Indian Culture.
  • V.S. Agrawala - Indian Art.
  • Krishna Dev - Temples of North India.
  • K.R. Srinivasan - Temples of South India.
  • A.L. Basham - The wonder that was India (The Culture History of India).

Semester Wise History Part 2 Book Recommendations

B.A. Part II ( Semester-III ) HISTORY (Hons.)

Topic - History of India (c.1200-1526 AD)

  • K.M. Ashraf - Life and Condition of the People of Hindustan.
  • Satish Chandra - Medieval India.
  • B.D. Chattopadhyaya - Representing the other (Sanskrit sources and the Muslim 8th to 14th century).
  • Richard Eaton - The Rise of Islam and the Bengal Frontier.
  • Irfan Habib - Medieval India: The Study of a Civilization & Madhyakaleen Bharat (in Hindi) [Vols-1 to 8].
  • M. Habib and K.A. Nizami - Comprehensive History of India (Vol-V).
  • A.B.M. Habibullah - The foundation of Muslim rule in India.
  • Kulke Hermann - The State in India (1000-1700).
  • Peter Jackson - The Delhi Sultanate: A Political and Military History.
  • Sunil Kumar - The Emergence of the Delhi Sultanate.
  • K.S. Lal - History of the Khaljis (1290-1320).
  • R.C. Majumdar and A.D. Pusalkar - The Delhi Sultanate (Vol.6).
  • K.A. Nizami - State and Culture in Medieval India.
  • R.P. Tripathi - Some Aspects of Muslim Administration. 
  • H.C. Verma - Madhyakaleen Bharat (Vol.I) Hindi Madhyam Karyanvaya Nideshalaya.
  • Andre Wrink - The Making of India Islamic World (Vol.1&2).

B.A. Part - II ( Semester-III) HISTORY (Hons.)

Topic:  History of India ( 1526-1707 AD)

  • Subramanyam & Muzaffar Alam, Sanjay Chandra - The Mughal State (1526-1750).
  • U.N.Day - The Mughal Government.
  • Bamber Gascoigne - The Great Mughals.
  • Irfan Habib - Madhyakaleen Bharat (Vol.1to8).& the Agrarian System Of Mughal India.
  • P.J. Marshal - The Eighteenth Century In Indian History.
  • Harbans Mukhia - The Mughals Of India.
  • Ishwari Prasad - The Life and Times Of Humayan.
  • J.F. Richard - The Mughal Empire.
  • Sri Ram Sharma - The Mughal Empire In India. 
  • Percival Spear - Twilight Of The Mughals. 
  • A.L Srivastava - The Mughal Empire (1526-1803).
  • E. Douglas and Streus - The Formation of the Mughal Empire.
  • R.P. Tripathi - Rise and Fall Of The Mughal Empire.
  • H.C. Verma - Madhyakaleen Bharat (Vol.2).

Topic - Indian Thought and Culture Through the Ages

  • A.L. Basham - The Origin and Development of Classical Hinduism.
  • Satish Chandra - Historigraphy, Religion and State In Medieval India.
  • Satish Chandra - Madhyakaleen Bharat mein Itihas lekhan.
  • Parashuram Chaturvedi - Uttari Bharat Ki Sant Parampara.
  • K.Damodaran - Indian Thought, Bhartiya Chintan Parampara.
  • J.S. Grewal - Ideology, Polity and Social Order.
  • M.Hiriyana - Outlines of Indian Philosophy.
  • Yusuf Hussain - Glimpses of Medieval India Culture.
  • D.N.Jha - Feudal Order.
  • D.D.Koshambi - Prachin Bharat Ki Sanskriti Aur Sabhyata.
  • D.D.Kosambi - Introduction to the study of Indian History.
  • N. David Lorenzen - Religious Movement In South Asia (600-1800).
  • Prita Mukta - Upholding the common life: The community of Mirabai.
  • K.A. Nizami - Religion and Politics in India During Thirteenth Century.
  • Harjot Oberai - The Construction of Religious Boundaries: Culture Identity and Diversity in the Sixth Tradition.
  • Paramatama Sharan - Ancient India Political Thought And Institutions.
  • Paramatama Sharan - Prachin Bharat Mein Rajnitik Vichar Evam Sansthayein.
  • K.T.S.Sarao - Bodhwad Ka Udbhav Evam Vikas.
  • Tara Chand - Influence of Islam on Indian Culture.
  • Romila Thapar - PUrvakaleen Bharat & Adikaleen Bharat Ki Vyakhya.
  • H.C. Verma - Madhyakaleen Bharat (Vol.1&2).

B.A. Part - II (Semester IV) HISTORY (Hons.)

History of India (1707-1947 AD)

  • Satish Chandra - Uttar Madhyakaleen Bharat 
  • Bipan Chandra - Bharat Ka Swatantrata Sangharsh & Bharat Ka Swatantrta Sangram
  • A.R.Desai - Bhartiya Rastravad Ki Samajik Prishthbhumi
  • Ravindar Kumar - Aadhunik Bharat Ka Samajik Itihas
  • R.C.Majumdar & K.K.Dutta - Comprehensive History of India (Vol.ItoIV)
  • P.J.Marshal - Eighteenth Century In Indian History
  • Satya Ray - Bharat Mein Upniveshvad Aur Rastravad
  • Ayodhya Singh - Bharat Ka Mukti Sangram
  • R.L.Sukla - Adhunik Bharat Ka Itihas
  • Tara Chand - History of Freedom Movement in India (Vol.ItoIV)

History of West Asia (1850-1950 AD)

  • K.S.Aasopa - Turki Ki Rajniti Evam Prashasan.
  • Bernard Lewis - Middle East And The West.
  • M.Philips Price - A History Of Turkey: From Empire to Republic
  • J.C.B Richmond - Egypt(1798-1952).
  • J.S.Stenford - History of Ottoman Empire and Modern Turki (Vol.1)
  • Satyaketu Vidyalankar - Adhunik Vishwa Ka Itihas.

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