B.sc Agriculture 5th Semester Rainfed And Dryland Agriculture Imp Questions 2024

In this post b.sc agriculture 5th semester rainfed and dryland agriculture important questions are given for 2024. 

These questions have been collected with the help of previous question papers and question banks. 

This set of b.sc ag 5th sem rainfed and dryland agriculture question papers will help you understand the question pattern of the exam. 

Many of these questions have been repeated many times in recent exams and previous exams.

Therefore, these come in the category of very probable questions in the upcoming examination. 

You can easily find more such practice sets on the internet by searching rainfed and dryland agriculture pdf. 

Before preparing answers to these questions, write them in your agriculture notebook. 

After that, read the related lesson from the textbook issued by your university and write the answers.

You should try to write the answer in your own words. 

For this, the concept of this lesson should be clear to you. 

Choose words correctly while writing answers to B.sc ag 5th sem rainfed and dryland ag important questions. 

The length of your answer should be as per the questions. 

The short answer should be 200 to 300 words and the long answers should be 500 maximum words.

You will also be given instructions in BSc agriculture 5th semester question paper rainfed and dryland ag in the examination hall. 

You have to follow them literally. 

This will also save you time in writing answers and you will be able to solve more and more questions. 

Let us solve these questions.

Rainfed And Dryland Agriculture Questions

B.sc Agriculture 5th Semester Important Questions On Rainfed And Dryland Ag

  • What is Effective Rainfall?
  • Who is the present D.G. of ICAR?.
  • What do you mean by drought to tolerance?
  • Describe the recent advances in dryland agriculture research.
  • What is Ephemerais?
  • What are the essential agro-techniques for dryland agriculture?. 
  • English chronological development in dryland agriculture in India.
  • What do you mean by Water harvesting? Describe in brief.
  • Explain the Major soil types of dry regions of India.
  • Describe dry farming methods in detail.
  • Enlist the Physiological response of plants to water stress/droughts. 
  • Describe in detail moisture conservation practices in dryland agriculture.
  • Explain the Dry-spell Vs. Drought.
  • Write about Integrated Watershed Management.
  • Enlist precision agriculture technologies.
  • When CRIDA was established in Hyderabad?.
  • Write a short note on the problems of dryland agriculture in India.
  • What do you mean by antitranspirants? Also, give the types of antitranspirants used in agriculture. 
  • What is crop adaptation? Give a flow chart showing different mechanisms for overcoming moisture stress, in plants.
  • Describe in brief the management of crops in rainfed areas.
  • Explain drought escape, drought avoidance, drought tolerance, and drought resistance mechanisms of plants. 
  • Classification of dry farming areas of India. (Explain).
  • Define precision agriculture. Discuss their issues and concerns for India's Agriculture. 
  • Write about the management of manure and fertilizers in dry areas.
  • What do you mean by contingent crop planning? Enlist various types of contingent crop plans. Also, discuss the contingency crop planning for Northern India.
  • What do you mean by Mulches? Also, give the effects of mulches on soil properties.
  • Enlist the Principal climatic factors limiting crop production under dryland conditions and discuss the effect of precipitation in dryland areas.
  • Write in detail the following- (a) Characteristics of dryland farming (b) Drought tolerance.
  • Define drought. Give the classification of drought and discuss the agricultural lack in detail.
  • Define dryland agriculture and rainfed farming. Describe the objectives of dryland agriculture. 
  • Describe crop adaptations under drought conditions.
  • Describe the following- (a) the Importance of Mulch in Dryland in short (b) the Selection of crops and their varieties in dryland agriculture. 
  • Discuss the appropriate agri-techniques for the development of rainfed areas.
  • How can 'water use efficiency' in dryland conditions be improved?.

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