B.sc Ag 6th Sem Farming System And Sustainable Agriculture Imp Questions 2024

In this post b.sc ag 6th sem farming system and sustainable agriculture important questions are given for 2024. 

You can make notes for yourself by writing the answers to these questions in simple words. 

Which will be useful for the examination. Questions are repeated many times. 

Many of the questions in this b.sc ag 6th sem farming system precision farming & sustainable agriculture important questions were being asked repeatedly in the previous exam. 

Therefore their adjustment has been made here. 

You should write these questions in sequence in your agriculture notebook, after that read the related chapter of the textbook 2 to 3 times. 

Clear your concept on this topic. 

Write the answers to the questions given in this b.sc 6th sem farming system and sustainable agriculture question paper as per the guidelines. 

This will save you time. 

Write a short answer in 200 to 300 words and a long answer in a maximum of 500 words. 

Follow the instructions given on the question paper even in the examination hall. 

You can get more practice sets like this by searching Google, you have to write b.sc 6th sem farming system precision and sustainable agriculture pdf in the search box. 

Many sets will come in front of you. 

By using them, you will not only increase your knowledge but will also practice well for the exam. 

By studying this subject, you will open many doors of employment for yourself. 

Today there is a great need for specialist people in agriculture. 

Today's era is the era of science and much research is being done in this field. 

Therefore, you may be needed in the agriculture sector in the coming times. 

Let's solve b.sc 6th sem farming system precision and sustainable agriculture important questions.

Farming System Precision Farming & Sustainable Agriculture Questions

B.sc Agriculture 6th Semester Farming System And Sustainable Agriculture Important Questions 2024

  • Describe the problems of sustainable agriculture.
  • Explain the method of cultivation of sugarcane.
  • Differentiate between LEIA and LEISA techniques.
  • What is the importance of Traditional farming?
  • Discuss the types of farming systems. State the importance of the farming system.
  • Describe the effect of soil acidity on plants.
  • Explain the advantages of various allied enterprises of farming systems. Briefly explain the efficient cropping system of India.
  • Explain the 'Failure of Modern Agriculture'.
  • Give the ill effects of the Green Revolution in the Indian context. How sustainable agriculture plays a vital role in this direction.
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Slash and burn agriculture (b) Rotational intensity (c) I.I.F.S.R (d) B-C ratio (e) crop cafeteria.
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Sustainability Index or Sustainable Yield Index (b) Net Income (c) Green revolution fatigue.
  • Enumerate the agronomic practices for controlling soil erosion.
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Alley cropping (b) Shifting cultivation.
  • Write the importance of Green Manure. 
  • Enlist the agro-climatic zones in India as per the planning commission.
  • What do you mean by the conservation of natural resources? Why is it necessary?
  • Differentiate between collective and cooperative farming. Briefly explain the different types of cooperative farming.
  • Describe grazing system and their types and also write down their effect on grazing.
  • Define Cropping pattern. How does it differ from the cropping system? Also, explain the principles for making the ideal cropping scheme.
  • Define HEIA. Give the problems and remedial technologies of High External Input Agriculture.
  • Define the Integrated farming system and write its importance in Indian agriculture at the present time.
  • Define the farming system model. Explain at least one farming system model for Wet Land, Dry Land, and Western U.P.
  • What are the possibility of the second green revolution in India?
  • What do you mean by conservation of Natural Resources?. Why it is necessary? Explain some remedial measures of resource conservation.
  • What is Alley cropping? Give merits and demerits of it, in present agriculture.
  • Give the full form of the following BGA, LEISA, IIFSR, INM, FSRDA, OF, SRI, MT, SI, FSSA, ARISR, PDFSR, FRI, IFS, LER, REY.
  • What is conservation agriculture? How does it differ from organic agriculture? Briefly explain the main principles and methods of conservation agriculture.

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