B.sc Ag 5th Sem Production Technology For Fruit And Plantation Crops Imp Questions 2024

In this post, b.sc agriculture 5th semester Production Technology for Fruit and Plantation Crops important questions are being given for 2024. 

By writing accurate answers to these questions, you can score good marks in the upcoming examination of this subject. 

The number of these questions is slightly more. 

In this set, those questions have also been included, which have been asked many times in the previous examination. 

Therefore, take these questions seriously. 

By writing accurate answers, you will be able to easily explain them when asked in the exam. 

By writing accurate answers to Production Technology for Fruit and plantation crops b.sc agriculture 5th semester important questions, you will also make excellent notes of this subject for yourself. 

This will help you revise in less time before the exam and improve your confidence level. 

You can searchh for more such sets for your practice on the internet by typing Production Technology for fruit and plantation crops pdf. 

By practicing more you can bring perfection in this subject.

For better preparation of these questions, first of all write them in order on your agriculture copy. 

After that write their answers using the textbook issued by the university. 

You should try to write the answers to the questions of bsc ag 5th semester production technology for fruit and plantation crops Question Paper in your own words. 

By following this process you will be able to easily remember these answers and they will remain in your mind for a long time. 

Even in the examination hall, you have to read the necessary instructions before writing the answers to the questions. 

Those instructions are given on the first page of the question paper, you must take some time to read them. 

Use only as many words as have been asked to write the answer. 

It is necessary to use fewer words for short answers and more words for long answers. 

Let us solve the Production technology for fruit and plantation crops old question paper BSC agriculture 5th semester.

Production Technology For Fruit And Plantation Crops Questions

B.sc Agriculture 5th Semester Production Technology For Fruit And Plantation Crops Important Questions

  • Write the name of five cultivars of strawberry.
  • Describe the cultivation of pear.
  • Describe the scientific cultivation of ber.
  • Write a comment on the pruning of tea.
  • Explain the production technology of apples and banana with suitable varieties.
  • Explain the 'Gynodiocious' Variety of Papaya.
  • Write the name of five nut fruit plants. 
  • What is Mycorrhiza? Give its role in Litchi Orchard. 
  • Describe stratification.
  • Tabulate 10 varieties with their special character of date palm.
  • Classify scientific names and families of all major fruit crops (mango, banana, citrus, grapes, guava, litchi, papaya, sapota, apple,pear). 
  • Enlight advantages of Training and pruning in fruit plants. 
  • Describe Banana ratooning.
  • What do you understand by carbohydrate and nitrogen ratio?
  • Tabulate the difference between arabica coffee and robusta coffee.
  • Write five cultivars of pineapple. 
  • Write short notes on "High-density Planting in Guava.
  • Describe the control of fruit cracking.
  • Write about important diseases of Mango and their control measures. 
  • Write five characteristics of plantation crops. 
  • Discuss bahar treatment in guava and discuss propagation in jackfruit.
  • Describe in detail the cultivation of Tea.
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Integrated pest management in Mango (b) High density planting in Banana (c) Propagation methods of citrus fruits.
  • Describe about sex problem in papaya and give suggestions for its control.
  • Write the planting time and method of the cashew plant.
  • Describe the importance, present status, and future scope of fruit growing in India.
  • Describe in brief rootstock development in Apple.
  • Describe in detail alternate bearings in Mango and give suggestions for control measures.
  • Write wilt management of Guava.
  • Tabulate propagation techniques of all the major fruits.
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Mango malformation (b) Propagation of Banana (c) Requirement of chilling Temperature.
  • Explain the types of propagation followed in rubber. 
  • Write integrated disease management in coconut and explain the production technology of coconut.
  • Discuss the stock-scion relationship in detail 
  • Write about high-density planting of fruit plants.
  • Explain rootstock. How rootstock is chosen and what kind of plants are used with suitable examples?

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