Bsc Ag 5th Sem Geoinformatics & Nano Technologies Imp Questions 2024

In this post bsc ag 5th sem geoinformatics & nano technologies important questions are given for 2024.

Special attention has been given to the selection of these questions. 

Many of these questions have been taken from the question bank and previous exam question papers. 

By solving ag 5th sem Geo-informatics and Nanotechnology important questions you can score good marks in the upcoming exam. 

Take these questions seriously. 

You will also find many practice sets of this type available on the internet which you can use, you just have to search geoinformatics and nanotechnology pdf on the browser. 

By writing accurate answers to these, you can definitely score good marks on the exam. 

For this, you will have to keep the concept of the lesson related to this topic clear. 

With this, you will be able to answer many other questions easily. 

Geo-informatics and nano-technologies agriculture question paper has included all those questions, which were repeated again and again in the previous examination and were important. 

Write all these questions in sequence in the notebook of this subject, then with the help of the textbook, write their answers using your own words. 

You can easily remember the answers to geoinformatics and nanotechnology for precision farming question paper written in your own words. 

If you are facing difficulty in writing accurate answers to these questions, then discuss them with your professor. 

Before writing the answers, read the important instructions given on the first page of the question paper in the examination hall. 

Write the answers in as many words as you have been instructed to do. 

With this, you can also spend your time properly writing answers to other questions. 

Let's solve these ag fifth sem geoinformatics and nanotechnology imp questions.

Geo-Informatics And Nano-Technologies Questions Agriculture 5th Semester Geoinformatics And Nanotechnology Important Questions 2024

  • Summarize crop discrimination using geospatial technology.
  • Define decision support system?.
  • Discuss various tools of precision farming.
  • What is the concept of the STCR approach? 
  • Differentiate between active and passive remote sensing techniques. 
  • What is the difference between "Pesticide and Nano-Pesticide"?.
  • What is GIS? Write down its objectives, functions, and limitations. 
  • Which data is displayed as a word in GIS?.
  • Write a short note on nanotechnology in sustainable agriculture development.
  • What are the methods of simulation? Explain the crop simulation model in detail.
  • Discuss the advantages of geospatial technology.
  • What are the uses of aerial photography?
  • What is Geo-informatics and their use in precision farming?.
  • How many sets of satellites are in GPS?.
  • Explain the applications of nanotechnology in pest management.
  • What is the difference between "Fertilizer and Nano-fertilizer"?.
  • Explain plant analysis based site specific nutrient management. 
  • What do you mean by nanotechnology? Write down different methods of nanoparticle production.
  • What is the concept of precision agriculture?.
  • Explain the working principle of remote sensing with suitable diagrams.
  • Write a short note on the use of nanotechnology in irrigation water.
  • What is G.P.S.? Describe the advantages and disadvantages. Describe different components of GPS and its functions.
  • Give a brief introduction to crop simulation models. 
  • What are the main objectives and scope of precision agriculture? Explain the different steps involved in precision farming.
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Geodesy (b) Simulation (c) Modeling (d) G.P.S (e) Nano-biosensors.
  • When Indian Institute of Remote Sensors established in India?.
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) STCR (b) Photo (c) Nano-Particles (d) Thematic data.
  • Explain the interpreting plant analysis in soil test crops.
  • What is Spatial data infrastructure?.
  • Explain in short- (a) Nano fertilizer (b) Spatial Variability.
  • Explain the working of an atomic force microscope with a suitable example. 
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Image (b) Cartography (c) Geospatial Data Infrastructure (GDI) (d) Database.

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