Bsc Ag 4th Semester Informatics Important Questions 2024

In this post BSc ag 4th semester informatics important questions are given for 2024. 

By solving these questions, you can increase your knowledge and also prepare for important questions from the exam point of view. 

Write these ag 4th sem agri informatics important questions sequentially in your notebook. 

After that, read the lesson related to the question from your textbook two to three times. 

Clear your concepts by reading Informatics lessons. 

With this, you will also know the answers to many objective questions which are not asked in descriptive. 

If objective or feel-in-the-blank questions are asked in the exam, then you will also be prepared to solve those questions. 

Many questions of this set are taken from the Agri-informatics questions paper Bsc(ag) 4th semester. 

Those questions are likely to be asked again. 

Therefore, you should take these questions seriously. 

You write the answers to these questions in your own words. 

With this, notes from BSC AG's fourth semester agri informatics practices question paper will be prepared for you. 

Which will save you time in revision and getting to the point of information at the time of the exam. 

You can search for more such practice sets on the internet, and for that, you have to write agri-informatics important questions in pdf in the search box. 

You can try to solve as many questions as possible from that set of questions. 

Before writing the answers to the questions in this set, keep the syllabus of your university in mind. 

If the question format does not match your syllabus, then use these questions to enhance your knowledge. 

Before answering the questions in the examination hall, take time to read the instructions given on the question paper. 

Answer the questions as per the instructions given on the question paper. 

Let's solve the agri-informatics question bank for BSc agriculture 4th semester.

Agri Informatics Questions

Agri-Informatics Important Questions For BSc Agriculture 4th Semester

  • What RAM and ROM?
  • What is a computer? A neat diagram explains the different parts of the computer.
  • What is a Computer Virus?
  • What do you mean by software? Explain different types of software.
  • What are the features of the EDIT Menu?
  • Explain the characteristics and capabilities of computer systems. 
  • Write the components of the MS Office.
  • Write different input and output devices of a computer. 
  • What is the function of a control unit?
  • List any five features of MS Word.
  • What is GIS?. Write two uses of GIS?.
  • What is WWW?.
  • What is e-Agriculture?
  • What is OS?
  • What do you understand by database? Discuss the use of DBMS in agriculture.
  • What is the difference between cold booting and warm booting?
  • Write in detail the application of smartphones in farm advice and post-harvest management. 
  • Write advantages of ICT in agriculture.
  • What is GIS? Explain any two uses of GIS.
  • What is E-mail? and What are the advantages of E-mail?.
  • What is a Database? What are the advantages of using the database?
  • Write down the different steps in the calculation of mean and standard deviation by M.S. Excel in serial order.
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Generations of Computers (b) the Role of expert systems in agriculture. 
  • Write the extension file name of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • What is the Computer model in agriculture?
  • What is memory? Compare the different types of memory available.
  • What is MS-Access? and Write the extension file name of MS-access?
  • Differentiate between the following- (a) Impact and non-impact printers (b) Digital and Analogue computers.
  • What is a web server? and What is the Internet? Explain in detail.
  • What do you understand by computer programming languages? Discuss the concepts and standard input/output operations of any two programming languages. 
  • What is LAN and WAN? and What is query design?.
  • How smartphone mobile apps are useful in agriculture.
  • What are the innovative ways to use information and Communication Technology (ICT) in agriculture?.
  • Write two features of Java and FORTRAN?
  • What is an Index Number? Describe the method and importance of Index Number.
  • What is an operating system?
  • What is GEOGLAM?
  • Define Median. Calculate the median in different series with different formulas.
  • What are the basic input and output functions of C?
  • Write the steps for creating and resizing the chart.
  • What do you mean by mode? Calculate the mode by different methods in different series.
  • Write two features of a Web browser?
  • Explain the following- (a) Correlation (b) Coefficient of Correlation.
  • What is a Compiler?
  • Write the steps for creating and resizing the chart.

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