B.sc Ag 4th Sem Soils And Management Important Questions 2024

In this post b.sc ag 4th sem soils and management important questions are given for 2024. 

By solving this B.sc ag 4th sem soils and management question paper, you can make good notes for yourself on this subject. 

It is seen that many questions are asked again and again in the examination. 

Some students do not prepare for those questions because they think that these questions will not be asked in the current year. 

Sometimes this happens, but sometimes questions are asked in the examination by twisting them. 

By the way, many questions have also been included here. 

Therefore, you should take these questions seriously. 

Write down these problematic soil management most important questions BSC Agriculture 4th Sem in your notebook. 

After that prepare the answers by reading the textbooks prescribed by the university. 

You should try to write the answers in your own words. 

With this, you will remember those answers easily. 

While writing the answers, it is necessary to follow the instructions given in the examination paper.

Now solve Questions on problematic soil and their management BSc ag 4th sem. 

The guidelines in the examination paper are written like this.

[Instruction- Attempt questions from all sections as directed. If there are many parts of a question, answer them in continuation. The answer to short questions should not exceed 200 words and the answer to long questions should not exceed 500 words.]

Problematic Soil And Their Management Question Paper

B.sc Agriculture 4th Semester Problematic Soils And Their Management Important Questions

  • Define soil health. Explain the soil health indicators.
  • Define Problematic soils. Describe the types of Problematic soils.
  • What do you mean by land degradation?. How do you manage degraded lands?.
  • Define acidic soils. Explain the kinds of soil acidity.
  • Write the characteristics of degraded lands. 
  • What is the difference between saline and sodic soils?
  • Define sodic soil. Describe the process of their formation.
  • Describe land capability classification.
  • Calculate the gypsum requirement of soil having initial ESP 50, final ESP 10, and CEC 30 (mol CP*) kg-1.
  • Define wasteland. Describe the classification of wasteland. 
  • Explain the causes of acid soil formation.
  • Write short notes on GIS (Geographical Information System).
  • What do you mean by waterlogging soils? Write the types of waterlogging.
  • What is soil quality? Explain the characteristics of healthy soils.
  • Define remote sensing. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of remote sensing.
  • Describe the negative effects of soil compaction.
  • What is the multipurpose of tree species? Describe their growing objectives. 
  • What do you understand by multipurpose tree species? Explain the objectives of growing multipurpose trees and bioremediation of soil physical problems through MPTs.
  • Define soil pollution. Write the main causes of soil pollution.
  • Describe the characteristics of sand dunes and various methods used for the stabilization of sand dunes. 
  • What is bioremediation?. Describe bioremediation through MPTs of soils.
  • Describe the process of formation of saline soils and the methods used for their control.
  • Explain types of soil pollution. Give the management of polluted soils.
  • What are liming materials? Describe the kinds of liming materials and calcium carbonate equivalent. 
  • Define Agroecological region. Describe their regions and sub-regions of India.
  • Explain acid sulfate soils, their formation and management.
  • Explain the following- (a) Sensor (b) Wavelength (c) Crop residue (d) Soil reaction (e) Water logged soils.
  • Compare Eroded and Compacted soils.
  • Explain the following- (a) Eraded Soils (b) Saltation (c) Suspension (d) Scooping (e) Bulk Density.
  • Explain soil salinity. Discuss the impact, causes, effects,s and management of soil salinity.
  • Define the quality of irrigation water. Describe their criteria for evaluation of Irrigation water.
  • What is soil erosion? Explain the kinds of soil erosion. Describe the factors affecting soil erosion due to water.

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