B.sc Ag 4th Sem Seed Technology Important Questions 2024

In this post, b.sc agriculture 4th semester seed technology important questions are given for 2024.

These questions have been taken from previous question papers. 

These questions are being asked again and again in the agriculture examination. 

Therefore, there is a strong possibility of their appearing in the upcoming examination. 

While preparing the set of B.sc agriculture 4th semester seed technology imp questions, care has been taken that there is no repetition of questions. 

Therefore all these questions are mandatory for you. 

Take these questions seriously. 

To solve these questions of Principles of Seed Technology Bsc ag 4th semester, you can use the textbook provided by the university. 

First of all, write these questions on the principles of seed technology question paper in your notebook. 

After that read the related lesson two to three times. 

Try to answer the questions related to the lesson in your own words. 

By writing the answers to B.sc ag 4th sem seed technology important questions in your own words, you can easily remember them and they will be remembered for a long time. 

It will be easier for you to revise the answers of Seed Technology at the time of the examination. 

You will find more such practice sets available on the internet. 

You have to write b.sc ag 4th sem seed technology important questions pdf in the internet search box. 

By solving those questions you can also increase your knowledge in this subject.

Principle Of Seed Technology For BSc Agriculture

B.sc Agriculture 4th Semester Seed Technology Important Questions 2024

  • Give a brief account of the Seed Act and its enforcement.
  • Define 'seed technology', and give its brief introduction and importance.
  • What is GM Crops?.
  • Define 'Field Inspection'.
  • Discuss the duty and powers of the seed inspector, offenses, and penalties.
  • Describe the duties and powers of seed inspectors.
  • Discuss the procedure for seed certification.
  • Discuss the stages and factors affecting seed longevity during its storage.
  • What is the difference between seed and grain?.
  • What is Breeder Seed?.
  • Give an account of the foundation and certified seed production of some important oilseeds and vegetables.
  • Describe varietal identification and grow-out test.
  • Discuss Seed Control Order 1983 and some private and public sectors of seed marketing.
  • Certified hybrid seed production of pearl millet on the following points- (a) Planting Ration 6:2 (Female: Male) (b) Seed rate: Female parent: 1.5 kg/ha and Male parent-0.75 Kg/ha.
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Genetic Purity (b) Seed Quality (c) Certified Seeds (d) Physical Purity.
  • Define the following- (a) Germination (b) DUS testing (c) Crop variety deterioration.
  • What are the characteristics of good quality seed?.
  • Write the short notes on the following- (a) Vigour Test (b) Seed Processing (c) Seed Sampling (d) Seed Viability.
  • Define Varietal deterioration and explain genetic causes of deterioration of improved variety.
  • Write a short note on the following- (a) Seed Storage (b) Pest control during seed storage (c) Seed Marketing (d) Marketing Strategies.
  • Define Intellectual Property Rights. Give the salient features and requirements of plant breeder rights. 
  • Discuss the foundation and certified seed production of the following- (a) Cereals (b) Pulses.
  • Define the following terms- (a) Notified Variety (b) Pollen Shedder (c) Volunteer plants (d) Synchronization.
  • Write a short note on the following- (a) Seed treatment (b) Seed packing.

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