B.sc Ag 4th Sem Renewable Energy Technology Imp Questions 2024

In this post, b.sc agriculture 4th semester renewable energy technology important questions are given for 2024. 

You can make an excellent note of this subject for yourself by writing the answers to these questions. 

To write these answers you will have to take the help of your textbook. 

Read the lesson related to this topic in the textbook 2 to 3 times. 

Clear your concept. 

Now write the answers to the questions of this b.sc 4th semester agriculture renewable energy technology question bank in your own words. 

You should try to keep your answer brief and accurate. 

Some guidelines are also given for writing answers to the questions in the examination question paper. 

You should take time to read those guidelines before writing answers in the examination hall. 

This will give you information about how to answer the question in how many words and how.

Renewable energy and green technology most important questions for B.sc ag 4th semester and will help you understand the question paper pattern of the exam. 

Before writing answers to the questions given here on this topic, match them with the syllabus of your university. 

If you want more practice sets of this type, then you can search by writing renewable energy and green technology question paper on the search box of the internet. 

You will get many sets for practice. 

You can also increase your knowledge by using them and can also increase your skills by solving multiple questions. 

In the B.Sc Ag 4th Sem Renewable Source of Energy Green Technology important questions are given here, many questions have been taken from the previous exam question papers. 

They have been selected because they have been asked repeatedly for many years.

Renewable Energy And Green Technology Questions

B.sc Ag 4 Semester Renewable Energy And Green Technology Important Questions

  • Define energy. Write the farms of energy in brief.
  • Describe the different conventional sources of energy. 
  • Describe the biomass conversion technology in brief.
  • What is fossil fuel? and how their use affects the environment?
  • What is biomass energy? Describe the different types of biomass.
  • Briefly explain solar space heating. 
  • What is Biogas? Describe their utilization in brief.
  • Explain the necessity of renewable energy in the current scenario.
  • Classify the sources of energy in brief.
  • Define briquetting and its process.
  • Describe the types of biogas plants. Differenciate between fixed dome and movable drum type biogas plant in brief.
  • Describe the solar air heater system in brief.
  • Define gasifier. Write their different types in brief.
  • What is a solar collector? Describe the working principle of solar collectors.
  • Differentiate between the renewable and non-renewable sources of energy.
  • Elucidate solar energy and geothermal energy with their applications.
  • What is the purification of biogas? Describe the process of making charcoal in brief.
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of biomass gasification.
  • What is Gasification? Discuss about wood gasification in brief.
  • What is a solar cell? Explain the working principle of solar cells.
  • Define Bio-diesel. Write their application and characteristics in detail.
  • Describe the different types of renewable energy sources and their benefits.
  • What do you mean by solar energy gadgets? Describe solar cookers and write their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Differentiate between solar grain dryers, and solar refrigeration systems with suitable examples. 
  • Describe wind energy and write their application in detail.
  • Enlist the advantages and disadvantages of Non-conventional sources of energy.
  • What is a solar water heater? Describe types of solar water heaters with the help of a suitable diagram.
  • What are the different components of windmills? Describe the criteria for site selection of windmills.
  • Write a short note on the following- (a) Solar dryer (b) Solar distillation (c) Bio-alcohol.
  • Compare how solar energy and wind energy help farmers in their agricultural activities performance. 
  • Write a short note on the following- (a) Chemical Energy (b) Agriculture Residue (c) Radiation (d) Power (e) Hydro Energy.
  • Using an appropriate illustration, describe how a horizontal-axis windmill is built and operates.

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