B.sc Ag 4th Sem Entrepreneurship Business Imp Questions 2024

In this post, b.sc agriculture 4th semester entrepreneurship development and business communication important questions are given for 2024. 

You can also use it as a practice set. By solving these questions you can make good notes on this lesson. 

Which you can use for revision in less time before the exam. 

Many of these questions have also been taken from the question paper of the previous examination. 

First of all, write down the b.sc ag 4th sem entrepreneurship business important questions in your notebook. 

Now open the textbook issued by your university. 

Read the lessons of entrepreneurship development and business communication carefully in the textbook. Clear your concept on this topic. 

If you are having trouble understanding any paragraph, ask your professor to understand it and eliminate the difficulty. 

In the set of questions given here, b.sc agriculture 4th semester business communication important questions have been given and questions from b.sc agriculture 4th semester entrepreneurship development have also been included. 

You see them in uniformity. 

You can also use the entrepreneurship development and business communication question paper given here as a model or sample question set. 

More such practice sets are available on the internet, you can also use them for your practice. 

Let us solve these questions sequentially.

Entrepreneurship Development And Business Communication

B.sc Ag 4th Sem Entrepreneurship Business Communication Important Questions 2024

  • What are the characteristics of Entrepreneurship competence?
  • Define a SWOT analysis of the dairy processing industry. 
  • Explain the 'Functions of the Entrepreneur.
  • Describe the steps of the entrepreneurship development process.
  • Write a note on 'Characteristics of Entrepreneur'.
  • Write 7Cs of business communication skills. 
  • What are the components of SWOT Analysis?
  • What is project formulation? Write different stages in project formulation.
  • What is the Institute and Village Linkage Programme (I.V.L.P)?
  • Describe the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Explain the 'PM Kaushal Vikas Yojana'.
  • What is management? Write the principles of management according to Luther Gulik.
  • What are the objectives of the Entrepreneurship Development Programme?.
  • Explain the following- (a) Agribusiness (b) Public-Private partnership.
  • What is the Digitial India Programme?
  • What do you mean by financing of enterprise? Write the institutions for providing venture capital.
  • What is the Start Up India Programme?
  • Describe the SWOT analysis of the food processing industry. 
  • Briefly describe the types of entrepreneurs.
  • Define the evaluation and write the steps of the evaluation
  • What is the utility of the Entrepreneurship development program? What is the Role of Government in this?.
  • Write the concept of rural entrepreneurship and describe the objectives of rural entrepreneurship.
  • What is meant by leadership?. Describe the characteristics and importance of Leadership.
  • Define the following- (a) Motivation (b) E.D.P (c) NABARD (d) Manager (e) Skills (f) Communication.
  • What are the major steps of Enterprise management? Explain it.
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) EMDI (b) NIESBUD (c) Drone entrepreneur.
  • What is meant by problem-solving?. Mention the steps in the problem-solving process.
  • Define the administration and explain the scope of administration.
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Entrepreneurship (b) Entrepreneur (c) SWOT Analysis (d) Supply chain. 
  • Explain the following- (a) Enterprise Management (b) Innovation (c) Balance sheet (d) Total Quality Management.
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Agriclinic (b) Agriculture Technology Management Agency (b) Make in India.

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