B.sc Ag 3rd Sem Soil And Water Conservation Imp Questions 2024

In this post b.sc ag 3rd sem soil and water conservation most important questions are given for 2024.

You can prepare answers to these questions with the help of your textbook. 

Read these questions carefully, many of these questions have been asked in the previous examination. 

Therefore this set is important for you. 

Many of these questions can be asked again in the examination. 

These questions have been selected on the basis of the previous 3rd sem ag soil and water conservation engineering question paper. 

This set will help you in understanding the pattern of questions. 

First of all, write these questions in your agriculture notebook. 

After that read the related chapter. 

Read the lesson until the concepts are clear. 

After that try to write the answers to Bsc ag 3rd sem introductory soil and water conservation engineering important questions in your own words. 

It will be easier for you to remember the answer written in your own words. 

You can explain the answers to questions to someone only when you know the answers to the questions asked. 

Therefore emphasis is laid on concept clearance. 

If you are not satisfied with the answer to any question, discuss it with your professor. 

By following this process, you can prepare for yourself the best note of soil water conservation important questions for b.sc 3rd semester. 

Before answering the questions in the examination, read and follow the instructions given in the question paper. 

Let us write the answers to these questions.

Introductory Soil And Water Conservation Engineering Questions

B.sc Agriculture 3rd Semester Soil And Water Conservation Engineering Important Questions

  • Define soil erosion. What are the different agents of soil erosion? Describe them.
  • Draw the Hydrologic cycle.
  • Define watershed.
  • Write a short note on water logging and chemical degradation.
  • Give universal loss soil equation. Describe each component.
  • What are the agronomical practices to control water erosion?
  • Define Strip cropping. What is its classification?
  • Describe in detail the erosion and depositional crusts. How does it affect on productivity of soil. What are the central measures of soil crusting?
  • Define Mulch.
  • What is a contour bond? What are its feasibilities? How does it differ from a graded bond?.
  • What is bunding and what type of bunds?. How is it helpful in soil and water conservation?.
  • What do you mean by Gully erosion?.
  • What is the role of vegetation in soil conservation?
  • What is the type of wind erosion? Discuss the methods of sand-dune fixation.
  • What is the difference between Erosion permitting crops and Erosion resistant crops? 
  • Define leveling. Principles of operation of leveling.
  • Define the following- (a) Cover crop (b) Water harvesting (c) Scope of soil and water conservation.
  • What is the difference between Windbreak and Shelterbelts?
  • Explain the mechanisms and the stages in gully development.
  • What is the difference between Farm forestry and Social forestry?
  • Explain in brief the factors affecting soil erosion.
  • What do you mean by hydrological cycle? What are components?
  • What is the Role of forests and grasses in soil and water conservation?
  • What is the difference between Drip irrigation and Sprinkler irrigation?
  • Describe the different methods of run-off measurement.
  • What is the mechanism of wind erosion caused by wind?. What are the basic concepts of controlling the erosion caused by wind?.
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Creepin death of soil (b) Agro-forestry.
  • What are the mechanical methods of soil erosion control?
  • Differentiate natural erosion and accelerated erosion and its control measures.
  • Define 'Rill erosion'.
  • Importance of soil and water conservation in Indian Agriculture. What is its need?
  • Discuss soil erosion-resistant crops.
  • Describe Integrated watershed management. What is the importance of dry land agriculture? Write in detail.

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