B.sc 5th Ag Pest Of Crops Stored Grain Management Imp Questions 2024

In this post, b.sc 5th ag pest of crops stored grain management important questions are given for 2024.

By solving these questions you can score good marks in the examination of this subject. 

In this set of Pest of crops and stored grain and their management important questions, many questions have been taken from previous exam question papers. 

These questions have been asked repeatedly in previous years and there is a strong possibility of them being asked in the upcoming examination. 

Therefore these questions have to be taken serially. 

If you want more such question sets then you can get them by searching on the internet, you just have to write in the search box pest of crops and stored grain and their management pdf. 

You will get to see many PDF question papers. 

Before solving these questions, match them with your syllabus. 

Even if these are completely out of the syllabus, you can use them to enhance your knowledge. 

Now write these questions in a separate copy. 

After that read the lesson on this topic carefully 2 to 3 times from your textbook. 

Now try to answer the questions of Pests of crops and stored grain and their management Question Paper in your own words. 

You can easily remember the answers to questions written in this manner. 

Also, these will remain in your mind for a long time. 

You can also revise them in less time before the exam date. 

If you face any difficulty in understanding this topic, contact your professor and resolve them. 

Before writing the answers, read the instructions given in the question paper in the examination hall.

They will save you time and tell you how many words the answer to each question has to be written.

Let's solve pests of crops and stored grain and their management questions for BSc agriculture 5th semester.

Pest Of Crops And Stored Grain And Their Management Questions

B.sc Ag 5th Sem Pest Of Crops And Stored Grain And Their Management Imp Questions 2024

  • What is vapor heat treatment?
  • Mention the systematic position, nature of the damage, life history and management of the Kharif grasshopper.
  • Describe different storage structures.
  • Write about store grain pest of pulses.
  • Write about Fumigants, types and application methods in store grain.
  • Write the physical factors for managing losses of stored grains in the deterioration of grain.
  • Discuss the factors, which affect the losses caused by insect pests of stored grains.
  • Write the management to control store grain pests.
  • Describe the damage and management of spotted bollworms and jassids in cotton crops.
  • Write details about the Drug store beetle.
  • Write about Fumigants used for pest control in spices and spice products.
  • Mention the systematic position of the sugarcane leaf hopper and describe its damage and life history along with suitable control measures.
  • Write the management to control mites and control birds.
  • Give a list of types of rats found in houses and fields. Describe the general life cycle and methods of their management.
  • Mention the scientific name, order and family of store grain pests of vegetable crops and describe bean weevil and pumpkin beetle.
  • What are Mites? Mention a few examples of phytophagous mites. Also describe the damage, life-history and management of any one of them.
  • Mention the scientific name, symptoms and management of rhizome fly, areca nut beetle.
  • Write short notes on the Irradiation treatment of spices and condiments.
  • List out important stored pests for different spice products.
  • Describe the damage, life-history and preventive & remedial methods of management of Riceweevil.
  • Write short notes on microorganisms associated with store grain.
  • Write the biological, chemical and mechanical factors managing the losses of stored grains.
  • Describe the life history and management of the following- (a) Pink Bollworm (b) Brown plant hopper (c) Mustard saw-fly (d) Sorghum shoot fly.
  • Mention the scientific name, order, and family of store grain pests of fruit crops, field crops and describe Lesser grain borer and flour beetles.
  • Write about different species and the management of rodents.
  • Write about Potato tuber moth and Sweet potato weevil.
  • Mention the systematic position, damage, bionomics and management of white grub.
  • Write details about the Cigarette beetle.
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) White Ants (b) House Sparrow (c) Achatina Fulica (d) Red Hairy Caterpillar.
  • Write about the management of storage pests in spices and condiments.
  • Write a short note on (a) Mango nut weevil (b) Apple codling moth (c) Groundnut bruchids (d) Rice weevil (e) Almond moth (f) Tamarind beetle (g) Pulse beetle and Khapra beetle.
  • Mention the scientific name, order, and family of important store pests of spices and condiments with their respective crop.

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