B.sc Ag 3rd Sem Crop Production Technology Kharif Crops Imp Questions 2023

In this post b.sc ag 3rd sem crop production technology kharif crops important questions are given for the 2023 session. 

By writing answers to these questions you can score good marks in the examination. 

In this set, the questions have been arranged in order according to importance. 

Many of these questions are asked repeatedly in the examination. 

Therefore, the set has been made useful by including them also. 

If you want more practice sets like this then you have to search on the internet crop production technology kharif crops pdf 3rd semester.

Many question sets will appear in front of you, you can use them as per your convenience. 

To write correct answers to these questions, you will have to read the chapter related to the question from the textbook 2 to 3 times. 

The concepts of the lesson have to be cleared. 

Then you will be able to prepare the best answers to these questions. 

The pattern of questions in this set has been based on the previous crop production technology kharif crops question paper. 

So take it seriously. 

First of all, write these questions in your notebook, then write their answers in order. 

You should try to write the answers in your own words. 

You will be able to remember the answers written through this process easily and for a long time. 

In this set, questions have been adjusted according to the semester. 

This is the best crop production technology 1 kharif crops paper for agriculture students. 

Let us solve these questions.

Crop Production Technology 1 Kharif Crops Questions

B.sc Ag 3rd Sem Practical Crop Production Kharif Crops Important Questions

  • Describe briefly the following - (a) Puddling (b) Winnowing (c) Top dressing (d) Dapog technique (e) Rating of Jute (f) Pegging (g) Dhurrin (h) Squaring in cotton.
  • Explain in detail the cultivation practices of lowland rice on the following points:- (a) Wet nursery preparation (b) Transplanting of seedlings (c) Nutrient management (d) Harvesting and yield.
  • Discuss the harvesting procedure of baby corn.
  • Describe the cultivation practices of Kharif sorghum (grain purpose) on the following:- (a) Seedbed preparation (b) Seed and sowing (c) Interculturing (d) Harvesting and yield.
  • Write the classification of cotton.
  • Prepare the leaflet on the cultivation of fodder maize.
  • Write the difference between Capsularis and Olitorious jute.
  • Explain in detail the cultivation of soybean on the following points:- (a) Soil and climate (b) Seed and sowing (c) Improved varieties (d) Harvesting and yield.
  • Describe the nutrient management in soybeans.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Importance of oilseeds (b) Seed and sowing of sesame (c)  Retting of jute.
  • Describe the major constraints of pulse production in Uttar Pradesh. Suggest suitable agro-techniques for boosting the production of pigeonpea (Arhar).
  • Write the "origin of groundnut".
  • Write in tabular form seed rate, sowing time, nutrient requirements, yield, and protein (for pulse) or oils (for oilseed) percentage: - (a) Groundnut (b) Soybean (c) Greengram (d) Pigeonpea (e) Cowpea.
  • Kodo millet and finger millet are useful for, which type of patients?.
  • Describe the cultivation of sorghum under the following heads:- (a) Soil and climate (b) Varieties (c) Time of planting and seed rate (d) Method of planting (e) Moisture management (f) Plant protection measures.
  • What is the botanical name of finger millet?
  • Describe the cultivation of maize under the following heads:- (a) Soil and tillage (b) Varieties (c) Time of planting and seed rate (d) Method of planting (e) Nutrient management.

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