B.sc Ag 2nd Semester Livestock Production And Management Important Questions 2023

In this post, b.sc ag 2nd semester livestock production and management important questions (LPM) have been given to the students of the 2023 session. 

By solving these questions, you can perform well in the exam and score good marks. 

In the collection of these questions, the help of previous exam question papers has been taken.

Generally, it has been seen that there is a repetition of questions in the exam, so do not ignore these questions. 

Before preparing the answers to these b.sc ag 2nd semester livestock production questions, write them sequentially in a separate copy. 

Now before writing their answers, read the lesson related to the book recommended by your university carefully 2 to 3 times. 

If there is still a problem in writing the answers to the b.sc ag 2nd semester livestock production and management question paper, then seek help from your professor. 

It is always said that one should use his own words while writing notes. 

Do the same here. 

This process will also save you time during exam preparation and the answer will be remembered for a long time. 

From this collection of B sc livestock management question papers for agriculture second semester, you will also be able to know the pattern of questions asked in the upcoming examination. 

You will also find many more sets like this on the internet for your practice. 

B.sc agriculture livestock production management questions for exercises are best for your exam preparation. 

Let us solve these questions.

B.sc Ag 2nd Semester LPM Questions

B.sc Agriculture 2nd Sem Livestock Production Management Questions

  • Why is Jersey more popular in India than other exotic breeds of cattle?
  • Define the followings- (a) Tattooing (b) Dehorning (c) Drying off milk (d) Free Martin (e) Branding.
  • Describe the characteristic features of Holstein- Friesian and Brown-Swiss breeds.
  • What is the body temperature in Cattle?.
  • Write the various factors for selecting a dairy cow and breeding bull for various economic characteristics.
  • Name two important milch breeds of Cattle and their Features.
  • Write the management practices for raising calves up to the adult stage.
  • Write a short note on the following- (a) Neo-lithic age (b) Open-mouthed (c) Livestock farming zone (d) Bull Nose Ring (e) Cross Breeding.
  • Name two important milch breeds of cattle and their chief characteristics.
  • Explain the different types of housing systems in Cattle and Buffaloes.
  • Enlist two important breeds of layers and broilers in poultry.
  • Which is the main dairy animal of India?.
  • Give the stepwise procedure of hatching, incubation, and brooding of chicks.
  • What are the main characteristic features of Murrah Buffalo?.
  • Explain different types of housing systems in cattle and buffaloes.
  • What you can call an "Instrument used for castration of male in Cattle and Buffalo"?.
  • Use of record keeping in animal improvement.
  • What number of well-established breeds of Sheep in India?.
  • What are the advantages of the use of the Cage system in the management of layers?
  • Describe the dehorning of calves.
  • Fill in the blanks- (a) ________ is the permanent method of identification in livestock. (b) ______ is the name kept for breeding in equines. (c) ________ is the act of parturition in cattle.
  • What is the length of Gestation Cattle?

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