B.sc Ag 2nd Sem Soil And Water Conservation Important Questions 2024

In this post soil and water conservation engineering important questions b.sc 2nd sem ag is given for 2024. 

You can prepare well for the upcoming examination by preparing answers to these questions with the help of your textbook. 

These questions have been taken from the B.Sc Ag Second Sem Soil and Water Conservation Question Paper. 

Therefore, many questions in this set of questions have been taken from the question papers asked in the previous examination. 

To write accurate answers to these questions, first of all, read the related chapter of the textbook carefully 2 to 3 times. 

If you are facing difficulty in getting the concept clear then contact your teacher or college professor. 

This topic is not complicated for those who adopt a clear concept method. 

So, you should take this set of b.sc 2nd semester agriculture soil and water conservation most important questions seriously and prepare from the exam point of view. 

Before writing their answers, write these questions in your notebook, and after reading the chapter, write the answers in your own words. 

With this, you will be able to remember your written answers easily and in less time. 

There are other such sets available on the internet, which you can use as practice sets. 

For that, you have to write agriculture soil and water conservation questions for b.s.c second semester agriculture important questions PDF in Google search bar. 

You will have agriculture soil and water conservation questions for exam preparation.

Let's start to write the answer.

Agriculture Soil And Water Conservation Questions For B.S.c Students

B.sc Ag 2nd Sem Soil And Water Conservation Engineering Imp Questions

  • What is bunding?.
  • Classify the gully erosion.
  • Define erosion-resisting crops.
  • Define soil moisture conservation.
  • Define and classify soil erosion.
  • What is wind erosion?.
  • What are the causes and agents of soil erosion?
  • What is runoff?. Enlist various climatic factors affecting runoff and discuss the effect of rainfall intensity on runoff yield.
  • What is shifting cultivation?.
  • Describe the natural and accelerated erosion.
  • Define surveying and state its objectives.
  • Give the formula for measurement of run-off and soil loss.
  • What is the mechanism of water erosion?
  • Describe the design of the grass waterway and its advantages.
  • Write a short note on desertification.
  • What are bunds and explain their types.
  • Describe the formula for calculating the total soil detached.
  • Write a universal soil loss equation. Describe each component.
  • Explain land use capability classification based on slope.
  • Write short notes on "Slash erosion".
  • Calculate the time of concentration for a watershed in which the most remote point is 1700m away from the outlet. The elevation difference between most remote points and outlet is 15m.
  • What is the mechanism of wind erosion? Describe major factors affecting wind erosion.
  • Define watershed. Enlist causes of watershed deterioration. 
  • What do you mean by bench terracing? Give the design of bench terracing.
  • Write a short note on contour bunding.
  • Describe different permanent gully control structures.
  • What are the agronomical practices to control water erosion?.
  • Write a short note on contour strip cropping.
  • Component of water harvesting system and describe roof rainwater harvesting. Define water harvesting. Describe the need and advantage of water harvesting.
  • Draw the Hydrologic cycle.
  • Mention the list of cover crops, soil erosion permitting, and soil loss-resisting crops.
  • Define water erosion and describe the factors affecting water erosion. What are the types of water erosion?
  • What is gully plugging? Describe the technique of gully plugging.
  • Write steps to design a grass waterway. How it helps to control water erosion.
  • Describe the potential area of water harvesting.
  • What is the modern concept of soil conservation?
  • Describe the mass movement and on-site and off-site effects.
  • Write a short note on water logging and chemical degradation.
  • Write short notes on the following - (a) History of soil conservation in India (b) Mulch (c) sheet erosion (d) Check dam (e) Contour cultivation (f) Water Harvesting.
  • Describe the design of graded bunding.
  • What are the methods and techniques for water harvesting in urban areas?.
  • Write a short note on land degradation.

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