B.sc Ag 2nd Sem Insect Ecology And Pest Management Imp Questions 2024

In this post b.sc ag 2nd sem insect ecology and pest management imp questions are given for 2024. 

By solving all these questions you can make notes for the upcoming exam. 

These notes will also help you in revision during the exam and will increase your confidence level. 

Write these b.sc 2nd sem ag insect ecology and pest management imp questions in your notebook and read the relevant chapter in the textbook issued by your university. 

If the concept is not clear, contact the professor related to the subject. 

Read this topic attentively. 

Having good knowledge of this subject will help in making a career in agriculture. 

In this set of insect ecology and pest management important questions for b.sc 2nd sem agriculture, many questions have been asked in the previous exam. 

This does not mean that these will be asked again. 

But there is also a possibility of these being asked. 

Therefore, take these questions seriously. 

You can get many more such practice sets by searching on the internet. 

Which will be helpful in your practice. 

For this, you have to write b.sc 2nd semester ag insect ecology and pest management important questions in PDF in the search box. 

You can also use them to understand the pattern of exam questions. 

This set has been given keeping in mind the Insect ecology and Integrated pest management question paper. 

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Insect Ecology And Integrated Pest Management Questions For Exam

B.sc Ag 2nd Sem Insect Ecology And Integrated Pest Management Important Questions

  • Differentiate the 'Survey and Surveillance'.
  • Name any two granular insecticides?
  • Differentiate the 'Hibernation and Aestivation'.
  • What do you know about biological control, Explain it by giving suitable examples?
  • Which is used for inoculation of trees for lac cultivation?.
  • Define-Insect Ecology and Parasitoid.
  • Which practice escapes the mustard crop from the attack of aphids the best way?.
  • What do you mean by Chronic toxicity and Universal antidote?.
  • What is Super Parasitism?.
  • Write a short note on the symptoms that appear due to the poisoning of insecticides.
  • What is 'Bollgaurd I and II?. 
  • Explain LD50 and systemic insecticides.
  • What are the symptoms of NPV-infected larvae?.
  • Differentiate between Ecosystem and agroecosystem, niche, and environment.
  • Explain the Role of Chemosterilants in insect control.
  • What do mean by Economic Threshold and universal antidote?
  • Explain 'Antifeedants'.
  • What are the pros and cons of chemical control?.
  • What are Third-generation pesticides?.
  • Explain the classification of insecticides based on mode of entry and mode of action, give examples.
  • What is Universal antidote?.
  • Describe the basic concepts of integrated pest management. Explain the most popular method of pest management by giving its merits and demerits. 
  • How do pheromones work in pest management?.
  • How will you minimize the risk of insecticides in the field? Write in detail.
  • Differentiate the 'Autecology and Synecology'.
  • What do mean by Minor pest/Occasional pest, Major pest, Key pest, Sporadic pests, and potential pests?.
  • What do you mean by phytotoxicity of insecticides?.
  • Differentiate the 'Symbiosis and Commensalism'.
  • What do you mean by predators?
  • What is Insect forecasting?.
  • Enlist 5 biotic factors affecting insect life?
  • What are the causes of pest outbreaks in nature?. 
  • Define LC50?
  • Write down the techniques of biological pest control.
  • What do you mean by environmental resistance?
  • Write down the advantages of the use of botanical pesticides.
  • Enlist any two causes of outbreak of pests in the agroecosystem?
  • What are the natural enemies of honeybees?.
  • How do moisture factors affect an insect’s life?
  • What should be the peculiar characteristics of a successful predator?.
  • Explain in detail about the insecticide application equipment?
  • Describe the Coupe system of lac cultivation?.
  • Discuss in detail the formulations of insecticides.
  • Role of NPV in Insect Control.
  • How do repellent and attractants control insect pest populations?
  • What is Sericulture? Enlist the different species of silkworm, and describe different techniques of silkworm rearing and production.
  • What are the symptoms of poisoning, and first aid for pesticides?
  • Define Agro-ecosystem. What are the different components of agroecosystems? Describe in detail.
  • Discuss physical and Mechanical Pest Management.
  • Describe the tools of IPM and common constraints in IPM adoption by farmers.
  • Write down the importance of chemical control, hazards, and limitations.
  • Which type of insecticide the Rogor is?.
  • Explain the HPR techniques mechanisms.
  • DDT belongs to which group?.
  • Describe the various preventive measures for the safe handling of pesticides? Also, discuss the antidote for each group of insecticides.
  • Fenvalerate belongs to which group of insecticides?
  • Write in detail about the Insecticide Act 1968.
  • Diaflubenzuron Which chemical acts as a chitin inhibitor in insects?.
  • Explain in detail insecticide application equipment with their calibration.
  • Write the name of any insecticide of animal origin.

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