B.sc Ag 2nd Sem Extension Education Important Questions 2023

In this post b.sc ag 2nd sem extension education important questions are given for 2023. 

You can increase your confidence by solving these questions. 

Many questions have been included in this question set, which have already been asked in the examination. 

This does not mean that the same questions will be asked again in the examination. 

These can be asked in a twisted manner or can also be asked directly. 

Therefore, take these questions seriously for your upcoming exam. 

If you want more practice sets like this then you can search on the internet b.sc 2nd sem agriculture extension important questions pdf. 

You will get several sets. 

The specialty of this practice set is that these questions have been included in it, which have been asked many times in the examination, there is no repetition of those questions here. 

Which provides convenience for you in selecting questions. 

Before solving these b.sc second sem agriculture extension education questions, read the relevant chapter of the textbook issued by your university 2 to 3 times and try to understand its meaning. 

It is very important to be clear about the concepts of the lesson, for that you can also consult your professor. 

Now write the answers to these questions in your own words. 

You can easily remember the answer written in this way for a long time and quickly. 

B.sc second sem agriculture extension education sample paper will help you understand the question paper pattern of the exam. 

You can make good notes on this subject by solving these questions in a sample paper. 

Let's solve it.

Fundamentals Of Agricultural Extension Education Question Paper

B.Sc Ag 2nd Semester Fundamentals of Agriculture Extension Education Most Important Questions 2023

  • Write a short note on the NATP. When NATP was launched?.
  • Enlist the different agricultural development programs launched by ICAR and explain any two of them.
  • Which is the last step in the Teaching-Learning process?.
  • Mention the organizational setup of community development at the district level.
  • Which program is responsible for the green revolution?.
  • What is the need for market-led extension?
  • What is the PRA technique?.
  • Define Programme planning. Discuss the program planning process in brief with a suitable diagram.
  • Differentiate between on-form trail and front-line demonstration. 
  • What is Jawahar Rozgar Yojana?
  • What do you mean by Monitoring and evaluation?.
  • Differentiate between formal education and informal education.
  • Explain the Diffusion.
  • What is communication?. Enlist various models of communication and explain the S-M-C-R-E model of communication.
  • Give the details of the rural development concept and meaning.
  • What is the role of extension education in community development?
  • What are the principles and functions of communication?.
  • Write in brief about the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA).
  • What do you mean by the Sriniketan project?.
  • Define Extension Teaching Methods. Give its classification with suitable examples.
  • Explain in Mandated, Principles and objectives of KVK in detail.
  • What are the objectives of the National demonstration?
  • Subscribe you know about the transfer of technology concepts and models.
  • How NGOs contribute towards the development of Indian agriculture.
  • Give the principles and steps for the Indian farmer's development program.
  • Write short notes on the following - (a) Human Resource Development (b) Adopter categories (c) Privatization in extension.
  • What do mean by Education: meaning, definition, and types of Extension Education?.
  • List major welfare steps initiated by the Government and other agencies for rural women folk. 
  • What are the objectives and scope of Extension education? Discuss the merits and demerits of extension education.
  • Define the following terms - (a) Community Development (b) Innovation (c) Agriculture Journalism.
  • What do you understand by community development and the role of extension education in community development in India?
  • Give the full forms of the following - (a) IRDP (b) NAIP (c) LLP (d) KVK (d) PURA (e) MAVIM (f) IVLP (g) DRDA.
  • Write a note on the adoption of drip irrigation for water-efficient agriculture.
  • Discuss the social structure of Indian rural society.
  • What do you mean by my Audio-Visual Aids? Give classification of Audio-Visual Aids.
  • Give a detailed account of the ‘Classification of Education’.
  • Define the following terms - (a) Training (b) Cyber extension (c) objective (d) Diffusion.
  • Briefly describe preschool, primary school, secondary school, and higher education.
  • Write an essay on the role of women in Indian agriculture.
  • What is the meaning of extension education and its Relevance in India?
  • What do you understand by Extension Teaching? Discuss the principles of extension Teaching.
  • Explain the extension systems in the pre-independence and post-independence eras in India.
  • State the aims and distinguishing features of extension education. 
  • Briefly explain extension privatization.
  • How modern information and communication appliances help in extension education.

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