B.sc Agriculture 1st Semester Communication Skills Important Questions 2024

In this post, b.sc agriculture 1st semester communication skills important questions are being given for 2024. 

These questions have been taken from the previous exam question papers. 

The questions which have been repeatedly asked in the Agriculture exam have been included in this question set. 

Use the book recommended by your university to write the answers to the b.sc agriculture communication skills 1st semester question paper. 

Try to answer the questions in your own words. 

This process will help remember the answer. 

Also, you will be able to remember these answers for a long time. 

You will be able to revise easily in less time before the exam. 

If this question is out of your university syllabus, then you can use it as a practice set. 

You will find 1st semester ag communication skills important questions pdf on the internet. 

You can also use it for your practice. 

To write the best answer, first of all, write these questions in a copy. 

Then read the topic related to the textbook carefully 2 to 3 times. 

Through this process, you will get answers to many more questions easily. 

Now write the answers to b.sc agriculture sem i communication skills important questions in your own words. 

Try that the answers are neither too long nor too short. 

Write in as many words as there is an instruction to write the answer. 

In communication skills in agriculture papers, only questions related to English grammar, passage writing, letter writing, etc. are asked. 

By writing the answers to the b.sc.1st semester personality development and communication question paper given here, you can make a good notebook of this subject for yourself.

Let's start to write the answer.

Communication Skills And Personality Development B.sc Agriculture 1st Semester Important Questions

B.sc Agriculture Sem 1st Communication Skills Important Questions

  • Which of the following is a type of business letter?- (a) Enquiries (b) Orders (c) Collection (d) All of these.
  • What do you mean by the term "phonetics"?
  • Discuss the points you would bear in mind while making a group presentation. Provide examples to substantiate your views.
  • Explain the term "Stress-shif" with an example. 
  • Define 'communication'? Explain different levels of communication.
  • Write the synonym of the following - (a) Prevent (b) Wealth.
  • How many Parts of Speech are there? Write their name.
  • Differentiate between "Break" and "Brake".
  • What do you mean by 'barrier' in communication? Discuss various types of barriers to listening?
  • Frame sentences from the following - (a) Put up with (b) Read between the lines.
  • "Growth and success of an organization broadly lie in the continuous, multi-directional, and multi-level flow of communication" Elaborate the statement by citing suitable examples from your own experience.'
  • What do you know about Pure Vowels?
  • Define the following - (a) Verbal Communication (b) Professional attitude.
  • State some common varieties of sentence structure.
  • What does the term' communication' imply? Why is effective communication vital in today's world? Write the objectives of communication.
  • Correct the_ following sentences- (a) Please listen his advice (b) They are coming to the party, are they? (c) He died from cholera last night (d) He is senior than me.
  • What are Pronouns? State different kinds of Pronouns.
  • Differentiate between - (a) Impromptu and Extempore (b) Curriculum Vitae and Resume.
  • Give definitions and kinds of prepositions with suitable examples. 
  • Change the following into indirect speech - (a) Delisha said to Tanmay, "The sun rises in the east " (b) The boy said to his mother, " I am feeling hungry" (c) Qutu said to me, "I know the way" (d) Delina said, "I am busy today" (e) Teacher said, "God is everywhere"
  • Give definitions and kinds of prepositions with suitable examples.
  • Your company administration has decided to have robots in the place of attendants for its various officers. Write a letter to a robot factory, detailing your task expectations from the robots and asking it to design robots to suit your requirements.
  • Comment on the basic theme of Tagore's "My Home Environment".
  • Change the following into passive voice - (a) Kartik is purchasing a car (b) Students were reading a book in the university library (c) The teacher has given an assignment to the students.
  • Prepare a report on the inaugural ceremony of a new branch of the Union Bank of India.
  • How many parts of speech are there? Write their names.
  • Write an application to your Head of the Department, requesting him/her for a change in your subjects. 
  • Write a note on the following- (a) Presentation Skills (b) Group Discussion (c) Interview Skills and Kinds (d) Impact of Information Technology on the Indian Agriculture Industry.
  • What do you mean by paragraph writing? 
  • Explain various elements of the report.
  • Write a paragraph on the following - (a) Indian Agriculture System (b) Impact of Information Technology on modern farming.
  • Draft a job application letter for the post of Research fellow, at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute including your resume. Invent the necessary details.
  • Write short notes on the following - (a) Add suitable prefixes to the words - happy, regular (b) Substitute one word for the following- (1) A person who knows many languages (2) Incapable of being corrected.

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