B.sc Agriculture 1st Semester Elementary Zoology Important Questions 2024

In this post b.sc agriculture 1st semester elementary zoology important questions are being given for the session of 2024. 

Many questions in this practice set are taken from previous years' question papers. 

These questions are being asked again and again in the exam, so they have been adjusted here. 

You can also consider it a b.sc 1st semester agriculture elementary zoology sample question paper.

Which tells you about the pattern of the question paper of the exam. 

You can also take the help of your professor to understand these questions and prepare their answers.

You can also prepare their answers, which will be helpful for you in making zoology notes. 

First of all, write these questions on a separate copy sequentially. 

Now read the chapter related to the question carefully 2 to 3 times in the books recommended by the university. 

Clear your concept. 

If the concept is not clear then contact the college professor and understand them. 

Now try to write the answer to b.sc 1st semester agriculture elementary zoology important questions in your own words. 

With this, you will be able to easily assimilate and remember your written answer for a long time. 

Many times it is seen that practiced questions are asked in the exam. 

In these situations, your chances of getting good marks will increase. 

Apart from this practice set, you can get more practice sets for yourself from the internet. 

For that, you have to write in the search box b sc agriculture 1st semester elementary zoology question papers pdf. 

By using them, you can increase your confidence even more. 

Before solving these degree 1st year 1st sem zoology important questions, you must read the syllabus issued by your university, and match whether the questions are related to the syllabus or not. 

If there is no match, use it as a practice set.

Let's start to write the answer.

B sc In Zoology (Agriculture)

B.sc Agriculture 1st Semester Elementary Zoology Model Question Paper

  • Write a note on communicable diseases.
  • Write briefly about the different types of animal tissues.
  • Differentiate between - (a) Osteichthyes and Chondrichthyes (b) Connecting link and missing link (c) Direct development and indirect development.
  • Differentiate between - (a) Vertebrates and invertebrates (b) Hexapoda and cephalopods (c) Amniotes and anamniotes.
  • Differentiate between the following - (a) Amphibians and reptiles (b) Insect and mites (c) Uvula and vulva.
  • Describe briefly the humoral and cell-mediated immune system.
  • Explain the differences between - (a) Chyme and Chyle (b) Connective tissue and Nervous tissue (c) Ligament and Tendon.
  • Write down the important characters of phylum Arthropoda and Annelida.
  • Explain the differences between - (a) Neuron and nephron (b) Exocrine and endocrine glands (c) Striated muscles and cardiac muscles.
  • Write a note on types of reproductions found in various animals. Give examples.
  • Enumerate the differences between - (a) Cellular immunity and Humoral immunity (b) Active immunity and Passive immunity (c) Antigens and Antibodies.
  • Write an explanatory note on types of cancer disease.
  • Enumerate the differences between - (a) Innate immunity and acquired immunity and (b) Antibiotics and vaccines.
  • Explain the following in detail - (a) Double circulation (b) Ureotelic organism (c) Synapse.
  • Write down the characteristics and features of amphibians along with examples.
  • Define the following- (a) J-shaped growth curve (b) Zoology (c) Antibody (d) Species.
  • Mention causal organism, symptoms, and mode of transmission of two sexually transmitted and communicable diseases each associated with human beings.
  • Draw a neat and labeled diagram of the heart and explain the mechanism of double circulation.
  • Write down the characteristic features of arthropods along with examples.
  • Explain in detail the problems associated with uncontrolled population growth and the measures that can be taken to control population growth.
  • Differentiate between - (a) Active and Passive Immunity (b) T-cell and B --cell.
  • Mention symptoms and precautions of four communicable and two sex-linked diseases.
  • Define population. Write down the causes and consequences of overpopulation. Also, explain in detail the three birth control methods.
  • Write short notes on the following - (a) Kingdom Animalia (b) Types of tissue (c) Autoimmunity.
  • Elaborate the digestive system of the man with the help of a diagram.
  • Arrange in sequence - (a) (i) Tissue (ii) cell (iii) Organ (iv) Organ system (b) (i) Adult (ii) Larva (iii) Pupa(iv) Egg.
  • Write down the characters of mammals and Aves.

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