B.sc Ag 1st Semester Agronomy And Horticulture Important Questions 2023

In this post, b.sc agriculture 1st semester questions of agronomy and horticulture have been given for 2023. 

By solving these questions, you can get good marks in the examination of these subjects. 

Many of these questions have been asked in the exam and many are likely to be asked. 

So solve these questions carefully. 

B.sc agriculture 1st semester question horticulture has also been given separately so that it is easy for you to understand them. 

The purpose of giving these questions is to make you understand the pattern of the exam question paper. 

That's why it has been tried here that those questions must be included in this set, which has been asked many times in the previous examination. 

B.sc horticulture and agronomy questions for exam preparation will prove to be a millstone. 

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Agronomy Horticulture Questions For Exams

B.sc Ag First Semester Horticulture And Agronomy Important Questions

Agronomy Important Questions

  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Insecticide (b) Importance of Deep Ploughing (c) Multiple cropping (d) Breeder seeds (e) Importance of photosynthesis (f) Blue-green Algae (g) Chemical Agriculture (h) Parallel Cropping (i) Kharif weed (j) IISR 
  • Which instrument is used for measuring solar radiation?
  • Define crop rotation. Discuss various principles and advantages of crop rotation.
  • Write characteristics are contained in a good cropping scheme? Prepare a good cropping scheme for a well-managed 12-hectare in Lucknow District.
  • Which is a long-day plant? 
  • Define Agronomy. Write the principle and advantages of Agronomy. Write its importance for crop production.
  • What is the condition of plants during severe drought?
  • Write short notes on green manuring crops. 
  • Define the term tillage.
  • Give different methods of harvesting and threshing with examples.
  • Define Zero-Tillage. Explain various factors influencing tillage with the purpose of tillage.
  • Describe water requirements and their components.
  • Write short notes on the following - (a) Integrated weed management (b) Nutrient use efficiency.
  • Write a short note on factors affecting crop production.
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Classification of crops (b) Methods of Irrigation.
  • Write a short note on Krishi Parashara and Wind erosion.
  • Elaborate the importance of different forms of soil moisture in crop production.
  • State and explain various methods of Sowing.
  • Define Integrated plant management. Write the concept of I ntegrated n·utrient supply system.
  • What is the seed? Explain the brief the objectives of seed treatment.
  • What are the adverse effects of water logging? Describe the methods to overcome the problem of water logging.
  • Write short notes on the following - (a) Herbicide rotation (b) Soil fertility & Productivity (c) Intercropping.
  • Define crop weed competition and noxious weeds. Explain the classification of herbicides on the basis of methods of application. 
  • What is plant protection? Write the methods of crop protection.
  • What do you mean by weed? Write in brief the characteristics of weeds.
  • Enlist the adverse effects of weeds. Describe different methods of weed dispersal.
  • Describe how a seedbed is prepared in an inter-cropping system?
  • What do you understand by plant ideotypes? Describe crop management practices in problematic areas.

Horticulture Important Questions

  • Where from the word 'Pomology' derived and what is its meaning? Write four salient points about the importance of fruits in our daily life. 
  • Write short notes on the following - (a) Olericulture (b) Troicla climate (c) Scarification (d) Recurrent apomixis (e) Sword suckers.
  • What are the branches of Horticulture? State two important differences between fruits and vegetables. Define floriculture along with examples. 
  • What is Soil pH?
  • Which family does mango and cashew nut belong to?
  • Write a short note on the following - (a) Seed dormancy (b) Girdling.
  • What is the common name of Prunus av1um?
  • What is Deblossoming and Stratification?
  • Pineapple is a tropical/sub-tropical/temperate fruit. Is it right?
  • Write a short note on the following - (a) Juvenility (b) Stooling.
  • Which system of planting accommodates 15 percent more plants than the Square system? 
  • Write the Botanical classification of fruits.
  • What is the best training system for peach?
  • What is the importance of a Nursery?
  • Explain the 'Propagation structures of Horticulture crops.
  • In temperate regions, the orchard soil temperature is maintained through Intercropping/ Alley cropping/Black polythene mulching. Explain it.
  • Write a short note on "Different methods of Irrigation.
  • Give examples of summer and winter pruning fruit plants? 
  • Describe the importance and scope of Medicinal and Aromatic plants.
  • Which system of irrigation efficiently utilizes water?
  • Describe the principles and method of training and pruning in Horticultural plants.
  • The hormone used to control fruit drop in apples is - NAA/GA/IAA. Choose the right answer.
  • Write the importance and scope of Horticulture in India.
  • Write the importance of training and Prunrng in fruit plants. Describe different types of training in fruit plants along with examples. Differentiate between training and Pruning 1n fruit plants.
  • Explain "Lawn".
  • Define unfruitfulness. Differentiate between gametophytic and sporophytic self-incompatibility along with examples. Describe Monoecious, Dioecious, and Hermaphrodite fruit plants. 
  • Why fruit drop at the post-set stage is called necessary evil? What are the causes and remedial measures of fruit drop? Describe different types of parthenocarpy along with examples. What are the control measures for alternate bearing in mango? 
  • Define spices and condiments.

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