B.sc 3rd Year Zoology Subsidiary Imp Questions 2024

In this post, b.sc 3rd year zoology subsidiary important questions 2024 pdf in English has been given. 

These questions have been asked many times in the previous exams and can also be asked in the upcoming exams. 

You can easily score good marks in the upcoming examination by preparing answers to these questions.

Many times the questions asked earlier are also asked again. 

That's why prepare the answers to these well. 

You will find many sets of B.sc 3rd Year Zoology Subsidiary Important Question papers in the open market. 

You can also use them for practice. 

Before solving these questions, you should write them in your notebook. 

After that read the chapter related to your textbook entirely. 

Now try to write their answers in your own words. 

You can remember the answers prepared in this way easily and will be remembered in your mind for a long time. 

You will also find b.sc 3rd year zoology subsidiary paper pdf for practice on the internet. 

You can use them too. Let's solve these questions of the zoology subsidiary.

Let's Start.

B.sc Zoology Subsidiary Questions

  • Describe Mendal’s Law of Inheritance.
  • Describe the different factors responsible for blood coagulation. 
  • Give an account of DNA replication
  • Give an account of the β-oxidation of fatty acids.
  • Give an account of active transport.
  • Describe the structure and classification of Protein.
  • Write an essay on Parthenogenesis.
  • Describe different types of Mutation.
  • Give an account of Lung Ventilation in mammals.
  • Give an account of Fertilization.
  • Give an account of the mechanism of urine formation.
  • Describe linkage and crossing over.
  • Describe the function of different types of Vitamins.
  • Describe the Physiology of respiration in mammals.
  • Describe variation with suitable examples.
  • Give an account of the structure of RNA and its function.
  • Give an account of the cardiac cycle.
  • Write the role of isolation in evolution. Describe reproductive isolation.
  • Give an account of the general peculiarities of oceanic islands.
  • Describe the characteristics and fauna of the Ethiopian region.
  • Give an account of the Oriental region.
  • Describe Mean, Mode, and Median with examples.
  • Describe Neo-Darwinism.
  • Describe the structure and functions of Islets of Langerhans.
  • Give an account of standard deviation with an example.
  • Describe the evolution of the horse.
  • Describe the concept of the Census.
  • Give an account of theories of animal distribution.
  • Describe the characteristics of the fauna of the Cenozoic era.
  • Give an account of different methods of sampling.
  • Describe the merits and demerits of the arithmetic mean.

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