B.sc 2nd Year Botany Subsidiary Important Questions 2024

In this post, b.sc 2nd year botany subsidiary important questions 2024 are being given. 

These questions will help you to score good marks on the exam. 

Your concept will be clear with their repeated use. 

You will also know how b.sc 2nd year botany subsidiary paper 2nd question will be asked. 

With their continuous practice, your confidence level will also increase. 

You can use your textbook to write the answers to these questions. 

Read the chapter carefully before writing the answer. 

If the concept is not clear then read the chapter 2 to 3 times. 

After this, write b.sc part 2 botany subsidiary important questions in the copy. 

Now try to write the answer in your own words. 

You will be able to remember the answers prepared in this way easily and they will stay in your memory for a long time. 

Many of these questions have been asked in the previous BSC Subsidiary question paper. 

Therefore, by making them the basis, you can prepare for the exam. 

You will find many such sets on the internet, that too in b.sc part 2 botany subsidiary important questions pdf. 

You can also make good notes using them. 

Part-2 botany subsidiary question paper pdf download from internet and practice in this method.

Let's start.

B.sc Second Year Botany Subsidiary Important Questions

Botany 2nd Paper Bsc 2nd Year

  • Describe Kreb’s cycle.
  • Describe the Calvin cycle.
  • Describe the microsporogenesis.
  • What is anomalous secondary growth? Describe the anomalous secondary in Amaranthus.
  • What are Meristems? Name different types of meristems.
  • Give an account of root-stem transition.
  • Describe different stages of Mitosis.
  • What is nitrogen fixation? Describe biological nitrogen fixation.
  • Describe the process of fertilization in angiosperm.
  • Describe the Physical and Chemical structure of DNA.
  • Write notes on any four of the following - (a) Acid rain (b) Greenhouse effect (c) Soil conservation (d) Structure of DNA (e) Air pollution (f) Two cereal-yielding plants
  • Describe the ultrastructure of Chloroplast.
  • Describe anomalous secondary growth in the Dracaena stem.
  • Describe the prophase I of meiosis.
  • What is Endosperm? Describe different types of Endosperms found in angiosperms.
  • Describe different stages of mitosis with suitable diagrams.
  • Give an account of xerosere.
  • Describe the process of transpiration in plants.
  • Describe the process of double fertilization in angiosperms.
  • What do you mean by ecosystem? Describe a forest ecosystem.
  • What is the food chain? Describe any food chain studied by you, mentioning the trophic level.
  • Name four drug-yielding plants of Bihar. Write their botanical names and medicinal importance.
  • Name any five oil-yielding plants (Botanical names and family).
  • Give botanical names and families of the following- (a) Fruit yielding (Four) (b) Oil-yielding plants (Four).
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Sclerenchyma (b) Nucleolus (c) Cell cycle (d) Significance of mutation (e) Productivity (f) Cereal
  • What is pollution? Give an account of Air Pollution. 
  • What is crossing over? Discuss the various views to explain the mechanism of recombination.
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