B.sc 1st Year Zoology Subsidiary Important Questions 2024

In this post, b.sc 1st year zoology subsidiary important questions 2024 have been given. 

Keeping in mind the upcoming examinations, they are being sent to you. 

It was repeatedly asked by the examinees What the important questions of a B.Sc 1st year in zoology major as well as a subsidiary. 

Here the possible questions of the subsidiary paper are being given. 

Major paper questions have also been given on this website itself. 

If you want you can read them too. 

The questions given here are of b.sc 1st year zoology subsidiary paper 1. 

Prepare answers to these questions of Zoology Subsidiary part 1 from your textbook. 

Memorize the prepared notes by reading them over and over again. 

After that try to write the answer from your memory in a separate copy. 

In this way, you will also cover b.sc 1st year zoology subsidiary important topics and will be able to get good marks in the exam. 

For more practice, many b sc 1st year zoology subsidiary important questions are uploaded on the internet in the form of pdf, you can also use them.

Let's solve these questions.

Subsidiary Important Questions Part 1 Zoology

  • Describe the structure and nutrition of Paramecium. 
  • Describe the structure and life cycle of Obelia. 
  • Discuss the structure and life-cyle of Ascaris Describe the reproductive organs of Pheretima. 
  • Give an account of the blood vascular system of Pheretima posthuma (Earthworm) 
  • Describe the nervous system of Pila-globosa. 
  • Describe the mouth-parts of cockroaches. 
  • Describe the Water-vascular system in Starfish. 
  • Give an account of the nervous system in Pila. 
  • Describe the ultra-structure of an animal cell. 
  • Describe the structure and function of DNA. 
  • Describe the process of crossing over and mention its utility. 
  • Discuss the ultrastructure and function of Mitochondria. 
  • Give an account of Parthenogenesis. 
  • Describe the process and significance of fertilization. 
  • Describe the process of locomotion in Hydra. 
  • Write an essay on ‘Darwinism’. 
  • Discuss different theories of Darwinism. 
  • Write an essay on Variation. 
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Conjugation in Paramecium (b) Ribosomes (c) Book lung (d) Canal system of sycon (e) Bipinnaria larva (f) Golgi Body (g) Statocyst of Prawn (h) Green gland of Palaemon (i) Radia larva
  • Which amphibian representative is a suitable example of parental care?
  • Classify Phylum Mollusca up to orders with suitable examples.
  • Describe the life history of Fasciola.
  • Describe the canal system of Porifera with suitable diagrams.
  • Describe the digestive system of Pila. 
  • Describe the oogenesis in vertebrates with a suitable labeled diagram.
  • Describe the structure and function of the Plasma membrane.
  • Describe the sources of hereditary variation and their role in evolution. 
  • What is linkage? Describe the process with examples.
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