Which Book Is Best For BA First Year History 2024

In this post, you will get information about BA 1st year history book. 

Here the point-wise name of History Books is given. 

With the help of these books, you can score good marks in b.a 1st year. 

You can easily take b.a 1st year history book from the market or buy it online. 

For this, you will also need information about the names of good books and publisher details. 

In this post, an attempt has been made to inform you about the availability of b.a 1st year history book in Hindi, Marathi, and English. 

A book from a reliable publication will give you the proper knowledge.

That's why there is a need to pay attention to this also. 

If you do not have to spend money and also want to read the book, then you can also use the internet for this. 

Many platforms provide b.a 1st year history book pdf on the internet. 

You can read them too.

Some FAQs are being answered here.

Question - Which history book should I buy for BA 1st year?

Answer - You are viewing the list of Books in this post. You select the books according to the topic given in your syllabus. 

There may be a change in the topic in the university syllabus. So choose the books accordingly.

Question - What are the best books for BA 1 year of history honors?

Answer - All the writer's book is given here. You can choose any book. 

Many times the book of any writer is not available in the open market, then you can continue your studies with the available book of another writer.

Question - What are some of the best books for a BA in history (1st semester)?

Answer - In many universities, studies are conducted under Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, and in many, semester-wise syllabus are prepared. 

If, in your university, the syllabus is divided into units 1, 2, 3 (semester), etc., the books given here are sufficient for that also.

Question - What is the best book for a BA in part 1 of History (Hons)?

Answer - If you choose the best book for BA part 1 of history, it depends on the selection of the course. These books are too good for history. 

The writers' names are - R.S. Sharma (R.S. Sharma's India's Ancient), Amar Farooqi, D.N. Jha, and Upender Singh. Apart from this, these writers' books are too good - R.G. Collingwood's 'An Idea of History' for historical methodology or E.H. Carr's 'What is History'. 

India’s Ancient Past by R.S. Sharma. (You can also consider - Early India by Romila Thapar, History of Medieval India Part 1 by Satish Chandra, History of Medieval India Part 2 by Satish Chandra, History of Modern India by Bipin Chandra, India’s Struggle for Freedom by Bipin Chandra)

BA 1st Year History Book

  • History of India: Earliest Times to 1206 AD - J.L. Mehta And Sarita Mehta - (Publisher - Lotus Press)
  • Rise of Modern West - Dr. S.K.Verma - (Publisher - Manglam)
  • History of Ancient India From Earliest Times to 1206 AD - Dr. Jagadevappa T. Dharani - (Publisher - Manglam)

B.A 1st Year History Book In English

  • H. C. Raichaudhury - Political History of Ancient India (Oxford University Press)
  • D. D. Kosambi - Culture & Civilization of Ancient India in Historical Outline
  • R.S.Sharma - An Introduction to Early India
  • R.S.Sharma - India’s Ancient Past
  • D.N.Jha - An Outline of Ancient India
  • D.N.Jha & K.L.Srimali - History of Ancient India
  • Romila Thapar - A History of India, (Vol-1)
  • Romila Thapar - Asoka And Decline of the Mauryas
  • Yogendra Mishra - Asoka
  • G. Yazdani - Ancient History of Deccan
  • K.A. Neelkanth Shahstri - A History of South India
  • A.L.Basham - The Wonder That Was India
  • Kameshwar Prasad - History of India (Earliest Times to AD 1206)
  • Meenakshi Phukan - Rise of Modern West
  • G. Clark - Early Modern Europe
  • M.S. Anderson - 18th Century Europe
  • G.M. Trevelyan - Social History of England
  • C.D. Barns & Others - Western Civilization (2Volumes)
  • Colton & Palmer - A History of Modern World
  • Morris Dobb - Studies in Development of Capitalism
  • Seton Watson - History of Russia
  • Christopher Hill - Age of Revolutions

B.A 1st Year History Book In Hindi

  • R.S.Sharma - प्रारंभिक भारत का इतिहास
  • D.N.Jha & K.L.Srimali - प्राचीन भारत का इतिहास
  • G. Yazdani - दक्कन का प्राचीन इतिहास
  • R.K.Chaudhary - प्राचीन भारत का राजनीतिक और सांस्कृतिक इतिहास
  • Parmeshvari Lal Gupta - गुप्त साम्राज्य का इतिहास
  • K.K.Thapliyal - सैन्धव सभ्यता
  • U.N.Roy - गुप्त साम्राज्य और उनकी कला
  • R.C. Mazaumdar - श्रेण्य युग
  • K.C.Srivastava - प्राचीन भारत का इतिहास एवं संस्कृति
  • Parthasarthi Gupta - आधुनिक पश्चिम का उदय 
  • Lal Bahadur Verma - आधुनिक यूरोप का इतिहास - भाग1)
  • Radhakrishan Choudhary & Akhileshwar - इंग्लैंड का संवैधानिक इतिहास
  • Dinanath Verma & Shivkumar Singh - विश्व इतिहास का सर्वेक्षण

B.A First Year History Book In Marathi

(History of India from Earliest Times to 1525 & History of India from 1526 to 1761)

  • प्राचीन भारत -- अयि. विश्वरूपे.
  • भारताचा इतिहास (प्राचीन काठ ते १६०५) - श.गो. कोलारकर
  • भारताचा प्राचीन व मध्ययुगीन इतिहास -- च. श. फडनाईक
  • भारताचा इतिहास (प्रारंभापासून इ.स. १७६०) - नी सी. दीक्षित
  • मध्यकालीन भारत - ढवव्टे, बारगव्
  • मराठी सत्तेचा विकास व ज्हास - प्रा. छ. सासवडकर
  • प्राचीन भारताचा सांस्कृतिक व राजकीय इतिहास, - आचार्य केशट्टीवार
  • मध्ययुगीन भारत - आचार्य केशट्टीवार
  • भारताचा इतिहास प्रारंभापासून १७६० पर्यत - डॉ. धनंजय आचार्य
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