English Most Important Questions For Class 6th For 2024 Exam

In this post English most important questions for class 6th for 2024 exam are given.

The questions in this set have been made on the pattern of the 6th class English question paper 2023.

Many of these questions have been asked in previous exams, and are important for the upcoming exams as well. 

These questions don't need to be asked again in the examination. 

Therefore, keeping in mind the pattern of these questions, practice from many more practice papers. 

By solving these questions you can prepare std 6 English notes. 

First of all, write these questions in your notebook. 

After that prepare your answers using your textbook. 

You can use the high school Wren and Martin English grammar and composition book to solve class 6 English grammar questions. 

This is a good book. 

This book will help learn the grammar in easiest mode. 

If you want more practice set to solving such questions.

Then you can practice with previous question papers of class 6th English question papers available on the internet.

Let's start to solve the questions.

6th Class English Language Most Important Questions

6th Standard English Question Paper

  • You are Pradeep. Write a letter to your grandfather thanking him for presenting a beautiful pet to you on your birthday.
  • You’ve recently visited an old age home. You’ve resolved to follow some simple rules regarding old age people and your grandparents. Share your thoughts in the form of a diary entry.
  • A painting competition is going to be organized in your school on the occasion of Children’s Day. Write a Notice to invite students of Classes VI to VIII to participate in the competition. Provide all requisite details.
  • Read the following passage and re-write it using proper punctuation marks (Capitalization..!?") - Passage is - What are the special festivals of our state Dad Kiran asked.
  • Write a letter to your friend, about how you have celebrated your favorite Bonalu festival. (You may include:- (a) Where you have celebrated? (b) What were the special dishes? (c) How you have celebrated? (d) How did you go to the temple?
  • A voluntary organization has come forward to conduct "Haritha Haram" in your school. Prepare a "Poster" on the importance of trees.

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow: - [The baking soda was found in the bedroom. Father had been experimenting to see if baking soda and lemon could put a shine upon metals. He had removed it from the kitchen cupboard but had not placed it back. Angry mother uttered a single sentence that mellowed down father to some extent, “Those who live in glass houses must not throw stones at others.” “Get me a piece of paper, please. I need to sieve the flour,” Father requested Mother with almost the innocence of a lamb. His apologetic face led Mother to give him a forgiving smile. She asked us to obey his orders and settled herself on a dining chair. According to the father, a good cook is one who makes his workers do the running around, while he does the cooking. “Switch off the fans, please,” she said, the moment Father began putting dry powdery flour into the sieve. She could have spoken sooner. But the damage was already done! The flour flew about in a white cloud. Coughing and sneezing, Ishani reached for the fan and switched it off. Father seemed to be a bit disheartened by this initial setback, but he managed to sieve all the ingredients together.

  • Questions are - (a) What could bring shine to shoes? (b) What had irritated Mother? (c) What prompted Mother to give a smile? (d) When did Mother ask Father to switch off the fan? (e) What was the damage already done before the fan was switched off? (f) Find out the word in the passage that means ‘softened”. (1st Para) - (g) Fill in the blanks: - Father asked for (i) ________ of paper to sieve the (ii) _________. He requested mother with almost the (iii) _________ of a lamb. Due to his (iv) _________ face mother gave him a forgiving smile.

6th Class English Grammar Most Important Questions

  • Change the following into questions:- (a) He runs a business in Kolkata (b) It rained last night.
  • Find out adverbs and write their kind:- (a) I was waiting here for you (b) Please do your work neatly.
  • Turn the following into negative questions:- (a) Will it be wise to do the work at once? (b) Did you meet him yesterday?
  • Use the suitable form of the adjective in the bracket:- (a) Which animal is the ____ (tall). (b) Which bird is the _____ (large) (c) My friend is the _____ (smart).
  • Fill in the blanks with the correct determiner given in the bracket:- (a) Can you hold ________ bag for some time? (these, those, this) (b) She has many friends and she loves ________ of them. (every, each, all).
  • Fill in the blanks with correct prepositions:- (a) My aunt lives _____ Kolkata (at/on/in) (b) I think I heard the doorbell. There's somebody ____ the door. (at/on/in) (c) I usually do my shopping ____ the Laxman Market. (at/on/in).
  • Rewrite the following jumbled words into meaningful sentences:- (a) a/song/she/sings (b) a/boy/is/Ramesh/good (c) 10th July/of/was/life/day/ happiest/the/my (d) the / position / I / first / won / science / in / quiz.
  • Change the following sentences into Passive Voice:- (a) No one can cheat god (b) The police will arrest the criminals (c) The storm destroyed the house (d) The headmaster called his parents to the office (e) You must pay the bill first (f) You shouldn’t speak to your neighbor (g) I will present my ideas at the conference tonight.
  • Fill in the blanks with words opposite in meaning of underlined words:- (a) A wise foe is better than a ________ friend. (b) The land was barren they had made it ________ with their hard work. (c) Ram is very brave but his brother is ________. (d) He failed in his first two attempts, but _________ in the third. (e) His application was accepted but mine was __________. (f) I visit him often but he ________ visits me.
  • Make sentences with the following phrasal verbs: - (a) break down (b) cry out against (c) carry on (d) give away (e) look down upon (f) set apart (g) fall off.
  • Select the correct word from the bracket and complete the sentence:- (a) The accused was released on ________. (bale/bail) (b) Most sequels are _____ (disappointed/disappointing) (c) He is honest ________ being hard working. (beside / besides) (d) I had such a _____ day that I went straight to bed (tired/tiring) (e) The whole school was ________ by the tragic event (saddened/saddening). (f) I was ______ when she told me she'd got a promotion (amazed/amazing).
  • Complete these similes:- (a) as black as _____ (b) as sweet as ______ (c) as hot as ____ (d) as bright as ____ (e) shines like ____ (f) fights like (g) as large as ____ (h) soft as a _____ (i) as straight as _____.

6th Class English Literature Most Important Questions For Exam

  • Imagine yourself as Oliver Twist and write a diary entry in about 100-150 words describing your stay at Mr. Brownlow's house and how touched you were by Mr. Brownlow's kindness, especially after a long and hard life for so long.
  • “When at four in the afternoon I came back from school.”: - (a) Who is the speaker in the given line? (b) Whom does the speaker see when he comes back from school? (c) What does the speaker want to do?
  • “So stout and hardly were the band That scraped the chords with strenuous hand. And who but listened? – till was paid.”:- (a) Name the poet and the poem (b) Explain the line, “so stout and hardy were the band”. (c) Who were the listeners of the band?
  • Rapid Reader:- (a) Write the character sketch of Monks in 50 words. (b) What happened to Oliver at the end of the story? (c) What was Mrs. Bumble’s story?
  • Read the extract below and choose the correct answer the following:- "He pulled out some colorful fabrics from the shelf and spread them on the table. 'Ju, select what you like. If your father had been alive, you and your mother wouldn't have worn old clothes". - Questions are - (a) Who is 'He' in the above extract (1) Ben (2) Ali (3) Philip (b) Who was Ju's mother? (1) Radha (2) Meena (3) Madhu (c) Ju's father was a ____ (1) Mechanic (2) Fruit seller (3) Tailor.

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