Important Questions For Class 6 Civics 2023

Important questions for class 6 civics have been given in this post. 

This question has been asked earlier in the exam paper of class 6th civics. 

This can be useful for upcoming exams. 

Civics come under social science, so you can also see it as class 6 social science important questions. 

It has been seen that many times the questions asked in the previous exam are repeated. 

Therefore, by solving these questions, you can prepare class 6 civics notes for yourself. 

Which is also for revision at the time of examination. 

These questions are written in sequence and include questions related to class 6 civics chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. So you take them seriously. 

The topic mentioned in this question sets are - understanding diversity, diversity, and discrimination, what is government, elements of a democratic government, panchayati raj, rural administration, urban administration, rural livelihoods, urban livelihoods

First of all, write these questions in your notebook. 

After that, read the lesson related to the Civics book recommended by the school and write their answers. 

Try to write the question of NCERT civics class 6 in your own words. 

With this, you will prepare a good note. 

Apart from all this, if you want information about more questions, then you can search the class 6 social science question paper 2022 pdf on the internet and include the questions year-wise. 

If these questions do not match your syllabus then you can use them as a civics model paper.

Class 6 Civics Question

  • In which state is Ladakh located?
  • Write one key idea of a democratic government.
  • Who wrote The Discovery of India?
  • What is the Janpad Panchayat?
  • Who composed our National Anthem?
  • What do you mean by ‘Below the Poverty line?
  • Write short notes on communalism.
  • Write the full form of SHO.
  • What do you understand by diversity?
  • Give one reason why it is essential for all people to be equal.
  • What do you understand about 'Cheena-vala'?
  • What does the Constitution say with regard to equality? Describe any three of them.
  • Give one reason why we need the gove conflicts.
  • How can the stereotype that girls are a burden on their parents affect the life of a daughter? Explain in detail.
  • What does the Constitution say with regard to equality?
  • What do you understand by the word 'government'?
  • What are the various ways people participate in the process of government? Explain any three of them.
  • Why do you think the government needs to make rules for everyone in the form of laws?
  • Name two essential features of a democratic government.
  • What was the suffrage movement? What did it accomplish?
  • What are the various ways people participate in the process of government?
  • Why do you think we need the government to find solutions to many disputes or conflicts?
  • How would Maya's life be different in South Africa today?
  • What is Gram Sabha?
  • What problem did the villagers in Hardas village face? what did they do to solve this problem?
  • What is the link between a Gram Sabha and a Gram Panchayat?
  • What is the work of the police?
  • List two things that the work of a Patwari includes.
  • What is the work of a tehsildar?
  • What issue is the poem trying to raise? Do you think this is an important issue?
  • Who is in charge of all the police stations in a district? Find out.
  • How do women benefit under the new law?
  • In your neighborhood are there women who own property? How did they acquire it?
  • Why did the children go to Yasmin Khala's house?
  • List four ways in which the work of the Municipal corporation affects the life of a city-dweller.
  • Who is a Municipal Councillor? Explain in detail.
  • How does the Municipal corporation earn the money to do its work? Explain point-wise.
  • List the different types of people you read about the Kalpattu who depend on farming. 
  • What do you think the government can do to help farmers like Sekar when they get into debt. Discuss.
  • How is a permanent and regular job different from a casual job? Explain it.
  • Show the services provided by people in the market which you visit frequently - (a) Mother dairy booth (b) Chemist shop (c) General store (d) Electricity office.

NCERT Class 6 Civics Extra Questions

  • Agricultural laborers like Thulasi are forced to accept low wages. Give one reason. Describe any two similarities between the reasons for borrowing by Aruna and Sekar?
  • Why did Bachchu Majhi come to the city? What was his living condition there in the city?
  • What was Ganga bai protesting about? What did she do and why?
  • Mention some activities of village women.
  • Why do landless laborers migrate to towns and cities?
  • What is a shopping plaza?
  • How did Surat become one of the cleanest cities in India?
  • What new change has been made in the Hindu Succession Amendment Act, of 2005?
  • State the various duties of Tehsildars.
  • Discuss the role of the Zila Parishad by giving three points.

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