60+ Mathematics Most Important Questions Class 5th 2024

You will get 60+ mathematics most important questions class 5th for the session 2024. 

These questions are very useful for the preparation of upcoming examinations.

You will be able to score good marks in your exam by solving these 5th class maths questions. 

These questions are a bit tough. 

The pattern of these questions has been given just like the exam paper of 5th standard maths. 

If these questions are not given according to your syllabus, then use them as the std 5 maths model question paper 2024. 

Many of these questions have been asked in the exam. 

These are also important questions for upcoming exams. 

If you want sets for practice, there are a lot of such sets available online. 

You can also use them. 

The pattern in maths for class 5 will be similar to this. 

Many questions of this set have also been taken from the annual exam question paper. 

Solving which will increase the confidence level. 

Before solving them, you should write them in your notebook. 

After that memorize the formula. 

Try to solve problems from the maths class 5 worksheet. 

Clear the doubt by contacting the teacher.

5th Class Maths Important Questions

Class 5 Maths Question Paper

  • Fill in the blanks- (a) In an improper fraction, the numerator is _______ than the denominator. (b) Prime factors of a number can be found by repeated _________ by prime numbers. (c) 5/3 x 1 = _____. (d) Fractions which are combinations of whole numbers and fractions are called __________fractions.
  • Multiply 785 by 85.
  • Write the place value of every digit in given decimals 6078.421.
  • Simplify:- 9874524-3254466+2645340.
  • What will be the area of the square, if the side of the square is 6cm?
  • Ram went to the market and bought some vegetables from a shop. (Price list - tomato -12 rupees, Potato -10 rupees, Onion -15 rupees, Gourd - 8 rupees). Look at the price list displayed in the shop and answer the given questions - (a) Ram wants 2.50 kg of potato. How much will it cost? (b) How much does 3.50 kg of tomato cost? (c) What is the price of 1.50 kg of gourd and onion? (d) Ram has bought 2 kg tomato, 3 kg potato, 1.50 kg gourd, and 2.50 kg onion. How much will he has to pay to buy all these vegetables.
  • Somesh had big chocolate. It has 12 equal pieces, He gave 1/3th of it to Ram, 1/4 to Manoj, and 1/6 to Radha. He ate the remaining part. How many pieces of chocolate did he eat?
  • If Dividend = 46327, divisor = 100 = ________ and Remainder = ________
  • A triangle has _____ angles.
  • The only even prime number is _____
  • State the most appropriate unit (sq cm/sq m/sq km) to be used to measure the following - (a) area of a city _____ (b) area of a tabletop __________.
  • An oil tank can hold 60 liters of oil. Another oil tank can hold twice as much as the first tank. What is the total capacity of both tanks?
  • 1kg of Biscuit cost 559 rupees. Find the cost of 10 kg of Biscuits.
  • Find the perimeter and the area of a square carrom board whose side is 50cm. (a) Perimeter ____ (b) Area ________.
  • Ram had a small pool in his garden of length 4m, breadth 2m, and height 3m. He wants to fill this pool with water. How many liters of water does he need to fill the pool?.
  • If the volume of 7 bricks is 5ml, then what is the volume of 31 bricks?
  • A piece of string is 30cm long. What will be the length of each side? Is the string used to form a square?
  • Radha made 50 cakes of equal size and weight to sell in her bakery. She cut each cake into 20 pieces and packed 25 pieces in each box. How many boxes did she pack in all?.
  • The product to two numbers is 6875. If one number is 25, then find the other number?.
  • What is the Decimal of 2/100?
  • What is the Decimal of 1.2/100?
  • Calculate the following - (a) 2.06+3.78 (b) 9.02-3.68
  • The Map distance between the two cities is 3.5cm. If the scale is 1cm=100km. Find out the ground distance between the two cities.
  • The perimeter of the rectangular floor is 120m. If the length of the floor is 45m, then find out the Area of the floor?.
  • What is the decimal number for eighty-five point zero nine eight?
  • What method do we use to find the unit price?
  • What is the number name for 6.205?
  • What meter cube is used to measure the volume of an object?.
  • Express as a fraction = 3.52.
  • Simplify :- (a) 24x8+5x7 (b) 1/2+1/3+1/8+1/2
  • The population of the state is 7,87,06,719, Round it off to the nearest ten lacks.
  • Find the area of the rectangles having - (a) Length = 25cm and Breadth = 12cm (b) Length = 30cm and Breadth = 90cm.
  • Find the area of the square with side - (a) 2.3cm (b) 4.2cm
  • The area of a hall is 3787.5sq.m. If its breath is 50m, then find its length.
  • Find the volume of the cuboid having its length, breadth, and height as 3m, 1m, and 50cm respectively.
  • Find the volume of a cube whose one edge is 7cm.
  • The height of 5 students is 123cm, 120cm, 124cm, 125cm, and 118cm. Find the average height of a student in the group.
  • Find the speed of a car that covered a distance of 400km in 5 hours.
  • A bus covered a distance of 120km in 2.30 hours. Find the speed of the bus?.
  • Express as a percentage - (a) 3/25 (b) 27/50
  • Find - (a) 10% of 60 (b) 20% of 150
  • A camera was bought for Rs. 2500 and sold for Rs. 3100. Find the profit.
  • In the following, which option is true- (a) 28506>28605 (b) 25806>25808 (c) 26580<26850 (d) 20658>22568
  • Check whether the statements given below are true or false and write true or false in the bracket given in front of the statement - (a) Number 20005 is written as two thousand and five in words (b) Place the value of digit 6 in number 36375 is 6000 (c) Number Seventy thousand five hundred is written in digit as 705000.
  • Bhavna purchased a 6m long rope from the market. She divides the rope equally among her four friends. How much long rope will each get?
  • Narayan wants a 1.5-meter cloth to stitch one shirt. How much meter cloth is necessary to stitch 2 such shirts.
  • Ramesh has 12500 Rs. He purchased a sewing machine for 2500 Rs. and a washing machine for 8000 Rs. Find how much money is left with him? 
  • Sumit purchased 5 kg rice for 45.5o rs. per kg and 8 kg sugar for 28 rs. per kg. Now 245 rs. 70 paise is left with her. Then find how much money she took with her in the market.
  • The measure of the right angle is - (a) 30* (b) 60* (c) 120* (d) 90* (* means degree)
  • The extreme digit of a Number is - (a) Unit's digit (b) Ten's digit (c) Hundred's digit (d) All digits.
  • Solve the following - (a) If the fare of one person from Nohar to Jaipur is Rs 550. Then what will be the fare for 15 people? (b) Nevraj has 984 bananas, then find how many dozen bananas does he have?
  • Find the greatest number which is exactly divided by 36 and 54 fully.
  • One Rectangular Photo frame is of length 8 meters and breadth 7 meters. On the basis of this answer, the following questions are - (a) Find the area of the photo that can be placed in this photo frame (b) A wooden strip is to be fixed around the rectangular photo frame. Find the total length of the wooden strip to be fixed around the photo frame.
  • The fencing of a square garden is 40m in length. How long is one side of the garden?
  • Find the LCM of 5 and 7. Find the HCF of 40 and 60.
  • Use Bela's method and multiply - (a) 32x47 (b) 67x18
  • If 100 one rupee coins weigh 485g then how much will 10000 coins weigh?

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