49+ Class 5 Evs Important Questions 2023-24

In this post, Most Important Questions For Class 5 Evs 2023-24 is given to you.

By solving this EVS question paper you can score good marks in the upcoming exam. 

This 5th Class EVS Exam Paper has been made for 2023-24.

It can also be used as a practice set. 

If you want more practice sets, then currently many websites provide Class 5 EVS Question Paper PDFs, and you can use them. 

To prepare for your exam, first of all, write these questions in your notebook. 

After that read the lesson related to these questions in the 5th standard EVS textbook. 

Now try to write all the answers in your own words. 

If there is still a problem in writing the answers to the questions, then contact the teacher to solve the problem. 

These questions of EVS class 5th have been asked many times in the exam. 

So solve them seriously. 

Today's era is the era of EVS scope and importance. 

Worldwide organizations have been formed for environmental protection. 

Therefore, if you want to make a career in this subject, then you have to start by finding solutions to these class 5th questions.

Now Let's start.

5th Class EVS Model Question Paper For 2023-24

49+ Most Important Questions For Class 5 EVS

  • Identify the calamity in which the earth (ground) shakes suddenly and it may develop cracks in it.
  • Write one feature of fish which help it to swim in the water.
  • Name the plant which Gregor Mendel used to perform his experiments.
  • What does the Earth look like from space?
  • What is the name of the dish which is a kind of stew prepared by cooking all vegetables and fresh spices into a clay pot, the pot is sealed and kept upside down in hot coals.
  • Which three lessons do you learn from Jija Bai’s life?
  • What do we call children born to the same mother at the same time?
  • What will happen when oil is spread on water?
  • Petrol is formed deep under the ground. How is it taken out? Name one state of India which has oil fields.
  • What difficulties do people have to face when they have to move from one place to another due to any reason? (any two points).
  • What is known as Igloo?
  • Write two differences between playing for yourself and for the team.
  • Why were big holes made in bastions in the Fort wall?
  • Why do farmers use manure and fertilizers in their fields?
  • Write two losses caused to the people by flood?
  • Why do people in hilly areas dry vegetables and fruit in the summer season?
  • Can mosquitoes be seen by the naked eye in the collected water? Explain.
  • Why do farmers keep neem leaves while storing seeds for the next year?
  • As a participant in the speech competition on the subject ‘joint family’ write three sentences in favor of ‘Joint family’?
  • Why was the Pulse Polio program initiated?
  • Why do we need extra energy in the mountains?
  • What efforts should be made to conserve the trees?
  • Ramesh says "If the forests are not there, we too will not remain". Write any four points to justify this statement.
  • What are the responsibilities of a leader in a mountaineering camp?
  • If you adopt Animal rearing as an occupation which animals would be reared and on the basis of this what advice would you give others to do which type of occupation? Write in brief.
  • Name a Natural Calamity which is caused when there is less rain or no rain at all.
  • Name the substances obtained after the purification of Petroleum in the refinery. Write any three names of substances.
  • Why are lizards not seen during winter?
  • We eat food when we are hungry. Write in detail the process of Digestion?
  • What are endangered animals?
  • Why pickle is not spoiled easily? Write.
  • Why should we chew our food properly?
  • What is rainwater harvesting?
  • Write the various uses of the water harvesting system? Draw the diagram of the water harvesting process. 
  • What happens on adding salt to the water in which eggs are boiled? Why?
  • What are the questions you can ask to understand the changes in techniques of
  • Agriculture from ancient times to now? Write three questions.
  • Which one is an important crop of the Tumkur district - (a) Coffee (b) Paddy (c) Ragi (d) Coconut.
  • Driving a Vehicle while drunk is dangerous. How? Write.
  • Write the group of neighboring countries of India.
  • What can we do to keep our streets clean? Write any three things.
  • Doctors always advise a balanced diet. Why?
  • What is Cerebral Palsy? From which conditions do the patients of Cerebral Palsy pass?
  • List any four states of North India.
  • Bachendri Pal became the first woman to step on Everest. How? Explain.
  • Write any four uses of minerals.
  • From which day till which day does the size of the moon increase. On which day the moon is not visible at all?
  • Write the different stages of growing any one crop in sequential order.
  • What is Solar System? Name the smallest and largest planet in the solar system. Also, write any one characteristic of these planets.
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