29+ Class 5 English Important Questions 2023-24

You will get 29+ class 5 English important questions for 2023-24 examinations. 

These questions of class 5 English have been asked many times in the exam in different patterns. 

In this set of questions, questions from class 5 English grammar have also been included. 

By solving these questions, you can understand the pattern of the upcoming exam paper and can score good marks as well. 

Write these 5th Class Exam Paper questions in your notebook for your best preparation. 

After that prepare answers to these with the help of your textbook. 

If these questions are not according to your syllabus then use them as a practice question set. 

Class 5 English question paper pdf is also available on the internet for more practice sets. 

You can use them too. 

Try to write the answers to these questions in your own words. 

So that they can be remembered easily. 

You can also easily revise them at the time of the examination. 

If you find the number of questions related to grammar less in this set, then you can use the English grammar Question Paper for Class 5 pdf from the internet. 

Let's solve the 5th Class Exam Paper 2023-24.

29+ 5th Standard English Important Question

Class 5 English Question Paper

  • Choose the correct word from the following which has a different sound of the underlined letter - (A) Cut (B) Put (C) But (D) Shut
  • Choose a similar meaning for the given word “beautiful” ------ (A) Pretty (B) dark (C) nasty (D) ugly.
  • Choose The write words - Suresh and Hemant are my friends.--------- help me. (A) He (B) She (C) us (D) They.
  • Choose The write words - Kailash -------- Tipu went to the market. - (A) or (B) She (C) and (D) Therefore.
  • Write the meaning of the words in English - Elevators, Hurried, Tunggi, Ning-thou.
  • Write the opposite word of the following - Slow, Up, Go, Maximum Speed, Slow, Closed.
  • Change the number from singular to plural - Tomato, Tooth, Bench, I, You, City, Bamboo.
  • Change the Gender from Masculine to Feminine - King, Sir, Uncle. 
  • Fill in the correct word in the blanks - (a) I have ___ umbrella (a/an/the) (b) ____ Brahmaputra is a big river (a/an/the) (c) We sit ______ the tree (on/under/with) (d) She _____ my mother (am/is/are) (e) Hari was ___ unpopular boy (a/an/the) (f) He ate ___ apple (a/an/the) (g) The sun rises in ___ east (a/an/the)
  • Turn into a Negative sentence - (a) She will dance (b) He has a doll (c) Those are goats. 
  • Give the full forms of the following - (a) Shan't (b) Won't (c) Couldn't.
  • Read the poem extract and answer the following questions - The poem is - "Count your garden by the flower; Never by the leaves that fall; Count your days by golden hours; Don't remember cloud at all. Count the nights by stars, not shadows; Count your life by smiles, not tears; And with joy on every birthday, Count your age by friends, not years". --Questions are -- (a) What should we not remember at all? (b) Give another suitable title to the poem? (c) Write rhyming words from the poem.
  • Read the following passage and answer the question given below. The passage is - "The horse is a very useful animal. It is found in almost every country. It feeds on grass or gram. It is, therefore, used for riding over long distances. It is used in the cities for carrying luggage by cart. An Arabian horse is world famous. It is used by the military to carry soldiers. It is also used in sports. Horse racing and polo are very popular sports in which horse plays a part". Now Questions are - (a) What does the horse feed on? (b) How is the horse used in cities? (c) Which horse is used in the military? (d) Write your own sentence with popular- (e) Pick out the opposites from the passage - (1) Weak X __ (2) Short X __.

Class 5 English Letter Writing

  • Write an application to the Class Teacher, requesting leaves for three days. 
  • Write an application to the principal for to lack drinking water in school. 

English Essay Writing Class 5

  • Importance of a Tree.
  • My favorite game.

Story Writing For Class 5 Worksheet

  • Complete the story by using proper words from the given option. (Garden, Beautiful, Tried, Jumped, Sour, Grapes, Again, Delicious) - Story is - Once upon a time, a hot _____ fox stopped to rest in a _____garden, Above his head, he saw some ____ that grow on a branch, "those grapes look ____," he said. The fox wanted to eat them. The fox tried to reach to grapes, but they were very high. The fox _____high into the air, but he could not jump high enough. He tried again and ___ until he was too tired to jump anymore. The grapes were too high, and the fox could not reach them, the angry fox left the ___ saying, "I am sure those grapes are ____".

Class 5 English Grammar

  • Complete the verse: How skilfully she_________food she makes.
  • Write the meanings of the following words/phrases: (a) Idle hands (b) Alert
  • Frame sentences using the following words: (a) Swift (b) Busy
  • Fill in the correct comparative or superlative of the adjectives given in the brackets - (a) Please sit down. You will feel………………………………. (Comfortable) then. (b) Spelling mistakes in English are………… (Frequent) in words with silent letters in other words. (c) The weather today is………… (Bad) than what it was yesterday. (d) She is…….. (Good) in Math than most students in the class.
  • Identify the following sentences as Assertive, Interrogative, Imperative or Exclamatory sentences: (a) What a terrible mistake. (b) Please pour me some water (c) Can she do it herself? (d) The grass has been cut.
  • Punctuate the following sentences: (a) Honesty is the best policy (b) When will you submit the project.
  • Underline the adjectives in the following sentence - They were skilled archers.
  • Underline the pronouns in the following sentence - Holena spent the time adorning herself.
  • Choose 'a' or 'an' correctly and fill in the blanks - (a) I have _______ idea. (b) That is ____ excellent idea.
  • Pick out the adverb in the following sentences - Sita goes swimming every day.
  • Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verb given - Our story _______ three brothers (have, has).

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