M.A First Year Journalism Mass Communication Imp Questions 2024

In this post, you will get m.a first year master in journalism and mass communication important questions for the 2024 exam.

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This pattern of m.a first year jmc question has been prepared based on the previous exam question paper.

Many of these questions have come, and there are possible questions for the upcoming exam. 

Write these questions in your notebook. 

After that read the related chapter in your textbook. 

If you do not understand, try to understand by reading again and again. 

Contact your teacher to clear the concepts of JMC questions by topic.

If you prepare their answers in your own words, then you will be able to remember them easily in less time. 

Use m.a journalism and mass communication sample paper for exam preparation. 

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Here are the FAQs related to the topic.

Question - MJMC Full Form.

Ans:- Master of Journalism & Mass Communication

Question - M.A in Journalism and Mass Communication Eligibility.

Ans:- Candidate should be a bachelor's degree in journalism with a minimum of 50% in total aggregate marks. Duration is - 2 Years, Age - No age limit, Fees - INR 50,000 - 3.5 LPA (Approx)

Question - What is the difference between mass communication and journalism?

Ans:- Journalism is the activity of gathering information about the day to day events and matters and notifying the general public about the same. Focuses on - News reporting. Mass communication refers to the different ways through which a firm or individual can convey information or a message to a large group of people, in just one go, using mass media. Focuses on - Broadcasting news and information. (Ref:- keydifferences.com)

M.A Journalism And Mass Communication Questions

M.A First Year Questions Of Principles Of Journalism And Mass Communication


  • What is Communication? Examine the main functions of communication.
  • "Communication is the main means of Socialization". Write.
  • What do you mean by Communication Revolution?
  • What do you understand about Mass Media?
  • Explain with examples the Intra Personal and Inter Personal Communication.
  • Write the main factors of social change.
  • What do you understand about Globalization and Mass Communication? Explain.
  • Explain the elements of the Shannon and Weaver Models.
  • Write an essay on the relevance of communication models.
  • Explain the importance of Osgood's model.
  • What is the communication model? Describe Lanswell Model.
  • What do you understand by Normative theory? Discuss.
  • Discuss the Libertarian theory of Mass Communication.
  • What do you understand by the two-step flow theory?
  • What is Cultivation Theory? Explain.
  • Define Journalism and write the main objectives of journalism.
  • Throw light on the importance of Research Journalism.
  • Throw light on the social dimensions of journalism.

M.A First Year Questions Of Media Development 


  • What is Journalism? Narrate the characteristics of early journalism.
  • Describe the nature of Journalism and discuss its aim.
  • Describe several attempts at writing the history of Hindi Journalism.
  • What do you understand about secret publication?
  • Write the importance of 'Bihar Bandhu'.
  • Describe the main Hindi Newspapers.
  • Explain the challenges before Hindi Journalism.
  • Mention the contribution of Keshav Chandra Ray in the development of the News Agency in India.
  • Write an essay on the 'Future of Language Journalism'.
  • Write your opinion regarding online Media Education at UGC.
  • Throw light on the importance of news agencies.
  • Discuss the Hindi Journalism of Bhartendu Harishchandra.
  • Write your own opinion regarding media education at open universities in India.
  • Write the various forms of art and culture of Bihar.
  • Discuss the Hindi Journalism of Baburao Vishnu Pararakar.
  • Illuminate the Journalism of Bihar after 1947.
  • Describe the characteristics of "Oodant Martand".
  • Write an essay on Journalism in Russia.
  • Analyze the contribution of "The Times" to British Journalism.

M.A First Year Important Questions On Reporting In Journalism 


  • What do you understand by the types of news?
  • Discuss the changing concept of News.
  • What is the relation of mystery with the news? Discuss.
  • Analyze the accountability of T.V. News.
  • Discuss the importance of Local News.
  • Describe with examples the press release.
  • Discuss the working process of P.T.I. & U.N.I.
  • Illuminate the evolution and growth of Interviews.
  • Analyze the special feature of the interview.
  • Define reportage and discuss its elements.
  • Write about the specialties of news writing.
  • How is film criticism written?
  • Illuminate the kinds of Reporting.
  • Describe the sources of economic news.
  • Describe the sources of development News.
  • Illuminate the importance of cultural reporting.
  • What is a sting operation?
  • Throw light on the history of Hindi Reportage.

M.A First Year Editing And Mass Communication Questions 


  • Why news editing is necessary?
  • What do you mean by editing? How the news is selected?
  • Describe the utility of Block in Printing.
  • Write an essay on "The Development of Printing Art in India".
  • Describe the style of the Editorial.
  • Discuss the responsibilities of the editorial writer.
  • Mention the columns of the Editorial Page.
  • Discuss the organization of Editorial Departments.
  • Describe the qualities of the editor.
  • Write the duty of a Photo Journalist.
  • Describe the process of photo editing.
  • Throw light on the definition and importance of headlines.
  • Throw light on the aim of Electronic Editing.
  • Write in short about the development of Radio in India.
  • Describe the different kinds of Headlines Writing.
  • Give an introduction to TV writing.
  • Narrate the characteristics of Intro Writing. (Describe in brief the various kinds of Intro.)
  • What is the difference between an Article and a Feature?

M.A First Year Important Questions On Electronic Media Radio And Films


  • What is Electronic Journalism? Describe.
  • Illuminate the art side of Electronic Media.
  • What do you mean by the nature of broadcasting?
  • What is Educational Channel?
  • Explain the functions of the Radio System.
  • Describe the organizational structure of Radio.
  • Mention the aspects of the Popularity of Radio.
  • Explain the technical system of Akashvani.
  • "Radio is the powerful medium of Communication" - discuss.
  • What is the nature of Radio Broadcasting?
  • Write an essay on 'The Language of Radio'.
  • Describe the objective and responsibility of the news structure.
  • What is Letter Writing Art? How it developed?
  • Discuss the role of the News Reader.
  • Discuss the main merits of R.J.
  • What is Translation? Narrate its importance.
  • Write your opinion on the new film of the new century.
  • Analyze the origin and development of film in India.
  • Write the importance of the International Film Festival.
  • Write about film training institute.

M.A 1st Year Questions On Electronic Media - Web Television 


  • Throw light on the salient characteristics of Electronic Media.
  • Describe the importance of Electronic Media as Mass Media.
  • Describe the entry of cable and satellite channels in India.
  • Narrate the different channels of Doordarshan.
  • Throw light on the nature of TV News.
  • Differentiate the contents of Doordarshan and Private Channel.
  • Discuss the contribution of the Joshi Committee in the field of Broadcasting in India.
  • Describe the characteristics of Cable TV.
  • Explain the features of the Studio Plan.
  • Illuminate the form and function of Prasar Bharti.
  • Explain the Post Production Editing.
  • Describe the Studio Sound System and Instruments.
  • Explain the sources of TV News.
  • Explain the responsibilities of input and output teams.
  • Focus on structure and various elements of the TV News.
  • Explain the main qualities of a TV News reporter.
  • Write an essay on TV News Production.
  • Give meaning and types of pieces to the Camera.
  • Describe the basic elements of TV News writing.

M.A. 1st Year Questions On Media Law And Code Of Conduct 


  • Give a brief introduction to the Indian Constitution.
  • Clarify the constitutional status of the freedom of the Press.
  • Explain the censorship of the freedom of expression.
  • Write an essay on "The parliamentary Privileges and Judiciary".
  • Write an essay on 'Freedom of the Press".
  • Illuminate the important provisions of the License Act. 1857.
  • Examine Wellesley Regulations.
  • Examine the important press laws of Post Independence India.
  • Illuminate the important Press Laws of the 20th Century.
  • Define Defamation and mention its types.
  • Throw light on the Penal Code relating to Anarchism.
  • Write an essay on "Indian Penal Code and the Press".
  • Write an essay on "The Contempt of Court".
  • Discuss the activities of the Press Registrar.
  • Discuss the role of the Wage Board.
  • Throw light on 'Central Information Commission'.
  • Discuss the powers and duties of the Information Commission.
  • Write an essay on 'Cyber Crime'.
  • Explain the Intellectual Property Right Laws.

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