M.A. 2nd Year Journalism & Mass Comm Imp Questions 2024

In this post, you will find m.a. 2nd year journalism and mass communication important questions (mjmc) for 2024.

The collection of these questions has been taken from the previous question paper. 

All these questions are compulsory and given keeping in mind the upcoming exams. 

You can make a good notebook by solving these m.a. second year journalism and mass communication question paper.

Journalism and mass communication a relatively easy subjects. 

The professional demand for this subject is also very high. 

After mastering this course, many job opportunities will open for you. 

A journalism career is good as a profession and salary. 

Now come to the point. 

Write these questions on a separate copy. 

Read the relevant lesson carefully. 

Clear the concept. 

Try writing the answer in your own words. 

With this process, you will remember the answers for a long time and easily.

This m.a journalism and mass communication sample paper helps to understand the pattern of questions.

Let's start to write the answer. 


Question - M.A. second year journalism and mass communication eligibility.

Answer - You should be passed graduation with a minimum of 50% marks in any stream from a recognized college/University.

Question - What should I study after 12th to become a journalist? (Journalism courses after the 12th).

Answer - You can do these courses after 12th. The courses are - Photojournalism, Film & Television Studies, Journalism & Publishing, Cultural Studies & Media, and Magazine Journalism. These courses are in BA (Hons.).

Question - What is the scope of MA in Journalism and Mass Communication?

Answer - You can get these jobs after doing the master of journalism and mass communication degree. These jobs are - TV & film producer, event manager, content creator, public relations officer, digital marketer, journalist in a reputed publishing house, and columnist. You will get a decent salary in this field. That will vary from 4 to 6 lakh/annum (approx). This depends on your caliber.

M.A. Second Year Questions On Journalism And Mass Communication

M.A. 2nd Year Public Relations Important Questions

  • What is Public Relations? How has public mentality changed?
  • Clarify the principles of Public Relations.
  • What is the status of Public Relations in Central Government?
  • What is the importance of Public Relations Officers?
  • What is the relationship between Corporate Organization and PR?
  • Throw light upon communication importance.
  • What was the role of Public Relations in the First World War?
  • Write the beginning stage of Public Relations.
  • Throw light on the changing scenario of Public Relations.
  • How the Public Relations developed in India?
  • Discuss the activities of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.
  • Write the activities of the International PR Union.
  • Describe the role of PRO in the public sector.
  • Discuss the stages of PR training in India.
  • What is the relationship between Public Relations and Public Opinion?
  • Write notes on Public Relations and Consumerism.
  • Discuss the importance of the University Grant Commission.
  • Write a short note on DAVP.
  • Why the PR campaign is necessary?

M.A. 2nd Year Important Questions On Advertising (Theory And Practice)

  • Discuss the meaning, types and importance of Advertising.
  • Describe the target of advertising and publicity.
  • Describe in detail the functions of advertising.
  • Illuminate the commercial nature of advertising.
  • What is the utility of advertising in Public Relations?
  • Discuss the role of advertising in public welfare.
  • Discuss the characteristics of some advertising mediums.
  • Illuminate the nature of Glocal Tactics.
  • Describe the role of advertising as a motivator in national awareness.
  • Discuss the art of Advertising Writing.
  • Illuminate the objective of market research.
  • What are the functions of an Advertising Agency?
  • Discuss the Hypodermic Needle theory.
  • Discuss the different forms of advertising in the World.
  • Write the importance of Branding.
  • Describe the features of the retail market.
  • Illuminate the layout of Advertising.
  • Discuss modern TV Advertisements.
  • Analyze the main advertising agencies at the national level.

M.A. 2nd Year Communication And Development Imp Questions

  • What do you understand about Development? What are the needs of communication of Development?
  • Describe the types of Communication.
  • What is the International concept of Development?
  • Throw light on traditional media of Mass Communication.
  • Clarify the development process and background of Social Change.
  • What do you mean by "Sustainable Development"?
  • What are the development-oriented challenges of the Twenty-First Century?
  • Write about the prime objectives of development.
  • Throw light on the source of Development News.
  • Describe the area of Development.
  • Write an essay on 'Agriculture and Development'.
  • Throw light on the important points of Development News Writing.
  • Analyze the characteristics of 'Wall-Newspapers'.
  • Describe the scope of Agriculture Journalism.
  • Critically examine the New Agricultural Policy.
  • Write a note on 'Krishi-Darshan'.
  • Discuss the role of media in Rural Development.
  • Write the concept of Rural Communication.
  • What are the social problems of rural development?

M.A. 2nd Year Questions On Environmental And Disaster Management

(Environmental Issues And Disaster Management)

  • What is the concept of Environment?
  • What is the need for an Environmental Study?
  • What do you understand by Determinism?
  • What is the relationship between Man and Environment?
  • Write the objectives of the Ecological study.
  • Describe the structure of the Ecosystem.
  • What are the future steps of Rural Journalism?
  • What are the reasons behind nature worship?
  • Describe the Botanical and Environmental diversities of India.
  • What is the meaning of Environmental Conservation?
  • Describe the nature and types of Environmental degradation.
  • Discuss scopes of Environmental Communication.
  • Discuss the different media of Environmental communication.
  • What is essential in controlling Global Warming?
  • Discuss the source of Sound Pollution.
  • Write your own opinion on Bhopal Gas Tragedy.
  • Write an essay on Global Warming.
  • Explain sustainable development.
  • Write the importance of 'Chipko Andolan'.
  • Describe the area prone to drought in India.

M.A. Second Year Question On Intercultural Communication

  • What is the meaning of Culture? Explain.
  • Clarify the tradition and civilization.
  • What is Hindu Culture? Write its main characters.
  • Define Chinese Culture and critically examine the impact of Chinese Culture.
  • What is the process of Intercultural communication?
  • What do you understand about Liberal Democratic Theory?
  • Define characteristics of language.
  • Define Language and discuss its elements.
  • Write an essay on the communicability of Dramas.
  • What is Folk Culture? Describe its characteristics.
  • Write the different types of Electronic Media.
  • Write a note on the utility of Intercultural Communication.
  • Critically examine the factors influencing intercultural communication.
  • Analyze the limitations of Intercultural Communication.
  • Classify the meaning of Neo-culture.
  • Examine Neo-culture as a factor of cultural change.
  • What is modern Information Technology?
  • What is International Information Flow?
  • What are the main challenges of intercultural communication?
  • Write short notes on the following- (i) the Concept of Globalization (ii) Secularization (iii) the Nature of Ethics (iv) Moral Consciousness.

M.A. Second Year Questions On Media Management

  • What do you mean by management? Mention its need.
  • Focus on the nature and characteristics of the management.
  • Focus on different principles of media management.
  • Give an introduction to the human resource management process.
  • What do you understand by monopoly in the market?
  • What is the limit of marginal utility? Explain.
  • What is a human resource audit?
  • Give meaning to the marketing. What is a marketing mix?
  • Describe the process of marketing management.
  • Focus on the various types of media ownership.
  • What is parental Media Control?
  • What is Newspaper Management? Describe the main base of Indian Newspaper Management.
  • Discuss in brief the main departments and the work of Times of India.
  • Describe the important department of the newspaper organization.
  • What is the difference between a News Agency and a Newspaper?
  • Give an account of the history of News Agencies in India.
  • Examine the relevance of foreign direct investment in the Indian media business.
  • What do you mean by the freedom of journalists?

M.A. Second Year Research And Communication Questions

  • Discuss the objectives of the research.
  • Discuss the objectives of Mass Communication Research.
  • Describe the scientific nature of Mass Communication Research.
  • Discuss the importance of Media Research.
  • Explain the requisite qualifications of a Media Research Scholar.
  • What is Advertisement Research?
  • Discuss the importance of Media Feedback.
  • Explain the case study method.
  • Discuss the elements of Research Design.
  • Write an essay on Experimental Design.
  • Describe the sources of the hypothesis.
  • Discuss the role of the hypothesis.
  • Throw light on the technique of content analysis.
  • What is the importance of objectivity in Media Research?
  • Analyze the problems in the selection of samples.
  • Discuss observation Technique.
  • Write the means of Secondary Source. 

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