CBSE Class 10 Home Science Sample Paper 2023-24

Today you will get the collection of home science cbse class 10 home science sample paper 2023-24.

First of all the main question is "What is home science class 10" for CBSE. 

Home science means - Home science is a practical science. 

This is essential for every individual to handle the challenging responsibilities of life. 

This subject has the discipline aims to empower the learners. 

The developing area will be - Concept and scope of Home Science Education and recent trends, Human Growth & Development, Family and Values, Food, Nutrition and Health, Fiber and Fabric, Resource Management, Measures of Safety, and Management of Emergencies. 

The next question can be - what is the home science subject in class 10.

The basic answer is that the objectives of this subject are to empower learners by developing an understanding focus on - Foods and Nutrition, Human Development and Childhood Studies, Resource Management, Fabric, and Apparel Sciences, Community Development, and Extension. 

Lerner can acquire these skills by adopting the home science course. 

That home science courses start for you from class 10th. 

These questions have been taken from the past examination paper. These are repeated several times in the home science class 10 CBSE question paper in the past. 

If these question pattern is not matching with your syllabus, then treat it as a class 10 home science model paper for practice. 

Now come to the point. 

Write these questions in your copy and read the related chapters from your book. 

Now write the answer in your own words. This process will help you to prepare the home science CBSE class 10 notes in advance.

Home Science Model Paper 2023 Class 10

Home Science Important Question Class 10

  • Enumerate any four activities in which FSSAI is involved.
  • Give the difference between oxidizing and reducing bleaching agents with one example of each.
  • Give any four motor abilities of a 3-year-old child.
  • Why is blue used in laundering?
  • Write two advantages of starching clothes.
  • Why one should prefer detergents over soaps? Give four reasons.
  • Define 'adolescence'.
  • What two points would you keep in mind while selecting a toy for a three-year-old child?
  • Name two foods adulterated with Kesari dal.
  • Name two foods adulterated with meta nil yellow
  • What four practices you will follow to keep your kitchen free from pests?
  • Mention four advantages of planning meals.
  • List two ways of identifying an unknown stain. Give one example of each.
  • Write two reasons cooked food may get contaminated. 
  • Define food handler.
  • Write two indicators of language development in a child during middle childhood.
  • What two points would you keep in mind while storing or using leftover foods?
  • What would you add in the last rinse to stiffen the silk and enhance its sheer?
  • Plan a balanced meal for your family and categorize food items included in it according to food groups.
  • Differentiate between money and psychic income along with one example of each.
  • While planning a meal for a school-going child, why is it important to have knowledge of recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) given by ICMR?
  • Give the difference between soaps and detergents. Explain the guidelines for choosing a good laundry soap.
  • Give the difference between direct and indirect income. Explain the sources of direct income.
  • Write eight guidelines for consumers so that they can file a complaint in court.
  • Explain five different types of play with the help of an example each.
  • Explain the social and emotional needs during old age. 
  • Explain any five factors which would influence meal planning, for those who are living in a hilly area. 
  • Hema found a stain on her party dress. What eight precautions should she adopt while removing this unknown stain?
  • Why knowledge of food groups is important for planning meals for families?
  • Explain the effect of the economic position of the family on the selection of food items while planning meals.
  • What do you understand by 'Dovetailing'? Why do we need to do it?
  • Prepare a label for a packet of Besan.
  • Write the steps of preparing a time plan.
  • Suggest ways to save your time and energy while washing clothes.

Home Science Class 10 CBSE Sample Paper

  • State any two factors causing food spoilage.
  • Why should ripe bananas not be stored in the refrigerator?
  • Write the name of any two adolescent eating disorders.
  • What is a standardization mark?
  • Explain the term consumer.
  • What is the name of the method of washing rayon fabrics?
  • Laundering is a combination of cleaning and finishing then how do you wash a school woolen cardigan? 
  • Write the five factors affecting meal planning. 
  • What is the importance of food preservation?
  • Explain the health hazards due to the consumption of argemone seeds.
  • What are the objectives of consumer education?

Home Science Book Class 10

  • Class 10th Clothing and Textiles Book - Anuradha Basu 
  • Class 10th Home Science Book - Urvi Raval (Online Available) 
  • I.C.S.E Class 10th Home Science Book- Anju Khosla (Goyal Prakashan) 
  • CBSE Class 10th Home Science Book - S.K. Aggarwal & S.L. Aggarwal (S. Chand Prakashan) 
  • Money Management and Consumer Education - Manju Goel 
  • Food and Nutrition - Neera Dhaawan 
  • CBSE Class 10th Book Home Science - B.L. Raina & S.K. Raina (Laxmi Publications House) 
  • Home Safety & First Aid Home Science Book - Meera Chand 
  • NIOS Home Science Book Class 10 - Neeraj Publications House 
  • Child Care and Guidance Home Science Book - Kamala Saxena 
  • CBSE Class 10th Home Science Text Book - J.L. Gupta & R.K. Gupta 
  • Adolescence And Family Life Education Home Science Book - Nidhi Gupta 
  • CBSE Class 10th Home Science Textbook - S.K. Arora & S.K. Arora 
  • Human Development Home Science Book - Written By Rekha Sharma 
  • Family & Community Health Book - Shalini Bansal 
  • Class 10th "Resource Management" Book - Veena Bhargava 
  • Health and Hygiene Book - Vandana Sood

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