Elements Of Business Class 10 CBSE Imp Questions 2024

Today you will get the collection of elements of business class 10 CBSE exam important questions 2024. 

These questions have already been asked in past examinations, but still, the existence of the upcoming exam.

Elements of business class 10 study material are available in the market, but that does not fulfill your requirement for the study. 

If you want to get good marks in the CBSE class 10th exam then prepare strong and informative 'elements of business notes' with the help of these questions.

Start to write these questions in your copy. Read the related chapters in the Elements of Business Class 10 book.

Understand the concept of the lesson and the meaning of the content. 

Now start to write the answer to these elements of business class 10 sample paper questions in your copy. 

Try to write the answer to these questions in your own words. 

This process will help you to memorize it in a very short time. 

The revision process will also be very smooth. 

CBSE 2023 question pattern will be similar to this set.

The code number of this subject is "154" (Give By CBSE)

This syllabus consists of these topics for the subject - Joint Stock Company, Sources of Business Finance, Communication in Business Organisations, Selling and Distribution, Large Scale Retail Trade, Selling, and Practical / Project.

The total marks will be 100 and the time will be 3 hours to solve the questions. 

Elements Of Business Class 10

CBSE Question Paper Pattern Class 10 (Elements Of Business)

  • Write a short note on the following:- (a) Sole Proprietorship (b) Partnership (c) Company (d) Hindu Undivided Family (e) Preference Share (f) Trained Earnings (g) Equity shares (h) Trade Credit
  • What is the fixed capital of the company?
  • Explain the "Permanent capital of the company".
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Fluctuating capital of the company (b) Loan capital of the company  
  • What is Personal Selling? State any two features of personal selling. 
  • State any three advantages of email as a means of business communication.
  • Define the following terms:- (a) Hire Vendor (b) Down Payment.
  • Discuss briefly, advertisement as a non-personal promotional tool for a business.
  • Identify and discuss briefly, the promotional tool which induces people to make immediate purchases of a product.
  • State the first four steps involved in the process of selling.
  • What is 'Mail Order Businesses'?
  • Enumerate any two limitations of Multiple shops.
  • What is sales promotion? Name any six tools used for sales promotion.
  • What do you understand by multinational companies? State their merits and demerits. 
  • What is a joint stock company? Explain its features.
  • What is a business letter? Draw a specimen of a business letter.
  • Explain the various methods of purchasing a product.
  • Explain in brief the meaning of enclosures, copy circulation, and postscript.
  • Write complaint letters after receiving the defective goods. Explain and give two points to be considered while writing a complaint letter.
  • Explain any three inner qualities of a business letter. 
  • State the purposes of indexing.
  • Describe the method of preparing a copy of a letter by carbon using a typewriter. 
  • Justify this statement with three reasons - "Computer is important for an office these days".
  • State any two objectives of filing.
  • Explain the three merits of centralized filing.
  • Explain in brief the loose leaf index.
  • Explain these terms of business letter - (a) Heading (b) Reference (c) Body of letter
  • Define the 'Vertical Card Index'. Write any three advantages. 
  • What is a Horizontal filing system?

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