CBSE Class 10 English Important Questions 2023-2024

Today you will get a collection of CBSE class 10 English chapter wise important questions for session 2023-2024.

You have to attempt questions based on specific instructions for each part.

The most important part of this post is, that you have to get the information of important questions for class 10 English language and literature CBSE chapter wise for your upcoming examination.

These questions have already been asked in the past examination paper. 

But still, they exist for the next session examination. 

Before starting to prepare the answers to these questions, read the CBSE English book for class 10.

English literature books help you to know more questions and answers while reading the related chapters. 

Now write down these English literature important questions class 10 in your notebook.

Start to write the answer in your own words. 

This process will help you to memorize the answers to CBSE class 10 English language and literature in a very short time. 

This process will reduce your time of revision drastically. 

The pattern of selection of questions is based on the pattern of CBSE class 10 English language and literature previous year question papers.

You will get the three sections, first will be reading comprehension, second is writing skills and grammar and the third is the language through literature. 

Reading Comprehension Competencies are - Conceptual understanding, decoding, analyzing, inferring, interpreting, and vocabulary

Writing skills and Grammar Competencies are - Creative expression of an opinion, reasoning, justifying, illustrating, appropriacy of style and tone, using appropriate format and fluency. Applying conventions, using integrated structures with accuracy and fluency.

Language through Literature Competencies are - Recalling, reasoning, appreciating, applying literary conventions illustrating and justifying, etc. Extract relevant information, identify the central theme and sub-theme, understand the writers’ message, and write fluently.

English Literature Class 10

CBSE Class 10 English Language And Literature Question Paper

CBSE Class 10 English Reading Comprehension

1. Read the passage given below -

(A). Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. When areas in and around Leh began to experience water shortages, life did not grind to a halt. Why? Because Chewang Norphel, a retired civil engineer in the Jammu and Kashmir government came up with the idea of artificial glaciers.

(B). Ladakh, a cold desert at an altitude of 3,000-3,500 meters above sea level, has a low average annual rainfall rate of 50mm. Glaciers have always been the only source of water. Agriculture is completely dependent on glacier melt unlike the rest of river/monsoon-fed India. But over the years with the increasing effects of climate change, rainfall and snowfall patterns have been changing, resulting in severe shortage and drought situations. Given the severe winter conditions, the window for farming is usually limited to one harvest season.

(C). It is located between the natural glacier above and the village below. The one closer to the village and lowest in altitude melts first, providing water during April/May, the crucial sowing season. Further layers of ice above melt with increasing temperature thus ensuring continuous supply to the fields. Thus, farmers have been able to manage two crops instead of one. It costs about Rs.1,50,000 and above to create one.

(D). Fondly called the “glacier man”, Mr. Norphel has designed over 15 artificial glaciers in and around Leh since 1987. In recognition of his pioneering effort, he was conferred the Padma Shri by President Pranab Mukherjee, in 2015.

(E). There are a few basic steps followed in creating the artificial glacier.

(F). River or stream water at higher altitudes is diverted to a shaded area of the hill, facing north, where the winter sun is blocked by a ridge or a mountain range. At the start of winter/November, the diverted water is made to flow onto a sloping hill face through distribution channels. Stone embankments are built at regular intervals which impede the flow of water, making shallow pools and freeze, forming a cascade of ice along the slope. Ice formation continues for 3-4 months resulting in a large accumulation of ice which is referred to as an “artificial glacier”.

Attempt all the following questions based on the passage you have read. (Answer These Questions)

  1. Who was Chewang Norphel?
  2. What kind of landform is Ladakh?
  3. Why have Glaciers been the only source of water for Ladakh?
  4. Why has the pattern of snowfall and rainfall changed?
  5. How are Glaciers significant for irrigation?
  6. How do farmers manage to grow two crops instead of one?
  7. In which year did President Pranab Mukherjee confer Padmashri to Mr. Norphel?
  8. How many months does the ice formation continue?
  9. Find the word in paragraph 'F' which means the same as "gathering"?

2. Read the passage carefully-

(A) I was born in the small but beautiful mountain village of Nakuri near Uttarkashi in Garhwal, with the gurgling, playful Bhagirathi river flowing nearby. My parents were a hard-working and extremely self-contained couple. Even though our family was poor, barely managing the essentials my father taught us how to live and maintain dignity and self-respect - the most treasured family value today. At the same time, my parents also practiced the creed, "Kindness is the essence of all religion." They were large-hearted, inviting village folk passing by to have tea at our home, and gave grain to the sadhus and pandits who came to the house. This characteristic has been ingrained in me so deeply that I am able to reach out to others and make a difference in their lives – whether it is in my home, in society, or at the workplace.

(B) I was the third child in the family – girl, boy, girl, girl, and boy in that order – and quite a rebel. I developed a tendency to ask questions and was not satisfied with the customary way of life for a girl-child. When I found my elder brother, Bachchan, encouraging our youngest brother, Raju, to make up mountaineering I thought, why not me? I found that my brothers were always getting preferential treatment and all opportunities and options were open to them. This made me even more determined to not only do what the boys were doing but to do it better.

(C) The general thinking of mountain people was that mountaineering as a sport was not for them. They considered themselves to be born mountaineers as they had to go up and down mountain slopes for their daily life and even for routine work. On the other hand, as a student, I would look curiously at foreign backpackers passing by my village and wonder where they were going. I would even invite them to my house and talk to them to learn more about their travels. The full significance of this came to me later when I started working. The foreigners took the trouble to come all the way to the Himalayas in order to educate themselves on social, cultural, and scientific aspects of mountaineering, as well as to seek peace in nature's gigantic scheme of things.

Answer the following questions- (Answer All The Questions)

  1. What does the author tell us about the financial condition of her parents?
  2. What is the most treasured value of the author's family?
  3. Give an example to show that the author's parents were very hospitable.
  4. What kind of girl was the author?
  5. How do you know that the author's parents discriminated between sons and daughters?
  6. Why do mountain people consider themselves to be born mountaineers?
  7. Why would the author invite foreign mountaineers to her house?
  8. Why were foreigners drawn to the Himalayas?

CBSE Class 10 English Letter Writing Questions

  1. You are Rajesh of 23, Civil Lines, Delhi. Write a letter to the Editor of Dainik Bhaskar, Delhi about the frequent breakdown of electricity.
  2. You are the Head Boy/Head Girl of your school. You decided to make the school population aware of the advantages of tree plantation and tell them how trees can serve as better air-conditioners. Write an analytical paragraph in 100-120 words. Take the help of the cues given below. Cues are -  (a) Trees keep the environment cool by (b) Taking heat from the earth and air (c) Absorbing carbon dioxide that helps in controlling temperature rise (d) Bringing rains (e) Checking direct sunlight (f) Providing shade
  3. You have seen an advertisement for a new model sports bike launched by Honda. You are a passionate racer and are keen to buy the new model of racing bikes being offered. Next month a zonal-level Bike Marathon is taking place and you are keen to enroll your name as a contestant. Write a letter to M/s Honda Bikes and Scooters, Kashmere Gate, New Delhi enquiring about the price, specifications, and availability of accessories that long-distance racers would require. You are Man Singh living in Green Park, New Delhi. 
  4. You are Rajesh/Nidhi of Pragya Public School, Nangal, Punjab who had arranged a trip for fifty students to Nanital in summer vacations for ten days with „Mount Travels and Tourism‟. The arrangements done by the travel agency were far below the standard. The accommodation and food facilities were inferior in quality. Write a letter of complaint to the director of the agency to stop duping tourists with false promises as it tarnishes the image of locals. (100-120 words)

CBSE Class 10 English Grammar Important Questions - (Important Questions for Class 10 English Grammar)

(A) Fill in the blanks choosing the most appropriate option from the ones given in the box. 

  1. Butterflies are abundant --------------- the Central African Republic. [(i) in (ii) from (iii) for (iv) into]
  2. It -------------- home to nearly 600 identified species. [(i) has (ii) is (iii) was (iv) are]
  3. Many butterflies are brilliantly colored and small ---------- some are as big as saucers. [(i) if (ii) therefore (iii) so (iv) while]
  4. My favorite hobby, since my childhood, is ------------ butterflies. [(i) catch (ii) caught (iii) catching (iv) has been catching]

(B) Fill in the blank by choosing the correct option to complete the sentence.

  1. If we ---------- one more batsman in our team, we would have won the match. (a) had (b) would have been (c) would have (d) would have had.
  2. Select the correct option to fill in the blank for the given line. The swimmer was tired but he ----------- reach the shore before he collapsed. (a) will (b) could (c) may (d) must.
  3. Complete the given sentence, by filling in the blank with the correct option:- I bought a new car last year, but I ----------- my old car yet, so at present, I have two cars. (a) sell (b) have not sold (c) sold (d) did not sell.
  4. Fill in the blank by using the correct form of the word in the bracket. Neither you nor your sister should ----------------- (talk) to them.
  5. Transform the following direct speech into reported speech:- He said, “Reena, do you want to buy a house in Noida?”
  6. Fill in the blank by choosing the correct option, to complete the sentence. He said I ------------- use his car whenever I wanted. (a) will (b) would (c) could (d) can.

(C) In the following questions, a part of the sentence is underlined. Choose the correct Tense Form from the given alternatives (a), (b), and (c) to correct that part of the sentence. In case no improvement is needed, your answer is (d).

  1. I have received your letter yesterday. (a) had received (b) have to receive (c) received (d) No improvement
  2. The boys are listening to my lecture since 8 O’clock this morning. (a) were listening (b) have been listening (c) had been listening (d) No improvement.
  3. The workers are waiting for their pay packet since morning. (a) would be waiting (b) were waiting (c) have been waiting (d) No improvement
  4. If you wrote to me earlier, I would have easily solved your problem. (a) were writing (b) had written (c) have written (d) No improvement
  5. Why did you not spoken to me earlier? (a) did you not spoke (b) you did the speak (c) did you not speak (d) No improvement

(D) In the following questions, sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate and suitable Modal Auxiliary. Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four alternatives.

  1. I ------------- rather die than join the gang of terrorists. (a) could (b) should (c) would (d) can
  2. We ----------- not hurry, we have yet plenty of time. (a) shall (b) can (c) need (d) might
  3. My father ----------- go for a walk every morning when he was alive. (a) will (b) may (c) can (d) be used to
  4. Had he met me, he ---------- have known me. (a) may (b) would (c) shall (d) can

(E) Multiple Choice Questions:- In the following questions, a sentence has been given in Direct/Indirect form. Out of the four alternatives suggested, select the one which best expresses the same sentence in Indirect/Direct form.

  1. He says “I go for a walk every morning”. (a) He says that he goes for a walk every morning. (b) He said that he used to go for a walk every morning. (c) He said that he goes for a walk every morning. (d) He says he went for a walk every morning.
  2. She said, “When I was a child, I wasn’t afraid of ghosts”. (a) She said that when she was a child she wasn’t afraid of ghosts. (b) She said that when she was a child she hadn’t been afraid of ghosts. (c) She said that when she was a child she wasn’t afraid of ghosts. (d) She said that when she had been a child she wasn’t afraid of ghosts.
  3. He said, “Ravi, why are you sounding so dejected today ?” (a) He asked Ravi why he sounded so dejected that day? (b) He asked Ravi why he was sounding so dejected that day. (c) he asked Ravi why he was sounding so dejected today. (d) He asked Ravi why he was sounding so dejected that day

Class 10 CBSE English Literature Important Questions

1. Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow.

(A) The moon was coming up in the east, behind me, and stars were shining in the clear sky above me. There was not a cloud in the sky. I was happy to be alone high up above the sleeping countryside. Questions are - (i) Who narrates the above lines? (ii) Which type of weather conditions are being discussed in the above lines? (iii) Explain the term „the sleeping countryside‟? (iv) Why is the narrator happy?

(B) At about the age of twenty-five, the Prince, thereof shielded from the sufferings of the world, while hunting out glanced upon a sick man, then an aged man, then a funeral procession, and finally a monk begging for alms. These sights so moved him that he at once became a beggar and went out into the world to seek enlightenment concerning the sorrows he had witnessed. Questions are - (i) Whose age has been referred here? (ii) What was the effect of sights on the prince? (iii) How did witnessing sorrow change him? (iv) What does „glance‟ imply in the given lines?

2. Answer any four of the following questions in 30-40 words each.

  1. Hari Singh is both a thief and a human being. Explain.
  2. How does the necklace change the course of "Loisel's life?
  3. Explain the qualities of the post office employees?
  4. Why would you not agree with Lencho calling them "a bunch of crooks"?
  5. Bholi‟s heart was overflowing with a "New hope and a new life". What does the phrase "the new hope and the new life" mean?

3. Attempt the long answer type questions in 100-120 words.

  1. People should always try to live within their means. Aspirations have no limits but one should never forget the ground realities. Elaborate on the basis of the chapter, “The Necklace”.
  2. The simple moment proves to be very significant and saves the rest of the day of the poet from being wasted. Explain on the basis of the poem "Dust of Snow".

4. Answer the following question in 150 - 200 words

  1. What does Annes' diary reveal about the steadily worsening economic and social conditions during the war?
  2. What is your impression of Peter?
  3. Helen did not confine herself to acquiring knowledge, but also enjoyed herself by taking part in outdoor activities. Elaborate.
  4. Which traits of Helen's character appeal to you most? Give a reasoned answer.
  5. Kitty plays a vital role in Anne‟s life. Elucidate.
  6. In spite of the heartrending circumstances in which „The Diary‟ was written, it was not an inspiring rather a depressing book. Explore.
  7. How did Miss Anne Sullivan help Helen to communicate properly? 
  8. Give a pen portrait of Helen Keller. 

CBSE Class 10 English Books

  • The Hundred Dresses - Eleanor Estes
  • Two Gentlemen of Verona - William Shakespeare
  • Gulliver's Travels - Jonathan Swift
  • First Flight - NCERT
  • Footprints Without Feet - NCERT
  • The Frog and the Nightingale - Vikram Seth
  • The Letter - Dhumaketu
  • The Story of My Life - Helen Keller

CBSE Class 10 English Grammar Book

  • Oxford English Grammar Course: Intermediate - Michael Swan
  • English Grammar in Use - Raymond Murphy
  • Grammar And Composition - Wren And Martin
  • A Practical English Grammar - A.V. Martinet & A.J. Thomson

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