Class 10 CBSE Computer Most Imp Questions 2024

Today you will get the collection of CBSE class 10 computer applications' most important questions for session 2023-24.

These questions are based on the CBSE class 10 computer application previous year question papers.

You will see that so many questions are repeated several times in examination papers. 

So, these questions' selection is based on this process. 

Define Computer - This is an electronic machine that is capable of storing, finding information, controlling the other machines, arranging the information categorically, analyzing and calculating the amount. 

This can accept the digitalized data and provide the information. All these results are based on a program and software. 

This is a simple definition of a computer for you.

Today basic computer knowledge is important for you to face the digitalized world. 

Everything is computerized and that is the main reason to gain knowledge of computer fundamentals.

You can start to study computer languages in class 10. 

Now come to the point. 

Given questions answer will help you to prepare the CBSE class 10 computer applications notes for the upcoming examination. 

So, first, you have to learn the related chapter in your computer textbook.

Now write down the computer applications class 10 sample paper questions in your copy and start to write the answer in your own words. 

This process will be very helpful to save time for revision.

Areas of computer applications education are very wide. 

This is used in teaching, learning, industry, library, shop, account, health, business, entertainment, and so many other fields.

So, if you want to make your career in this field, focus your learning and try to get the minimum education till the bachelor of computer applications.

Computer Applications Class 10 Question Paper

CBSE Class 10 Computer Applications Networking Questions

  • What is the difference between 3G and 4G? 
  • Define the term Digital Divide. 
  • Write the short notes on the following:-  (a) ARPANET (b) MAC (c) ISP (d) URI
  • How is tree topology different from bus topology?
  • Identify the type of topology from the following:- (a) Each node is connected with the help of a single cable (b) Each node is connected with central switching
  • through independent cables. 
  • If two universities in different States want to transfer information. Which type of network do they need to use for this?
  • What do you understand by the term network?
  • Mention any two main advantages of using a network of computing devices.
  • Differentiate between LAN and WAN.
  • Write down the names of a few commonly used networking devices.
  • Define the term topology. What are the popular network topologies?
  • Draw a network layout of star topology and bus topology connecting five computers.
  • What is the significance of the MAC address?
  • How is an IP address different from a MAC address? Discuss briefly.
  • What do you mean by a modem? Why is it used?
  • Write short notes on the following: - (a) Switch (b) Repeater (c) Router (d) Gateway (e) NIC
  • What is DNS? What is a DNS server?

CBSE Class 10 Computer Applications HTML Questions

  • Differentiate between the terms Web Site and Web Page.
  • What is a Web Browser? Write the names of any two commonly used Web Browsers.
  • Rohan is creating a web page in HTML. He wants to insert a link in his web page to appear with the text "Click to Open" which on clicking should open the URL named '' in a new window. Help him to write the HTML code to create the hyperlink.
  • Write any two differences between the outline and border-style properties of CSS.
  • Identify the errors and write the correct HTML code:- (1) <BODY background = ‘‘red”> (2) <FONT type =‘‘arial ”>
  • Why do we insert comments in an HTML document, even though they are not displayed on a Web page?
  • How is the <OL> tag different from the <UL> tag?
  • Consider the following HTML statement:- <body bgcolor ="Blue" alink ="red vlink="yellow">, In this statement, what do you mean by 'alink' and 'vlink'?
  • Write HTML code to display the unordered list (with square bullets) of two cities "DELHI" and "MUMBAI". The web page should have a yellow background and the title of the page should be 'My Cities'.
  • Name the following with respect to HTML: (a) Attribute for changing bullet type of list tag. (b) Element to create a hyperlink
  • Write the HTML code to do the following: (a) To display a horizontal line of green color (b) To create a hyperlink on the word CLICK to an image named testimage.jpeg.

CBSE Class 10 Computer Applications Cyber Ethics Questions

  • What is online fraud?
  • Define Plagiarism.
  • What do you understand by intellectual property rights?
  • What do you mean by ethics? Why is it necessary?
  • What is the digital divide with regard to freedom of information availability?
  • What are netiquettes? why is it important to use netiquette?
  • Define the software licenses. 
  • Explain the four most important intellectual property rights.
  • How can you avoid plagiarism?
  • Why should intellectual property rights be protected?
  • Rajesh wants to use software but does not want to pay for it. Which type of software can he use?
  • "Privacy is the protection of personal information given online. In e-commerce especially, It is related to company's policies on the use of user data". (a) why is the above-given statement important? (b) What is the need to safeguard user privacy?
  • Posing someone else online and using his/her personal/financial information to shop online or posting something is a common type of cybercrime these days. (a) What are such types of cyber crimes collectively called? (b) What measures can you take to stop these?
  • Raj has just learned how to do online banking. Name any two precautions that she should take to prevent online fraud. 
  • Explain the following terms:- (a) Digital Property (b) Digital Property Rights (c) Freedom of Information (d) Digital Divide
  • Why is plagiarism a punishable offense?
  • Differentiate between shareware and open-source software. 

Best Computer Book For Class 10 CBSE

  • Computer Applications Textbook For CBSE Class 10 - Sumita Arora (S Chand Publication House)
  • Computer Applications Book Class 10th - Oswaal 
  • C++ Computer Science Book - Saurabh Bhargava 
  • Foundation of Information Technology Book - Written By Sumita Arora 
  • Computer Applications Book - Dhanpat Rai Publication 
  • Python Programming Textbook - Preeti Arora 
  • Python Textbook For CBSE Class 10th - Sangeeta Panchal 
  • Computer Science Book For Class 10th - Nootan Saral 
  • ICSE Class 10th Computer Application Book - Anshuman Shrivastava

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