10 Class Music Important Question CBSE Board Exam 2023

Today you will get the collection of 10 class music important questions CBSE board exam 2023.

These questions have already been asked in past examinations but still exist for the upcoming CBSE exam.

If the questions are not matching with your syllabus, then treat it as a MUSIC sample paper class 10 for 2023. 

This set is best for you for practice. You can also know about the pattern of the questions. 

The 10th class music paper is an important paper and you have to be given the weightage like other papers. 

You will get good marks in the 10th class CBSE music examination if focus on these questions. 

First of all, write the all questions in your copy for the preparation of music notes. 

Start to read the related chapter in the music textbook. Understand the meaning and concept of the lesson. 

Now write the answer in your own words. 

This process will help you to memorize the answer in a very short time for a long period. 

Actually, music is the art of producing pleasing tones with rhythm, and melody. 

So, it is very important to learn from the basics to advance to understand this subject. 

If you want to make a decent career in this subject, make the base to solve these CBSE class 10 MCQ question papers and descriptive questions too.

CBSE Music Sample Paper

Hindustani Music Questions

  • Throw light on the structure and tuning of the instrument you have opted for. 
  • Describe the following Ragas:- (a) Kafi (b) Des
  • Give the life sketch and contribution of the following musicians:- (a) Miyan Tansen (b) Allauddin Khan
  • Describe the following:- (a) Dhamar (b) Thumri (c) Razakhani Gat
  • Write dugun of the following Talas in Tala Notation:- (a) Tilwada (b) Rupak (c) Chautal
  • Define the following with examples:- (a) Meend (b) Murki (c) Tana (d) Aalap
  • Write Aroh, Avroh, Pakad, Vadi-Samvadi, and the time of singing and playing of Raga Brindabani Sarang and Raga Khamaj.
  • Write in the notation a Razakhani Gat or Masitkhani Gat in any one Raga of your syllabus.
  • Write about the origin and development of Tanpura.
  • Explain the structure and tuning of Tanpura. 
  • Identify the Ragas from the following phrases and write the notation of a Drut Khayal in any one of the identified Ragas:- (a) Ga Pa Dha Pa Ga Re Sa (b) Pa Dha Ni Sa Ni Dha Pa
  • Identify the Ragas from the following phrases and elaborate them up to 30 swars each:- (a) Pa Ni Pa Ma Re Sa (b) Pa Ni Sa Ni Dha Pa
  • Describe the life sketch and contribution to Indian music of the following:- (a) Faiyaz Khan (b) K.C.D. Brihaspati
  • Discuss the contribution of the following in the field of music:- (a) Tansen (b) Omkarnath Thakur
  • Write the notation system of Pt. V.D.Paluskar or Pt. V.N.Bhatkhande.
  • Write the notation of Chhota Khayal In Raag Des.
  • Write the Theka and Dugun of Tilwada Taal.
  • Write short notes on the following (Raag):- (a) Kaafi (b) Khamaj (c) Bhairav (d) Kalyan (e) Avdav-Sampoorna (f) Shadav (g) Madhyam Raag (h) Pancham (i) Rishabh (j) Nishad

Carnatic Music Questions

  • Describe the formation of the 72 melakarta scheme.
  • How many types of Varnams are there in Carnatic Music? Explain any one variety of Varnam in detail, with examples.
  • What is achala swara?
  • What is mukha randra?
  • Given any one composer's life sketch and contribution from the following:- (a) Dr.M.Balamuralikrishna (b) Papanasam Sivan
  • Write a short note on Chordophones instruments?
  • Describe Raga's classification and illustrate with examples.
  • What ar prakriti and vikrata swaras?
  • Name the sapta swaras?
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Vakra Ragas (b) Katapayadi Formula (c) Swarakshara (d) Ateeta Graha 
  • What are the svaras having dual names in the Swara nomenclature?
  • Give in notion the Purvanga part of any Adi Tala Varnam.
  • Name the strings in Tambura?
  • Write the classification of Aerophones instruments?
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Bairavi (b) Keeravani (c) Kambhoji
  • Explain the decorative angas Chittaswaram and Swara Sahitya or Sangati and Raga Mudra in 50 words each.
  • What is a Vakra raga? Explain the varieties of Vakra ragas with examples in 100 words. 
  • What are the two fictitious characters in Nandanar Charitram?
  • What is the other name of Veena Kuppaiyar and explain why is called so?
  • Name the composers of the following mudras:- (a) Narayana Tirta (b) Bhadrasaila
  • What is grahabheda?
  • Name the Sooladi Saptha thalas.
  • Write the names of the substances used for making the paste which has to be put on the right side of the mridangam.
  • How is the duration of notes represented while writing a notation?
  • What do you mean by the term 'Tarasthayi Varisas'?
  • Write the janaka ragas of Hamsadhvani and Malahari.
  • Mention any two instruments falling under the category of- (a) Stringed (b) Wind
  • Define the term 'Gamaka'. Name any two gamakas mentioned in Sangita Ratnakara.
  • Explain briefly the modern period in the history of Indian Music.
  • Define the term 'Sthayi'. How many sthayis are there in total? Write its name.
  • Describe the Shadangas of tala.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Kriti (b) Javali (c) Tillana
  • Define 'Ghana' and 'Naya' ragas.
  • Many foreign instruments have been adapted to Carnatic Music. Explain.
  • Explain the musical form 'Varnam' along with its varieties.

10th Class Music Book

  • Class 10th Textbook 'Learn and Perform Music' - Written By Mamta Chaturvedi
  • A Comprehensive Guide 'Art and Culture' For Class 10th - Renu Anand
  • Music - A textbook for class 10th - (1) Alka Raghuvanshi (2) Meera M. Sreenarayanan (3) Geetika Bajaj (4) Richa Sharma
  • Class 10th Book On "Music and Dance Activities" - Jyoti Sharma
  • A Textbook For Class 10th "Swaranjali" - Written By Neena Sharma

Hindustani Vocal Music Class 10 Book

  • Hindustani Vocal Music Book - Ashok D. Ranade
  • Hindustani Vocal Music Book - Lalita Mathur
  • Hindustani Vocal Music Book - Written By Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande

Carnatic Music Book For Beginners

  • Carnatic Music Compositions - Vidwan T. M. Krishna 
  • Carnatic Music Book In English - Suresh Narayanan 
  • Book On "Rhythmic Perspectives in Carnatic Music" - Dr. T.K. Murthy 
  • Carnatic Music For Beginners - Anuradha Mahesh (Shanmukhapriya Publications) 
  • "Raga Lakshana" Book - S. Ramanathan 
  • Karnatic Music Book In Tamil - Prof. P. Sambamoorthy 
  • Compositions of Tyagaraja - P. Sambamurthy 
  • "The Art of Gamaka in Carnatic Music" Book - Dr. S. Sowmya

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