Public Administration Imp Questions BA Second Year 2023

Today you will receive a set of public administration important questions ba second year 2022-23.

These questions have already been asked in the past examination paper and are still important for the next exam.

These questions are repeated several times in the past and are hot questions for Public Administration ba 2nd year.

You can prepare the subject notes with the help of these questions. 

To prepare the answer to these questions, it is very important for you to study the related chapters from your university textbook. 

Understand the meaning of the lesson and start the write the answer in the notebook in your own words. 

This process of writing will help you to memorize it smoothly and fastly. 

The pattern is based on the ba 2nd year public administration question paper of the previous year. 

Before starting to write the answer, you study your university syllabus. 

If these questions are not related to that then treat it as a model paper. 

The advance preparation of b.a. 2nd year public administration notes help you to get more time for revision. 

So, prepare the answer to these b.a. public administration question papers.

Now come to the point.

BA 2nd Year Public Administration Question Paper

B.A 2nd Year Public Administration First Paper Question Paper

Paper-1 (Administrative Institutions In India)

  • What do you mean by Administrative Institutions?
  • Explain the meaning of a Laissez-faire state.
  • What is the main objective of a welfare state?
  • Give four main functions of the Executive.
  • What is Bureaucracy?
  • Explain any two functions of the Finance Commission of India.
  • Distinguish between political parties and pressure groups.
  • Constitutional provisions of public service commission. 
  • Write four major functions of UGC.
  • Write four functions of the Railway Board.
  • Describe the role of Administrative Institutions in a Socialist Society.
  • Examine the Salient features of the Administrative State.
  • Describe the role of Bureaucracy in Administration. 
  • Explain the functions of the Indian Election Commission.
  • Discuss the composition and functions of the Union Public Service Commission.
  • Discuss the organization and functions of the Reserve Bank of India.
  • Write the full form of the CAG.
  • Write down the various kinds of Bureaucracy.
  • Define Political Parties.
  • State four major demerits of the Indian Election System.
  • How many types of pressure groups are there?
  • What do you mean by Independent Judiciary? Examine its role in India.
  • Write short notes on the 'Central Social Welfare Board'.

B.A. 2nd Year Public Administration Second Paper Questions

Paper-2 (State Administration In India)

  • Write two features of State Administration in India.
  • Mention the 'Discretionary Powers' of a Governor.
  • What is the relationship between the council of ministers and the Governor?
  • What are the main considerations in the selection of a Chief Secretary?
  • Give four functions of the Department of Home in Rajasthan.
  • Write four main functions of the Revenue Board.
  • Write the name of any four training institutes in Rajasthan.
  • What important functions are performed by the Rajasthan Public Service Commission?
  • Explain the main functions of Patwari.
  • Write four main functions of the District collector.
  • Write an essay on the general background of State Administration in the Indian States.
  • Discuss the role of the Chief Secretary in State Administration. 
  • Discuss the organization and functions of the Revenue Board. 
  • Discuss the organization and functions of the Directorate of Agriculture. 
  • Discuss the organization and functions of the Rajasthan Public Service Commission. 
  • Discuss the training system of Rajasthan Administration Service Officers. Also, suggest some remedies to improve the system.
  • Explain 'India is Union Of State'.
  • Who appoints the Governor?
  • Write short notes on the 91st constitutional amendment.
  • Mention four important functions of the Home department. Discuss.
  • Explain 'Harish Chandra Mathur RIPA'.
  • Write any four functions of the Tehsildar.
  • How many Administrative decisions are working in your state?. Write their names.

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