Economic Development Planning Part 2 Imp Questions 2023

Today you will get the planning and economic development BCom part 2 important questions for the new session 2023.

This is a one-guess paper for the students, who are preparing on this subject in 2023. 

These questions are very useful to you for the preparation for upcoming examinations. 

This is the collection of hot questions. 

These are already asked in past examinations. 

But still important. 

The best way to prepare the answer to this Indian economy Hons question paper is to focus on the textbooks. 

First of all, read the related chapters in your university's recommended textbooks. 

After that write the questions in your notebook. 

Then try to write the answer to these 2nd year economics important questions in your own words. 

It is very helpful to memorize the answer in a short time for a long period. 

This process will help you to save time.

You should try to write the answer to all questions because any questions can be asked in the planning and economic development BCom part 2 paper. 

The best way to write the answer in the examination hall is to write the memorized answer first. 

Then you will try the next. 

Planning And Economic Development In India Questionnaire 2nd Year Economic Development And Planning Question Paper

  • Write short notes on the Indian Economy.
  • Write the short notes on the following:- (a) Socialist (b) Communist (c) Capitalist
  • In which year the process of economic reforms started in India?
  • In which year fifth-year plan industrialization was primarily focused?
  • Recently, which body has replaced the planning commission of India?
  • Write the short notes on the following:- (a) NITI Aayog (b) National Development Council (c) National Statistical Organisation (d) Finance Commission
  • Explain the term Economic Development? 
  • What is the meaning of Economic Planning? Explain the characteristics of Economic Planning.
  • Describe the different roles of the state in the growth and industrial development of a country.
  • Discuss the targets set in Eleventh Five Year Plan in India.
  • Explain the importance of agriculture. Write down the main characteristics of Indian agriculture. 
  • Explain the importance of large-scale industries in the Indian economy. 
  • Discuss the present position and problems of the sugar industry in India.
  • What is food security and management? Explain the present food policy of the government.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Foreign Trade (b) Economic Policy, 1991 (c) Mixed Economy (d) Licensing Policy
  • Discuss the problems of small-scale industries and their remedies.
  • Describe the main sources of industrial finance.
  • What is Social Security? Explain its objectives.
  • Explain the present position and problems of the Indian Iron & Steel Industry or Cement Industry.
  • Explain the industrial policy of 1991 in the context of economic reforms in India.
  • Describe the sources of agricultural finance.
  • What do you understand by the mixed economy? Is the Indian economy a mixed economy? Discuss its merits and demerits.
  • Explain land reform programs in India. To what extent it has been successful?
  • What is the green revolution? What are its essential elements? Make a review of the success of the green revolution in India
  • When was FEMA executed? Explain FEMA.
  • When was the special economic zone model enforced?
  • What is MNREGA? When was this act implemented?
  • What is NRLM and when was NRLM launched?
  • Distinguish between a 'developing' and a 'developed' economy.
  • Distinguish between economic growth and economic development. Analyze the factors which determine economic development. 
  • What is Urbanisation? Explain the cause and problems.
  • What do you understand by the 'Nature of rural unemployment in India'.
  • What are multinational corporations?
  • Which of the state is the largest producer of tea in India?
  • What is 'Globalisation'?
  • Which Indian Railways earn the maximum revenue?

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