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30+ Cell Organelles Mcq With Answers 2023-24

Cell organelles Multiple Choice Questions and answers have been given in this post.  These questions will improve your general knowledge.  You can also use this set of questions as cell organelles quiz worksheet answers.  These questions of Biology have also been asked in many examinations.  Must read them to answer the questions asked in general knowledge, quizzes, and competitive exams. You will find mcqs on cell organelles with answers pdf sets for practice on the internet.  Which you can use.  Here we will tell some more things about cell organelles.  Cell biology organelles and functions - These cell organelles include membrane and non-membrane-bound organelles.  They are present within the cells.  The cell organelles and components include the various vital components of the cell. That's the reticulum, endoplasmic, ribosomes, and microbodies? Now start to solve these Multiple Choice Questions on Cells and Cell Organelles. Important MCQs with Solutions on Cell Organelles Holoe 1st Year BOM Important Questions 2023

In this post, you will get information about business organisation and management 1st year important questions for the new session 2023. 

These questions help you to understand the pattern of the paper. 

This will also be very helpful to those candidates who passed the intermediate and took the admission in part 1. 

The best way to prepare the answer to these questions is to take the help of your university textbooks. 

First of all, read the related chapters in detail and try to understand the concept. 

Then start to write the answer to the business organisation and management 1st year question paper in your own words. 

You use a separate notebook to write the answer. 

This is a very good process and you see that you will memorize the answer in a very short span of time. 

These questions have already been asked in the past examination and have been asked repeatedly in past. 

You see that these are the basic questions and their relevancy is still continuing for the next session. 

As you know that this is a very important subject, and this will provide you the knowledge of the field and nuances of business. 

As per career prospects, the scope is very high. 

If these questions are not matching the university syllabus they treat it like a model paper.

Now focus on 1st Year BOM Important Questions.

Bcom 1st Year Question Paper Of Business Organisation And Management 1st Year First Paper Business Organisation And Management

  • What do you understand by profession?
  • Who are the promoters?
  • Define One Person Company.
  • Indicate the criteria available to measure the size of the business unit.
  • Explain cellular construction.
  • Define business combination.
  • Enumerate the merits of rationalization.
  • How is business different from a profession? Explain
  • Write the difference between industry and commerce.
  • List the types of cooperative societies.
  • Throw light on the types of promoters.
  • Briefly explain vertical, horizontal, and diagonal business combinations.
  • Find the difference between nationalization and rationalization.
  • Describe the various techniques of the business combination and also state its demerits.
  • Business is the mirror of society, in light of this statement, point out the concept, scope, and importance of business.
  • Mention the functions and duties of the promoters. What are the steps involved in the promotion of a new business? Make them understand.
  • What is the optimum size of the business unit? Also, list the factors affecting the optimum size.
  • Explain commerce.
  • Describe the importance of business organization in the context of Indian conditions.
  • Describe the main features of cooperative organization.
  • Explain the difference between private companies and public companies.
  • Describe the main features of a multinational company.
  • Explain the increasing importance of business communication in modern times.
  • Describe the elements of business letters. Give a sample of a business letter.
  • Briefly describe the following - Fax, e-mail, and video conferencing.
  • What are the challenges and opportunities of multinational companies in India? Explain
  • Discuss the role of social media in modern business.
  • Define organization. How does it differ from management? 
  • Write short notes on- (a) the Process of control (b) Venture capital (c) the Product life cycle (d) McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y.
  • What are the Articles of Association? Describe its contents or subject matter. 
  • Discuss the scientific management theory of Taylor.
  • What do you mean by multiple shops? Describe its characteristics.
  • What is the combination? Explain the causes of the combination.
  • What is meant by the departmental store? What are its features? Throw light on the merits and demerits of the department stores. 
  • What do you mean by the optimum size of a business unit? Describe the factors affecting the size of a business unit. 

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