Indian Economy 3rd Year Imp Questions 2023

Today you will get the details of 3rd year important questions Indian economy for the session 2023. 

These questions have been taken from the question bank. 

The basis of the selection of questions was the repetition in several examinations.

Indian economy previous question papers are the base of the pattern. 

So, you can use these question sets as a model paper for practice. 

The best way the preparation of your Indian economy 3rd year notes is to write down these questions in your notebook.

Then read the related chapters from your Indian economy book.

Understand the meaning and concept of the lesson.

Then start to write the answer in your own words to this Indian economy model question paper.

This process will help you memorize the answer in a very short span of time.

This will be also helpful to you to save time during the revision of the answer at the time of examinations.

You can take this subject in BCom 3rd year for career prospective. 

This is a demandable subject in the present scenario. 

Now see the questions... Indian Economy Question Paper 3rd Year Indian Economy Question Paper

  • Define Economic Development. In your opinion is there a need for economic development?
  • What is National Income? Explain the main features of the National Income of India.
  • Give arguments for and against economic reforms.
  • Define the Monetary policy of India. Discuss the objectives of the Monetary Policy of India.
  • Discuss the causes and consequences of unemployment in India.
  • Discuss the Government Policy to reduce Inequalities of Income and Wealth.
  • What is the meaning of Agriculture? Explain the importance of agriculture in the economy.
  • Explain the main objectives and features of the New Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020.
  • What do you mean by Inflation? Discuss the effects of inflation in detail.
  • Write a detailed note on Phillips Curve.
  • What is an underdeveloped Economy? Describe its main causes and suggest remedial measures.
  • What is meant by per capita Income and National Income? Discuss the main problems in measuring National Income in India.
  • Discuss the features and main objectives of Economic Planning in India.
  • Mention the instruments of the Monetary Policy of India.
  • Discuss major economic policy changes in the Industrial sector and agriculture sectors of India since 1991.
  • What are the various causes of Environmental Pollution? Suggest measures to prevent and control Environmental Pollution.
  • What is meant by Green Revolution? What impact has Green Revolution made on agriculture in India?
  • What are cottage and small-scale industries? Discuss the importance of these industries in the Indian Economy.
  • Discuss the causes of inflation and also give its harmful effects on various sections of the country.
  • How is the Phillips curve helpful for policymakers of any nation?
  • Explain the theory of Demographic Transition.
  • Define the occupational structure in India.
  • Explain the Poverty Alleviation Programs. 
  • What do you mean by Economic Reforms?
  • Explain the concept of center-state financial relations.
  • How can we say that agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy?
  • What are the causes of low productivity in agriculture in India? Give the measures to improve the condition.
  • What are the important components of the agriculture marketing structure in India? What are the problems facing agriculture cooperatives in India?

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