Cost Accounting Syllabus For 3rd Year 2023-2024

Today you will get the information about 3rd semester syllabus cost accounting for the session 2023-2024.

Do you know what is cost accounting definition?

Cost Accounting may be defined as “Accounting for costs classification and analysis of expenditure as will enable the total cost of any particular unit of production to be ascertained with a reasonable degree of accuracy and at the same time to disclose exactly how much total cost is constituted”. 

Thus Cost Accounting is classifying, and recording an appropriate allocation of expenditure for the determination of the costs of products or services, and for the presentation of suitably arranged data for the purpose of control and guidance of management. (Ref: taken from

Now come to the point.

This syllabus consists of all the necessary information about the subject.

You will get the information, on which chapter you have to read for the new session.

As you know every university announces new or amended syllabi for new sessions. 

These syllabi are prepared by the university professor or authorised persons. 

So, you must know when your professor will provide the new syllabus of 3rd year subjects.

If you get it then move with that syllabus for the next level of preparation.

If did not then focus on this one. 

This is the common syllabus. 

The main role of this cost accounting syllabus for 3rd semester is to provide the right guidelines to you. 

This will help you to know which lessons are necessary and which ones should escape. 

This cost accounting syllabus contains topics like - introduction to cost accounting, definition, materials, and labour overheads including activity-based costing details. 

Let's start.

Advanced Cost Accounting Syllabus

Cost Accounting Syllabus For 3rd Year

Unit-1 Introduction To Cost Accounting

  • Meaning and definition; Need for Cost Accounting; Advantages and limitations; Cost Accounting and Financial Accounting; Cost concepts and Cost objects; Methods of costing; Techniques of Costing (with emphasis on Uniform Costing); Cost centre and Cost unit; Installation of good cost accounting system

Unit-2 Materials-1 

  • Definition of inventory; Materials and material control; Objectives of material control; Its necessity and advantages; Purchase and stores routine; Control of inventory through EOQ, Determinations of various stock levels; JIT and ABC system

Unit-3 Materials-2 

  • Base stock price, Weighted average price, periodic weighted average price, standard price and replacement price; Meaning and treatment of Waste, Scrap, Spoilage and defectives.

Unit-4 Labour 

  • Direct and indirect labour cost; labour cost accounting and labour records; Remuneration methods - Time wage system and piece wage system; Bonus systems(individual and group incentive plans) - Halsey premium plan, Rowan plan. Taylor’s differential piece rate system, Bedeaux plan, Merrick’s multiple piece rate system, Gantt task & bonus system, Profit sharing and Co-partnership; Requisites of good wage incentive plan; Labour turnover; cost of labour turnover and its treatment; the concept of idle time and its treatment; over time premium; casual worker; Holiday and leave with pay; Cost of apprentice; Employee welfare cost; Fringe benefits; Bonus and Gratuity.

Unit-5 Overheads Including Activity-Based Costing

  • Definition; classification of overheads; Techniques for segregation of semivariable overheads; Cost allocation and apportionment; Basis of apportionment of factory overheads and Reapportionment of service centre cost; overheads absorption on the basis of Direct material cost; direct labour cost, prime cost, Labour hours and machine hours; Concept and treatments in cost accounts- of over absorption, under absorption, setting up time and idle time; Absorption of administration overheads and selling and distribution overheads. 

You can read books to improve your knowledge of this subject. 

These are some cost accounting books by Indian authors.  

This information on cost accounting books for the b com final year will be very helpful to you.

Cost Accounting Books For 3rd Year

Recommended Books For Students

  • M. N. Arora - Principles and Practice
  • M. C. Shukla, Grewal & Gupta - Cost accounting
  • Horngren - Cost Accounting
  • Jawahar Lal & Srivatava - Cost Accounting

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