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30+ Cell Organelles Mcq With Answers 2023-24

Cell organelles Multiple Choice Questions and answers have been given in this post.  These questions will improve your general knowledge.  You can also use this set of questions as cell organelles quiz worksheet answers.  These questions of Biology have also been asked in many examinations.  Must read them to answer the questions asked in general knowledge, quizzes, and competitive exams. You will find mcqs on cell organelles with answers pdf sets for practice on the internet.  Which you can use.  Here we will tell some more things about cell organelles.  Cell biology organelles and functions - These cell organelles include membrane and non-membrane-bound organelles.  They are present within the cells.  The cell organelles and components include the various vital components of the cell. That's the reticulum, endoplasmic, ribosomes, and microbodies? Now start to solve these Multiple Choice Questions on Cells and Cell Organelles. Important MCQs with Solutions on Cell Organelles Holoe 2nd Year Money And Banking Syllabus 2023

Today you will get the information regarding 2nd year money and banking syllabus for the new session 2023.

This syllabus will help you to understand the chapters, which you have to learn in this subject. 

As you know that every university announces a new syllabus for the students.

Sometimes they delay producing it. 

That time you can take the help of this one to get the guidelines of learning. 

This money and banking (Hons syllabus) syllabus included all the related chapters. 

If any things are missing, please comment. 

This second year money and banking syllabus has given bifurcations of topics for your convenience. 

If your university has given you the syllabus then focus on that. 

Otherwise use this one. 

This syllabus is common for all and grabs from authentic sources. 

Apart from this, you will get some good information about 2nd year money and banking books with the author's name. 

You can directly purchase these books from the market without any afraid. 

These are authentic money and banking books of second year subjects. Syllabus 2nd Year Money And Banking 2nd Year Money Syllabus

  • Money: Definition, Function, Importance & Classification; Money – Meaning and determination
  • Index Number: Meaning, Importance & preparation of simple weighted index numbers.
  • The quantity theory of Money: Fisher’s Equation; Cambridge & Keyne’s Views
  • Inflation & Deflation: Meaning, Causes, Effects on different classes and methods to check them.
  • Monetary Policy: Objectives and Needs
  • Exchange Control: Meaning, Objectives, and Methods.
  • Foreign Exchange: Meaning and determination of exchange rate-Outline of Purchasing Power Parity theory & Balance of Payment Theory- Causes of changes in exchange rates.
  • Gold Standard: Meaning, kinds & break down of gold standard; Re-Introduction
  • I.M.F. - Objectives & present position. 2nd Year Banking Syllabus

  • Unit Banking & Branch Banking
  • Commercial Banks: Functions, Credit Creation & Investment Policy of Commercial Banks.
  • Central Bank: Functions, Methods of Credit Control.
  • R.B.I.: Functions, Success & Failures.
  • Agricultural Credit & NABARD: Co-operative Banks & Rural Banks. Second Year Money And Banking Reference Books

  • T.N. Hajela - Money & Banking
  • E. Narayanan Nadar - Money & Banking
  • R. Parameswaran - Indian Banking. 
  • Alok Goyal, Gurmeet Singh, Neel Kamal - Banking And Insurance.
  • Dr. Girija Shankar and Vivek Datar - Banking And Finance.
  • Dr. Bimal Jaiswal, Richa Banerjee & Dr. Anupam Vidyarthi - Currency Banking And Exchange.

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