Bcom 1st Year Financial Accounting Syllabus 2022-2023

Today you will get the information about the financial accounting bcom 1st year syllabus for the session 2022-2023 in detail.

This syllabus will be very helpful to you if you did not receive the university syllabus to date. 

This will provide you the best guidelines about the subject. 

Apart from this, you will get the list of suggested books for papers 1st and 2nd. 

Every university issues new syllabi every year, and sometimes they issue amended syllabi too. 

But sometimes they are delayed in the process. 

Basically university syllabus is prepared by the professor or authorized person of the college. 

They decide what they have to deliver to students in a year. 

They suggest or mention the chapters, timetable, outline of all the essential information, topics of discussion, etc. 

Before starting the preparation of questions answered for examination. 

Study the syllabus carefully. 

If this will not match with the financial accounting BCom Hons 1st year syllabus of the university. 

Then go with that. 

Now come to the main point.

Bcom 1st Year Financial Accounting Syllabus

B.com 1st Year 1st Paper Financial Accounting Syllabus

Paper-1 (Financial Accounting)


  • Basic Accounting concepts, Principles and conventions. Nature & Significance of Accounting, Types of Accounting, Preparation, Presentation and Analysis of Financial Statements – their Limitations


  • Accounting of Non-Trading Organizations, Receipt and Payment Account, Income and Expenditure Account, Single Entry System Preparation of Account for incomplete - Records, Conversion of Single Entry into Double Entry System.


  • Royalty, Hire Purchase System and Instalment Payment System of Accounts.


  • Departmental Accounts, Branch Account (Excluding Foreign Branch).


  • Insolvency Account, Partnership dissolution, Insolvency of Partners – Garner Vs. Murry - Case, Sale of a Company.

B.com 1st Year 2nd Paper Financial Accounting Syllabus

Paper-2 (Auditing)

  • Unit-1 Introduction - Origin and Growth of Auditing, Meaning, Definition Scope and Limitations of Auditing, Objects, Advantages and Limitations of Auditing.
  • Unit-2 Types and Classification - Types and Classification of Audit, Principle, Techniques, Preparation of and Procedure of Audit, Internal Control and Internal Check.
  • Unit-3 Vouching, Verification and Valuation - Vouching, Verification and Valuation of Assets and Liabilities, Depreciation, Reserves and Provisions, Divisible Profit and Dividends, Investigation.
  • Unit-4 Company Auditor - Appointment, Remuneration, Qualification, Power & Duties, Liabilities of an Auditor, Auditor’s Report.
  • Unit-5 Audit of Specialized Institutions - Audit of Banking Companies, Audit of Insurance Companies and Audit of Educational Institutions. Audit of Non-Profit Companies and Other Businesses - Audit of Electricity Supply Companies, Railway Co., Trust, Government Companies, Hospital, Club, Hotel and Audit Charitable Institutions.
  • Recent Trends in Auditing - Auditing of Inflation Accounting, Human Resource Accounting, Audit Committees and Social Audit.

Some Suggestions For B.com First Year Financial Accounting Book

Financial Accounting Books For B.com 1st Year

Paper-1 - Financial Accounting Famous Books And Writers Name

  • S. M. Shukla - Financial Accounting.
  • Singh and Singh - Financial Accounting.
  • Bhrigu Nath Ojha & Others - Company Accounting.
  • M. C. Shukla - Advanced Accounts.
  • V. R. D. Gupta - Advanced Accounts.
  • T. S. Grewal - Financial Accounts.
  • Paul and Paul - Financial Accounting.

Paper-2 Auditing Books For Bcom Part 1

  • Auditing - T. R. Sharma
  • Auditing - B. K. Mehta
  • Auditing - N. L. Nadda
  • A Hand Book of Practical Auditing - B. N. Tandon, S. Sudharsanam & S. Sundharabahu
  • Auditing - O. P. Gupta, B. N. Ojha & B. K. Singh
  • Auditing: Theory and Practice - G. D. Verma, Pradeep Kumar, Baldev Sachdeva & Jagawant Singh

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