B.com 1st Year Environmental Studies Imp Questions 2024

Today you will get the information about b.com 1st year environmental studies important questions for the new session 2024. 

This is the guess question and has already been asked in the past examination paper. 

You can use this set for the preparation of your university's upcoming examination. 

As you know environmental studies are the most important subject in the present scenario. 

You study in this subject, how you can develop sustainable strategies to protect our environment. 

This is a global issue and every country is working on it. 

This subject helps individuals to understand the physical environment. 

You can learn how to resolve challenging environmental issues. Which are affecting our nature. 

This subject provides good opportunities to get a lucrative job offer. 

So, focus on it in the starting phase. 

Now come to the point. 

First of all, write these questions in a notebook and solve the environmental studies b.com 1st year question paper with the help of books. 

Which is provided by the university for b.a 1st year.

This is the environmental studies question paper for b.sc 1st year. 

If you write the answer in your own words then you can memorize very smoothly and save time too. 

B.com 1st Year Environmental Studies

B.com 1st Year 1st Paper Question Environmental Studies

Paper-1 (Environmental Studies)

  • What is the Red Data Book?
  • What is Deforestation? Write down its causes and consequences.
  • What is the definition of Environmental Studies?
  • Explain the 'Non-renewable energy resources.
  • What is a Food Chain?
  • Discuss Sustainable Development. 
  • What are the various techniques to control the increase in population?
  • What is the Green Revolution?
  • What is Industrial Waste?
  • What is Jhuming Agriculture?
  • Write the importance of 5th June. 
  • What is an Ecosystem? Describe its characteristics, causes, effects and control measures of Air Pollution.
  • What is Air Pollution? Write down about causes effects and control measures of Air Pollution.
  • Give the role of individuals in the prevention of pollution. Why such effects are essential at an individual level?
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Acid Rain (b) Ozone Layer Depletion.
  • What is value education? What are the aims and components of value-based environmental education and how they are achieved?
  • What do you understand by the term population explosion? Write down the causes and consequences of the population explosion. Also, discuss various measures to stop population growth. 
  • Give the importance of coal as an energy resource. How the coal was formed and explain their types in brief?

B.com 1st Year Compulsory Paper Environmental Studies 

  • Write short notes on Renewable Energy Resources.
  • Explain the Ecosystem.
  • Write short notes on 'Hot spot of Biodiversity.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Biological diversity (b) Endemic species (c) Thermal pollution (d) Cyclone (e) Food web (f) Soil erosion
  • Define environment and discuss environmental studies - a multidisciplinary subject. 
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Water Resources (b) Environmental impacts related to food resources.
  • Define the ecosystem and explain the structure and function of the forest ecosystem. 
  • Enumerate and explain the different values of biodiversity. 
  • Define water pollution. Describe the causes and effects of water pollution.
  • What is sustainable development and watershed management?
  • Explain the 'Value of Education and Women and child welfare.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Rainwater Harvesting (b) Noise Pollution.
  • Write down the scope and importance of Environmental Studies. 
  • What are the environmental effects of extracting mineral resources along with suitable case studies? 
  • Discuss briefly the resettlement and rehabilitation of people. 
  • Write a note on the environment and human health. 
  • What is the role of information technology in the environment and human health?

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