B.A. 3rd Year Public Administration Important Questions 2023

Today you will get valuable b.a. 3rd year public administration important questions for the 2023 session.

These questions have been taken from the last three to four years back question sets. 

You will see that these questions have been asked several times in past examinations. 

Still, these are important for your upcoming examinations. That means these are hot questions.

The best way to prepare for the examination, solve these questions with the help of your university-recommended textbook. 

Study the related chapters in detail and write the answer to public administration b.a. 3rd year question paper in your own words. 

This is the best way to memorize the answer in a very short span of time.

You will not be given any extra effort to remind it at the time of revision too. 

These questions help you to make b.a 3rd year public administration notes in a decent way. 

Another benefit is that you will get some more questions answered during studying the chapter in your textbook. 

To memorize the answer write again and again in another copy by your memory. 

The number of b a 3rd year public administration important question paper sets are available in the market, for practice. 

You can choose the best from that.

Public Administration BA 3rd Year

B.A 3rd Year Public Administration 1st paper Question

Paper-1 (Comparative Administrative Systems)

  • Write four significance of comparative Public Administration. 
  • Write any four main features of the constitution of the U.S.A.
  • Write a short note on Riggs 'Sala Model'.
  • Discuss the presidential system in France.
  • Write any four salient features of the French Civil Service. 
  • Give any four features of the Administrative system of British.
  • What do mean by British Treasury?
  • Write salient features of the constitution of the people's Republic of China.
  • Write any four features of State Administration in the U.S.A.
  • What do you mean by Independent Regulatory Commission?
  • Describe the meaning, nature, and scope of comparative Public-Administration.
  • Describe the salient features of the constitution of Britain.
  • Discuss the salient features of the Administrative system of the U.S.A.
  • Write a note to the Central Administration of Nepal.
  • Describe the organization and functions of the British Home Office.
  • Explain the organization and working of the Council of State in France.

B.A 3rd Year Public Administration 2nd Paper Questions

Paper-2 (Local Administration In India)

  • Discuss the two main importance of Local Self-Government in Urban Areas. 
  • Differentiate between Local Government and Local Self-Government. 
  • Discuss two functions of the Panchayats.
  • Define Democratic Decentralisation.
  • Write two functions of Gram Sabha. 
  • Write two recommendations of Sh. Ashok Mehta Commitee. 
  • What is Gram Sabha?
  • Note two characteristics of the 74th Constitutional Amendment.
  • Write sources of income of Rural Local Bodies. 
  • Examine two problems of the Training of Local Officials.
  • Define Local Self-Government.
  • Discuss the recommendations of Lord Ripon (1882)
  • Differentiate between a Municipal Corporation and Municipal Council.
  • Discuss the composition and powers of the Cantonment Board. 
  • Write the main features of the 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act.
  • What is the organizational structure of Panchayat Samiti?
  • What is Integrated Personnel System in Urban Local Bodies?
  • Evaluate the training system of personnel in Urban Local Bodies.
  • Write techniques of financial control on Rural Local Bodies.
  • Give four suggestions to strengthen the local income resources of Local Bodies.
  • Discuss the meaning, nature, and importance of Local Self-Government.
  • Discuss the organization and functions of the Municipal Corporation.
  • Discuss the composition, powers, and functions of the Gram Panchayat in your state. 
  • Examine the various methods of state control over Rural Local Bodies in India.
  • Evaluate the recruitment and training system of personnel in Rural Local Bodies. 
  • Give two sources of income for the municipal council. 
  • Give two functions of the Deputy Commissioner. 
  • What is the village planning? 
  • Give two functions of the Sarpanch. 
  • Discuss the working of the Divisional Commissioner. 

Social Policy And Administration Questions

  • Trace the evolution of the concept of Social Administration and discuss its main principles.
  • Discuss the Constitutional provisions for the establishment of a welfare state in India.
  • Discuss the organization and functions of the Women’s Development Corporation.
  • Evaluate the working of Social Welfare Institutions at the local level in Bihar.
  • Examine the importance of Five Year Plans for the formulation of Social Policy in India.
  • Explain the meaning of Social Planning and discuss its objectives.
  • What do you mean by Social Administration? Discuss the role and significance of People’s
  • Participation in the development of Social Administration.
  • Discuss the role and importance of the Right to Information in the Social Administration of India.
  • Suggest some measures for the redressal of problems of Social Administration in India.
  • Discuss Social Welfare Schemes and Programmes in India.
  • Democratic Decentralization Important Questions

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