B.A. 3rd Year psychology syllabus 2022-2023 session

Today you will get an informative b.a. 3rd year psychology syllabus 2022 and 2023 sessions.

This syllabus is very important for you to enhance your preparation for upcoming examinations.

Basically, this will be helpful to the students, who passed the ba part 2 exam and joined ba part 3 for next-level study.

As you know that the course syllabus is important. 

The syllabus is a foolproof guide. 

This will help you to know what the professor's expectations are of you. 

This will help you to know the due date of assignments, work evaluation, and grade calculation. 

Now come to the point. 

As you know that every university announced the new syllabus for the coming session. 

If your university has delayed producing the new or amended syllabus.

Then you can use this ba 3rd year psychology syllabus for the preparation of notes on the subject.

This syllabus provides ba psychology subject list and details has bifurcated for your convenience.

The pattern is based on the b.a. 3rd year psychology syllabus 2022.

This is the common syllabus and only provides the proper guidelines to the new guy for the new session. 

The main focus is for you to follow your own university syllabus.

Psychology Syllabus BA 3rd Year

B.A. 3rd Year Psychology Syllabus 1st Paper

Paper-1 (Introduction to History of Psychology)

  • Historical background; Origin Modern Psychology; Contribution of Weber; Fechner; Wundt and Ebbinghaus; William James and Galton.
  • The early twentieth-century psychology in America and Russia; Structuralism and Functionalism.
  • Psychology in Russia.
  • Antecedents, development and basic tenets of the schools of Psychology: Behaviorism, Gestalt and Field Psychology; Psychoanalytic schools; Collapse of Schools.
  • Psychology in India: Ancient roots and modern developments.

B.A 3rd Year Psychology Syllabus Paper 2

Paper-2 (Psychopathology)

  • Concept & Elements of Psychopathology: Statistical, Social and Practical Criteria, Classification in Psychopathology DSM IV-TR.
  • Anxiety Disorders: Types (Panic Disorder, GAD, Phobia and OCD) Clinical Picture and Causes; Somatoform and Dissociative Disorders-Clinical picture and Causes.
  • Schizophrenia: Major Types, Clinical picture and etiology; Mood Disorders, Major Depressive; Bipolar.
  • Mental Retardation: Types, Clinical picture and etiology; Pervasive Developmental Disorder.
  • Substance-Related Disorder; Delirium, Dementia and Amnesic disorder.
  • Approaches to Therapy: Behaviorist and Cognitive Behavioral, Psychoanalytic and Person-Centered. 

B.A. 3rd Year Psychology Syllabus 3rd Paper

Paper 3 (Psychology of Human Development)

  • Human Development Perspectives and Processes-Biological, environmental, and interaction; Major categories of developmental research and focus. Theories of development: Social learning, Information theory, Cognitive and Psychoanalytic and Humanistic; Genetics and Culture.
  • The Beginning of Human Life: The prenatal period of childbirth and the neonate; Genetics and Culture; Principles of development, effects of birth on development.
  • Physical, Motor, and Speech Development: Physical growth, body size and proportion, development of the nervous system; Principle and sequence of motor development, Motor skills; handedness and major tasks in speech development, Content of speech.
  • Emotional and Social Development and Social Adjustment: Patterns of emotional development, Conditions responsible for emotional development, Emotional dominance, balance, control and catharsis; Patterns of Social development in childhood and adolescence; Meaning of social development; Importance of early social experience; Meaning of Social adjustment; Role of companion in Social Adjustment.
  • Cognitive and Intellectual development: Piaget’s theories of cognitive development; Play and cognitive development: Development of Creativity: Expressions of Creativity in childhood.
  • Moral and Personality development: The stages of moral development; discipline and moral, development; Cognitive approach to moral development The personality pattern in development; Individuality; Change in personality; important personality determinants.

BA 3rd Year Psychology Book

B.A 3rd Year Psychology Book 1st Paper

  • Systems and Theories of Psychology - J.P Chaplin & T.S Krawiec
  • Historical introduction to Modern Psychology - K. Joseph Kovack & Gardner Murphy
  • History of Psychology - William S Sahakian
  • Psychology in a Third World Country - D. Sinha

B.A. 3rd Year Psychology Book 2nd Paper

  • Abnormal Psychology: The Science and Treatment of Psychological Disorders - A.M Kring, J.M Neale
  • Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology - R.J. Comer
  • Abnormal Psychology - D.H Barlow & V.M Durand
  • Abnormal Psychology - Sarason & Sarason
  • Abnormal Psychology - R.R Bootzin & L.B Alloy

B.A. 3rd Year Psychology Book 3rd Paper

  • Human Development Psychology - Tripathi and Sushma Pandey
  • Psychology Development - J.N Lal
  • Human Development - Grace J. Craig
  • Child Development - L.E. Berk
  • Child Development - E.B. Hurlock

Must Read Psychology Books Of All Time

  • Young, K. - Handbook of Social Psychology
  • Secord and Beckman - Social Psychology
  • Mo. Suleiman - Modern Sociology Anthropology
  • Singh & Singh - Social Psychology
  • Rastogi-Social Psychology
  • Jahodet al.- Scientific Social Survey
  • Gudde and Hat - Social Research Methods
  • Mohsin, S.M. - Research Methods
  • Singh, Arun Kumar - Research in Behavioral Sciences
  • Verma, R.M. - Clinical psychology
  • Hassan - Clinical psychology
  • Suleman and Kumar - Modern Clinical Psychology
  • Mohsin - Experiments in Psychology

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