B.A 3rd Year Psychology Important Questions 2024

Today this is b.a 3rd year psychology important questions for you for the new session 2024.

These questions are collected from the question bank, these are repeatedly asked in past examination papers. 

Still, it is important for the next upcoming examination. 

You should not be totally dependent on these questions for your exam preparation. 

You have to treat it as a model paper of b.a part 3 psychology honours question paper.

The best option for the preparation of the whole session is to write these questions in your notebook. 

Now start to study the related chapter in your university-recommended textbook. 

Understand the meaning to find out the answer to these given questions. 

Start to write the answer to b.a final year psychology important questions in your own words. 

This process will be very helpful to you to memorize the answer in a very short span of time. 

The revision process will be also very smooth as will stay in your mind for a long period. 

You will get the bifurcated questions set in this post. 

That will be clear, what you have to learn and which type of questions will be asked on paper wise.

Psychology is an interesting subject, so focus on solving the psychology important questions for a bachelor's degree.

Let's start to write the answer.

B.A 3rd Year Important Questions Psychology

B.A. 3rd Year Psychology 1st Paper Important Question

Paper-1 (History And Systems Of Psychology)

  • Discuss Watson's behaviorism.
  • Describe the basic assumptions of functionalism.
  • What is 'Insight Learning'?.
  • What is 'Galton'?.
  • Write short notes on Ebbinghaus.
  • Describe 'Weber's Law'.
  • What do you understand the 'Unconscious'?
  • Evaluate the contributions of Gestalt as a School.
  • Maslow's need-hierarchy theory.
  • Discuss the following: (a) Achievement motivation (b) Contribution Of Russian Psychologists
  • Discuss the following: (a) Describe classical conditioning (b) Bandura's imitation learning 
  • Comment on the following: (a) Development of psychology in India (b) Thinking 
  • Comment on the following: (a) Law of perceptual organization (b) Reward learning

B.A. 3rd Year Psychology 2nd Paper Question

Paper 2 (Applied Psychology)

  • What are the uses of psychology in Law?
  • Write the Meaning of Illness.
  • What is Applied Psychology? Describe the emerging trends of Applied Psychology.
  • What do you mean by guidance? Describe the types of guidance.
  • Discuss the methods of improving the morale of the workers.
  • Define health Psychology. Describe the scope of health psychology.
  • Write down a detailed note on the nature and scope of Organizational Psychology.
  • Define guidance. Describe principles of guidance.
  • Write short notes on (a) special areas of counseling (b) Types of counseling
  • Write down a detailed note on health and illness.
  • Describe Psychological factors in physical illness.
  • Write down a detailed note on factors influencing the accuracy of an eyewitness.

Paper 2 (Military Psychology Questions)

  • Explain 'Conversion-Hysteria' in detail.
  • What is the importance of military psychology in Modern Wars? Explain.
  • What is 'Fatigue'? Discuss the causes of Fatigue.
  • What is the importance of 'Morale' in the Armed Forces? Explain.
  • Describe the problems of readjustment of Ex-soldiers.

B.A. 3rd Year Psychology 3rd Paper Questions

Paper-3 (Population & Society)

  • Write an essay on the age structure of the population in India.
  • Discuss various family planning programs in India.
  • Define fertility and also explain its determinants.
  • What are various factors contributing to the mortality rate in society?
  • Critically examine the Malthusian concept of population growth.
  • Discuss the main features of the Demographic Transition Theory of Population.
  • What are the major dominating factors of illiteracy in India?
  • Evaluate the population policy of India.
  • Write short notes on the 'Concept of Optimum Population.

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